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Ready Player Two Book Review | Life of Dahlia

Today I’m back with another book review but this time I’m reviewing Ernest Cline’s sequel to ‘Ready Player One’, which is ‘Ready Player Two’. I’m sorry this one is quite late posting, I’ve been meaning to share it for weeks now but I’ve been sick on and off and just haven’t yet gotten around to posting it. It is why I also haven’t been posting much content of late. But never fear you will now be able to read my thoughts on this subject.

If you read my review for ‘Ready Player One’ you will know that I really enjoyed it so ‘Ready Player Two’ had a lot to live up to when it came to being at the same level or better for me to enjoy it as much as the original. Spoiler it did live up to my expectations but let me tell you a bit more about it first.

Ready Player Two by Ernest Cline

In ‘Ready Player One’ we followed Wade Watts and his friends while they took the journey to find Jim Halliday’s infamous easter egg. In ‘Ready Player Two’, Wade and his friends now own major shares in Halliday’s company Gregarious Simulation Systems.

A few days after Wade won Halliday’s contest, he discovers an advanced piece of technology that could change everything but it may come at a huge cost. This new piece of technology could change the world and the Oasis forever.

Sharing this amazing new piece of technology with the world triggers a new quest that only Halliday’s heir can complete. But it also comes with a new rival who is extremely powerful and impossibly hard to defeat. One who will stop at nothing to get what they want, even potentially killing millions of people in order to achieve their goal.

Not only could Wade’s life and the future of The Oasis be at stake but it could mean that the fate of humanity as well.


In ‘Ready Player Two’ we continue to follow the story from Wade’s perspective, but along with his ‘Gunter’ friends Aech, Art3mis, Shoto, we also meet a few new friends along the way. As well as an old feo and a new unexpected enemy.

Ernest Cline continues to create some great character’s in ‘Ready Player Two’, all of which allow our nerdy hearts to live vicariously through them. As well as meeting some new characters, we get to meet some from the past, the latter being Jim Halliday, Ogden Marrow and his wife Kira.

I quite enjoyed this aspect of the book, getting to know more about Halliday, Og and Kira; as well as the way the author weaved their stories into the story. This added a lot of interest and I felt it helped me really get to know the history behind the creation of the Oasis.


In this sequel we get to revisit Cline’s world, both the real one and the Oasis. But things are a little different this time, we get to experience new planets (inside the Oasis) and experience a whole lot of new challenges.

I really enjoyed the new worlds we got to explore inside the Oasis, they explore everything from much loved book fandoms, to cult classic movies, to vintage video games as well as music royalty. I also really like the way Cline merged the two worlds by allowing players to interaction with the real world through the gear they use to access the Oasis, while they are in the virtual world they are able to monitor as well as interact with the outside world through various different types of technology. This really added a lot more interest to the story and kind of melded the two together in a way.

I really enjoyed Ernest Cline’s sequel to ‘Ready Player One’, I felt that it offered the same love for nerdy things and I felt the same pull as I did with the original. I felt drawn to the characters and the storyline offered a lot of twists and turns to help keep me interested.

Who Would I Recommend This For?

So, if you loved the original then I would totally recommend ‘Ready Player Two’. But also if you are really into gaming or science fiction inspired worlds then, I recommend both of Ernest Cline’s ‘Ready Player One & Two’ books.

Reading Challenge Update:

These books tick off the following prompts for my reading challenge.

If you want to know more about my reading challenge you can check out my original post here.

Something new to your collection. I purchased this in 2021  
A story set in another time (it could be either the future or the past.) Ready Player One is set in the future, 2045? to be exact. 
Something Science fiction. This book comes under the Science Fiction genre.   
Something fantasy. This book also comes under the Fantasy Fiction genre. 

I hope you enjoyed this book review, if you would like to read more of my book reviews, check out my dedicated categories in the menu above. You should be able to find all my reviews from my 2020 and 2021 Reading Challenges. I’m also hoping to separate most of my reviews from 2020 in order to make them more easy to find and digest. But that will take time.

Until then I hope you all have a lovely day.


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