Rock N’ Roll Collab with MorandFX, Pt 1. Makeup & Concept

Rock n Roll Series: Rock N' Roll Collab with MorandFX, Pt 1. Makeup & Concept | Life of Dahlia

I’m very excited to tell you all about my first collab with one of my makeup loving friends Peta Morand of MorandFX. I was chatting with her about doing collaborating with other artists and we decided to do a collab of our own. We decided to do a Rock N’ Roll theme, where we recreate a makeup look from one of our favourite musicians.

This concept has since inspired me to create a whole series recreating looks based on my favourite musicians or musicians that have inspired me through out my life.

For our collaboration I decided to recreate one of David Bowie’s most iconic looks his Aladdin Sane Lightening Bolt makeup look (which is sometimes mistaken as his ziggy stardust persona, I even mistakenly thought it was when I created this makeup look) I’m actually impressed at how good the look came out, I was expecting to have to practice it a couple of times before taking pictures but It turned out pretty good on my first go so here we are.

I had alot of fun creating this makeup look and I went a bit crazy taking lots of pictures, which I’m going to share with you over a couple of different posts. I’ll be sharing the closeups of the makeup in this post and the more fashion outfit type pics in a second post.

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Rock n Roll Series: Rock N' Roll Collab with MorandFX, Pt 1. Makeup & Concept | Life of Dahlia
David Bowie/Aladdin Sane Makeup Look | Makeup & Photography by Erin Applebee

Why I Chose To Recreate David Bowie’s Makeup

I chose to recreate one of ‘David Bowie’s’ makeup looks because I have a long history with listening to his music. I’ve loved him since I was a child, I grew up watching Jim Henson’s ‘Labyrinth’ which I still have a slight obsession with (I’ve even decorated my beauty room by taking inspiration by my favourite scenes from the movie, but in a subtle way) and I was obsessed with him as a teenager when most others would have been into boy bands. So this choice was natural for me, while I love a lot of other musicians only a few had makeup looks that I could recreate and I have been dying to try recreating one of his, so I knew this would be perfect for this challenge.

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Rock n Roll Series: Rock N' Roll Collab with MorandFX, Pt 1. Makeup & Concept | Life of Dahlia
David Bowie/Aladdin Sane Makeup Look | Makeup & Photography by Erin Applebee

What I Used To Recreate The Ziggy Stardust Lightning Bolt Makeup Look

I used some water activated paints by ‘Tag Bodyart‘ to create the lightning bolt which I topped with a couple of super affordable eyeshadows to add a bit of shimmer (Chi Chi Cosmetics single in ‘Gimme gimme a man’ for the blue and NYX single in ‘HS06 Bad Seed’ for the red.)

On my eyes I used the same NYX eyeshadow all over and blended out the edges, I added glitter glue and added Urban Decay’s ‘Element’ glitter eyeshadow from the ‘Moondust’ palette on the lid. I also used a pink/ white duochrome (like pink heart from ABH’s Moonchild glow kit) shade on the inner corner, brow bone and highlight points on the face. Due to my lighting it doesn’t look completely accurate in the photos I apologize for that I was having too much fun taking photos and adding effects with my lighting.

I had a hard time with my lashes they just wouldn’t sit properly I ended up having to cut them in half to get them to sit how I wanted, I’m still really awkward with lashes, most of the time I don’t wear them and when I do they are only half lashes which are super easy to put in the outer corner. For this, I used a full set and it took me a few tries, I had to fix up my liner a few times because the glue would remove it. Its all a learning process I’ll get there eventually, I’ve only started using them recently because I wanted to use them in more creative looks otherwise I usually don’t, If I’m just creating something less dramatic or theatrical.

Sorry off on a tangent there, for my lips I wanted to keep them more natural so I used a pink nude which was a similar shade to what was used in David Bowie’s Photographs. Because of the dramatic nature of the rest of the makeup I felt that keeping the lips simple was best.

I honestly can’t believe how amazing this came out, I’m really proud, I sat down to do a practice run just in case it didn’t work out but I ended up looking way better than expected. I used a white eyeliner pencil to mark out the basic shape before going in with the paints and I think that was really helpful.


For my hair, I thought my new colour was perfect. I used some hair product and clipped back the sides and then took a brush to tease back the under layers of the middle and them smoothed out the top. I currently have fringe and I feel like pulling that back really helped in creating the mullet look. Normally thats not really my thing but I feel like it helped create a similar style to how David Bowies hair looks in the original photos.

Recreating The Look

Want to see how I recreated this makeup look, check out the video here.

I urge you to go check out Peta’s Recreation over on her Instagram @morandfx, She is recreating Alice Copper’s makeup, which is really exciting, I’m a huge Alice fan as well, thanks Mum. Go check her Peta’s account out and give her a follow and some likes.

Also, I would love for you to get check out my Instagram @erinappbeauty so you can keep updated with what I’m doing, I have lots of fun over there creating makeup looks and sharing product pictures etc.

Until next time, I hope you have a lovely day.

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