July/August Shop My Stash

In todays post I will be sharing a new Shop My Stash video with you. It has been a while since I have shared one, sorry about that. I have actually decided to give myself more time to work through what is in my SMS draw, so I will be doing at least two-month-long ones in the future. It just work better for me because I don’t wear makeup everyday of the week so I felt like it was taking me a while to play with everything that I had placed in there.

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Designer Brands Hydrating Foundation & Rise & Prime Primer review

In today’s post I will be doing another foundation review and wear test, this time I will be talking about the Designer Brands ‘Luminous Hydrating Foundation’ as well as the ‘Rise & Prime’ Luminescent Primer’. You might remember me talking about the ‘Velvet Matte Foundation’ which I also have review on, If you have read that one you will probably know it wasn’t my favourite, however, I do have very different feelings about the ‘Luminous Hydrating Foundation’ and ‘Rise & Prime’ Luminescent Primer’ which I’ll tell you all about in this post.

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