BYS Cosmetics Rebel Eyeshadow Palette Review | Life of Dahlia

BYS Cosmetics ‘Rebel’ Eyeshadow Palette Review + Eye Looks| Life Of Dahlia

Hey Guys, I’m back with another review, this time I’ve been checking out the ‘Rebel‘ eyeshadow palette from BYS Cosmetics, I know not another palette, I can’t help it eyeshadow speaks to my creative soul.

This palette really jumped out at me when I first saw pictures on the brands Instagram page, I just loved the colours, the reds, the greens, all of it just spoke to me. I also love the packaging it’s really unique with an embossed studded look on the front and some grungy text it definitely suits the eyeshadows inside.

I’ve been playing with this off and on over the past month, at first I did struggle with it but once I found what worked I was able to play and get some really awesome grungy looks. This palette is definitely not for the faint of heart these tones will absolutely make you stand out from the crowd.

I found that If I did my normal primer and then set my base, this was harder to work with but if I made sure that I used something stickier like a concealer or NYX jumbo pencil in Milk these worked a lot better.

This look was created using ‘Real'(center of eyelid), ‘Boss” (inner corner) & ‘Courageous'(outer & inner corner & crease).

The matte shades in this palette are a bit powdery and I felt like I did have to dip in multiple times to get what I was looking for but over a sticky base, I was able to build them up. Without this, I felt like they just blended out to nothing but with gave it something to stick to and they blended out fine, but like I said I did have to build it up.

The shimmery shades were interesting in particular the two duo-chrome ‘fearless’ & ‘bold’ they were a bit crumbly I had to pick up lots of product to get the desired look particularly with ‘bold.’ But once they were on they looked pretty good, I’m loving seeing affordable brands take a chance and trying to create duo-chromes I feel like this is something that is seen more with expensive brands so its great.

This look was created using ‘Courageous'(outer corner & crease), ‘Rebel’ (inner corner & eyelid), ‘Fearless’ (inner corner & brow bone.)

For some reason, I created all winged-out looks for this one I don’t know why Its just the way it worked out. I thought that this palette created some really awesome grungy looks which I was definitely inspired by the name and colours to create. As you will probably notice I was definitely inspired by the more red tones, But I thought that the deep green shade ‘Modern’ was great and ‘Brave’ was great to pair with shades like ‘Edgy’ or ‘Bold’.

Though I think an overall matte look with either as the main shade would look amazing.

This look was created using ‘Modern’ (Outer corner and crease & lower lashline), ‘Brave’ (Transition to blend out ‘Modern’), ‘Edgy’ (lid and inner corner), Bold (lid & Inner corner.)

This palette is definitely packed full of some trendy shades, while there are red and yellows in this palette is a very cool-toned palette which is very in right now. I’m a fan of warm shades but by this point, they have been done to death so its great to see something on the cooler end of the spectrum that’s not just boring greys and blacks.

While this palette definitely has those it also gives you extra colours to get creative with.

This look was created using Inglot Gel Liner in 66 as a base, ‘Wild’ (all over the lid and lower lashline), Sexy (deepen inner and outer corner) Concealer on the centre of lid topped with ‘Real’ & ‘Boss’, ‘Fearless’ (inner corner highlight.)

I took extra time to make sure I could give you the best review possible, I used this over a few weeks to test the different shades and the longevity of the eyeshadows. Because I used a sticky base I felt like these did wear quite well the eyeshadow looked pretty similar to when I put it on.

Here are a couple more wearable looks using the BYS Rebel Palette, look 1. featuring ‘Edgy’ ‘Courageous’ & Bold, Look 2, featuring ‘Brave’, ‘Modern’, ‘Courageous’ & Bold.

So what are my final thoughts on the palette, I definitely think its a great palette for the price and I think its quite unique so I would say If this interest you go get one because it’s pretty good. Not many brands have been inspiring me lately but I’m really inspired by some of the products that BYS, in particular, are releasing. I honestly have to stop myself from wanting to purchase everything from their range.

This Rebellious little palette retails for $16.95 on the brand’s website, You can also find it instore at various retailers, which is also available on the website (pricing may vary).

Definitely keep an eye on my Facebook or Instagram because I will definitely be picking this back up sometime soon.


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