Rock n’ Roll Series – Recreating the Makeup of Kiss |Gene Simmons ‘The Demon’ Makeup Look

In this installment of my ‘Recreating the Makeup of Kiss‘, I’m going to be sharing with you my recreation of Gene Simmons ‘The Demon’ makeup look. I have to admit this was one that I was most excited to recreate when I choose to attempt this series. I had even decided to attempt to film myself recreating this one when I first started this mini series but ended up re-filming it (as well as the other looks obviously) because the angle didn’t look great, I’ll be sharing with you the better version in this post.

If you want to know more about this series feel free to check out my first post where I share my inspiration for this series as well as my recreation of Paul Stanley’s ‘The Star Child’ makeup look.

Recreating Gene Simmons ‘The Demon’ Makeup Look

Like with my recreation of Paul Stanley’s makeup look, I chose to add some more colour into this look, for my recreation of Gene Simmons makeup look I decided to add red. I felt like this went well with the character and I could add a matching background and some red lighting for the photos to really emphasis the colour.

When trying to think about which one I found more difficult to do I feel like its a toss up between this one, The Space Man and The Cat Man looks , though I feel like this one turned out okay, I think some of the shapes are a bit off but otherwise I think it turned out pretty good. I decided to add some red around the eyes and black on the outer edges similarly to my Paul Stanley recreation.

I then added the black widows-peek and lips, and some contouring as well as a little bit of a pink coloured highlight to the high points of my face, I feel like the contouring and highlight help give the face some definition, though I feel like its hard to see in the photos.

Makeup Recreation & Photography by Erin Applebee


For my outfit I went with a black faux leather dress and jacket paired with some fishnets and some boots. After wearing heels for two of the other images in this series i just wanted to wear something comfortable that also looked pretty cool. For my hair I wore the same black wig featured in my Paul Stanley look but added some styling to make it look similar to how I had seen Gene wear his in photos.


I didn’t really have any props for this one, i actually found it hard to recreate or take inspiration from Gene’s on stage images, like with a couple of the others because I didn’t had a bass so that made it hard. I tried to do what I could to give a sense of his on stage persona. (check out my Instagram for additional photos from this series.)

Makeup details:

What I used:


  • Toofaced Cosmetics – Born This Way Foundation.
  • Essence Cosmetics – All About Matte Fixing Powder.


  • Black pencil eyeliner (to mark out shapes)
  • Ingot – Gel liner in 65
  • Colourpop Cosmetics – gel pot eyeliner in Swerve
  • Toofaced Cosmetics – Glitter Glue
  • Urban Decay Cosmetics – Moondust Eyeshadow Palette | shades: Element & Granite
  • Nyx Professional Makeup – Epic Ink liquid Liner
  • Volumizing Mascara
  • Chi Chi Cosmetics – faux lashes in Giselle


  • Nyx Professional Makeup – HD Blush in Taupe
  • Anastasia Beverly Hills – moonchild Glow Kit | Shade: Pink Heart

Lips: Nyx Professional Makeup – Liquid Suede in Alien (black)

Wig: Amazon

Watch Me Recreate Gene Simmons ‘The Demon’ Makeup Look

Check out how I recreated this look in the video below.

I hope you enjoyed this post, If you would like to see more images from this series check out my instagram accounts (personal & beauty) for additional photos, I also have a dedicated Story Highlight on both accounts for this series. If you want to know more about this series check out my first post where I give an introduction as well as my inspiration for this series and I also share my recreation of Paul Stanley’s ‘The Star Child’ makeup.

Honestly I’m happy to be finally sharing this series with you, Its been over a year since I first started recreating these makeup looks and I’m grateful that I have finally found the time to try and sit down to share some posts about it. Its been on my list of things to post about since march, nope maybe longer than that, I was hoping to share this much sooner but I feel like I’ve been procrastinating over doing it. Anyway I hope you enjoy checking out these posts and I can’t wait to continue this series soon and sharing other recreations with you.

Keep any eye out for the next two posts in the coming days.

Until then, I hope you have a lovely day.

Music Credits (for video):

Elevators Need Rock Too by Spence

Demilitarized Zone & Gut Check by Ethan Meixsell

Jack’s Garage by Midnight North

Music sourced from the Youtube Audio Library.

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