It’s Finally Time To Find Brewster | Animal Crossing Let’s Play

It’s finally time to go find Brewster and get our final museum upgrade, Yay. In this episode, we also get to go on our first Kappn’ boat ride and check out the Harv’s Island expansion.

This is a shorter episode (for me anyway), Things don’t exactly go to plan but what’s new. I hope you enjoy the aesthetic of this episode I filmed it at like 6 am in the morning and was still in my PJs lol, I decided to put on some of my colourful lights and my galaxy projector on in the background.

This will probably be the last Animal Crossing video, for a while anyway. I need to play a bit off-camera to get enough stuff to do some builds, hopefully, in the next couple of months I will be back with a build but I want to take my time. and enjoy the process of just playing normally.

Before I share the video with you, two notes: 1. sorry about the audio still figuring all of this stuff out, technology is hard sometimes and 2. sorry about my microphone in my webcam I recently purchased a boom arm and still figuring out placement. I didn’t notice that it was in the way until I came to edit the video.

It’s all good though just thought I would mention it, I’m still learning a lot along the way especially about audio it is definitely a learning curve.

Anyway, I will stop rambling, I hope that you enjoy this video.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons Let’s Play Part 7

Check out my video below:

I hope you enjoyed this video. Don’t forget to check out my ‘Update Video‘ to learn about some of my future plans for my content.

Until next time, I hope you all have an awesome day.


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