About Me

Hi I’m Erin, I’m an Adelaide based Artist and Blogger. I find inspiration in so many things, be it nature, fashion or some of the many artists I follow.

Learning is one of my vices, I am always trying to expand my knowledge, it might be learning a new makeup technique or a new way of editing my work. No matter what it is, I will find inspiration in it.

My aim with this blog is to share new things I’m learning and my favourite hobbies. I love creating comprehensive reviews on my favourite or new products that come into my collection ..

in hopes of helping others decide whether it may be something they are interested in or maybe saving them some money.

I’m trying to work towards being more eco-friendly as well as purchasing cruelty-free beauty products. I may not always do things perfectly and thats okay, but I’m trying and thats better than nothing. If I do something you don’t agree with thats fine but I want my site to a kind space so please keep that in mind.

You can be sure to find something different here I’m not like other bloggers, I love colour but my style also has some darkness to it. I’m part rock chick part girly girl, I’m inspired by both guitar heavy music and by fairytales so I have a very eclectic style.

I love sharing my vast range of interests in the hopes that you leave my blog feeling inspired and ready to try something new.

I may share a range of content like the following on my blog:

  • Beauty: Makeup & Skincare (this could include reviews or makeup looks etc…)
  • Art & Photography (this could include tutorials or walkthroughs, drawing or art journaling, maybe painting…)
  • Fashion (this could include thrifting/second hand shopping, looks or look books, styling guides, or D.I.Y’s…)
  • Lifestyle (this might be favourite books, music, or tv shows & movies or it could include shout outs, gardening, nature, etc… basically anything that doesn’t fit into other categories.)
  • Mental Health and Body Positivity (this could be personal updates or other content around these kinds of topics.)
  • Mindful Consumerism (I want to talk about a range of things like enviromental impact, eco shopping, cruelty-free shopping, etc)

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For business & other enquiries you can contact me here.