My 2021 Reading Challenge | Introduction

Welcome to my 2021 Reading Challenge blog post, as you may know I did a reading challenge in 2020 and I managed to read around 30 books (20 or so from my reading list as well as a few others), which was exciting, but after completing last years reading challenge I decided I wanted to change things up a bit. Last year I had a dedicated list of books I wanted to read and for the most part that was okay but I did find myself feeling a bit restricted with that format, so for this years challenge I’m changing things up a bit to make it a bit more fun by creating a list of prompts which I’ll share below.

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Free Printable Bookmarks 01 – Quotes

I’m sure by now you know that I’ve been doing a reading challenge this year, which I’ve been thoroughly enjoying and in addition to my quarterly posts, I wanted to share some additional book related content, so I thought I would share some free printable bookmarks because when reading its important to have something to mark your page so you don’t forget where you were up to, right.

In today’s post I’ve provided some free printable quote bookmarks, these bookmarks are for personal use only, meaning you can print them off for yourself or a friend but you can not resell them in digital or printed form. Anyway I do hope you enjoy them and feel free to tag me on Instagram at @ erin_applebee if you do print them off and use them.

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