Rock n’ Roll Series – Recreating the Makeup of Kiss | Introduction + Paul Stanley’s ‘The Star Child’ Makeup Look

I’m happy to be finally sharing this series on my blog. After I finished my David Bowie makeup recreation a couple of years ago, I decided to turn it into a series. I really enjoyed the whole experience of creating that look and I thought turning it in to a series where I could recreate some more of my favourite musicians makeup looks would be fun. In this post and the ones following I will be sharing with you my makeup recreations from some of Kiss’s iconic makeup looks. I will be including photos and video’s (showing how I recreated each look) of the looks I recreated.

I had a lot of fun recreating these makeup looks and I tried to step outside of my comfort zone with these recreations. I wanted to add my own twist to each look, by adding in colour or adding my own elements to some of the looks. I also took already existing items from my wardrobe to put together some fun outfits for each character.

What Inspired My ‘Rock n’ Roll’ Makeup Series

This whole series is really inspired by my love for music and some of the musicians that have influenced me in some way or another. I’ve been listening to the likes of Kiss, David Bowie, Alice Cooper and many others from that era for as long as I can remember and its all because of my parents. I have had dreams for a long time of wishing I could see a few of them in concert with my mum, its because of her really that I feel like have the music tastes I do. I’m not sure that will ever happen but I feel like this series is my way of showing appreciation to the musicians and artists who have influenced my life in some way

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Recreating Paul Stanley’s ‘The Star Child’ Makeup Look

In this post I will be sharing with you my recreation of Paul Stanley’s ‘The Star Child’ makeup look. I choose to do my recreation of Paul Stanley’s ‘Star Child’ makeup first, I was really inspired to add colour into my looks because I found inspiration in some old posters and artwork that included different colours for the different members of the band Kiss.

I wanted to add a graphic wing shape to my recreation of Paul’s makeup, In his original makeup look he just has some black liner on the opposite eye, but I wanted to amp it up a bit and create a big wing shape instead because I just thought it would work well and balance things out a bit more. I used some purple glittery eyeshadow on the center of the eye where I painted on the star, I also added some black on the outer edges as well as on the opposite eye.

I wanted to keep the lips similar so I went for a bright red lip so that I could make it look similar to what I had seen in photos. I also added a bit of a light contour to the face and a colourful purple highlighter on my high points (to match with the purple I had put on the eyes) to help add some dimension.

If your interested in watching the tutorial of how I recreated this makeup look scroll down to the bottom of this post.


My outfit for this look was pretty simple, I choose to wear my kiss t-shirt paired with a net skirt, corset style belt and my spiked Lita’s to add a more punk glam rock vibe. I also added a black wig which I used a few times in my Kiss recreation series and a spiked headband.


I didn’t use a huge amount of props for this series, but I wanted to have fun with my guitar again so I used it as a prop in a couple of looks for this series. For this one in particular I used both my guitar and mini amp as props (I have altered the colour in post so that it fit with the colour scheme, but everything else is just lightly retouched), I feel like I’ve used it more as a prop than actually committing to practicing how to play it but never the less it does look awesome in photos.

Makeup details:

What I used:


  • Toofaced Cosmetics – Born This Way foundation
  • Essence Cosmetics – All About Matte Fixing Powder


  • Nyx Professional Makeup – Brow Pencil in Chocolate


  • Black pencil eyeliner (to mark out shapes)
  • Colourpop Cosmetic – gel pot eyeliner in Swerve (to fill in)
  • Black matte eyeshadow (to set and disguised any patchyness)
  • Toofaced Cosmetics – glitter glue.
  • Urban Decay Cosmetics – Moondust eyeshadow palette | shades: magnetic (center of star & inner corner on left eye. I forgot to add that in the video) & Granite (all over left eye and outer section of star)
  • Black Volumizing Mascara
  • Chi Chi Cosmetics – faux lashes in Heidi


  • Essence Cosmetics – Lip Liner in Femme Fatale
  • Nyx Professional Makeup – Liquid Suede in Kitten Heels


  • Anastasia Beverly Hills – Moonchild Glow Kit | Shade: Purple Horseshoe
  • Nyx Professional Makeup – Blush in Taupe (forgot to add in video)

Wig: Amazon

Watch Me Recreate Paul Stanley’s ‘The Star Child’ Makeup Look

Check out how I recreated this look in the video below.

I hope you enjoyed this blog post, I originally posted this series on my Instagram accounts (personal & beauty) & IGTV channel last year but I wasn’t blogging then, I’ve been wanting to share it on here since I first started blogging again and things have just gotten in the way, but never the less, I’m sharing it with you now. I will be sharing a post for each look in my Kiss mini series and including a tutorial with each one.

This series is on going, my ‘Rock n’ Roll’ makeup series that is, I’m hoping to continue it over time, when I get a spark of inspiration to do so. I honestly thought I would have shared more by now but I’ve been busy and sometimes life things just get in the way. Anyway I will hopefully be adding a tutorial to my original David Bowie post in the next month or so and I’m hoping to share a few new additions to this series later in the year, fingers crossed.

Keep an eye out for notifications in the coming days as I will be share the other three posts from this series.

Until Then, I hope you all have a lovely day.

Music Credit (for video):

Elevators Need Rock Too by Spence

Demilitarized Zone & Gut Check by Ethan Meixsell

Jack’s Garage by Midnight North

Music sourced from the Youtube Audio Library.

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