Mini Book Haul + Bookshelf Reorganization

In Today’s blog post I’m sharing a little bit of a Book Haul as well as reorganizing my bookshelves in my bedroom. I’ve been contemplating reorganizing my bookshelves for a while, I previously had them in a rainbow type theme but my collection is getting so big now that I felt like it wasn’t working for me anymore so it was time for a change.

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Cataloguing My Book Collection – Bookshelf: Your Virtual Library App Review

In today’s post I’m sharing a video on how I catalogue my book collection using The Bookshelf: Your Virtual Library App. This video/post is not sponsored I found this while searching through Google Play and I have been enjoying using it to catalogue my own personal library, so I thought I would share it with you incase someone else finds it useful.

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Ready Player Two Book Review

Today I’m back with another book review but this time I’m reviewing Ernest Cline’s sequel to ‘Ready Player One’, which is ‘Ready Player Two’. I’m sorry this one is quite late posting, I’ve been meaning to share it for weeks now but I’ve been sick on and off and just haven’t yet gotten around to posting it. But never fear you will now be able to read my thoughts on this subject.

If you read my review for ‘Ready Player One’ you will know that I really enjoyed it so ‘Ready Player Two’ had a lot to live up to when it came to being at the same level or better for me to enjoy it as much as the original. Spoiler it did live up to my expectations but let me tell you a bit more about it first.

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