It’s Finally Time To Find Brewster | Animal Crossing Let’s Play

It’s finally time to go find Brewster and get our final museum upgrade, Yay. In this episode, we also get to go on our first Kappn’ boat ride and check out the Harv’s Island expansion.

This is a shorter episode (for me anyway), Things don’t exactly go to plan but what’s new. I hope you enjoy the aesthetic of this episode I filmed it at like 6 am in the morning and was still in my PJs lol, I decided to put on some of my colourful lights and my galaxy projector on in the background. … More It’s Finally Time To Find Brewster | Animal Crossing Let’s Play

Meditative Gameplay – Flower Part 3

Today I am sharing the last part of my ‘Flower’ Gameplay series, I’m sad that it is coming to an end but it’s been nice to share some more relaxed gameplay videos. I hope to continue doing this kind of content in the future both with and without commentary because these are the kinds of things I enjoy and I feel like they suit the kind of content that I am currently inspired to share.More Meditative Gameplay – Flower Part 3

Meditative Gameplay – Flower Part 2

Today I’m back with part 2 of my Flower gameplay mini-series. I’m really enjoying these types of games lately, they are great for relaxing and winding down.

With ‘Flower’ I love that you are just a petal on the breeze and as you saw through the world collecting lots of other petals along the way, you are bringing the world back to life, it’s truly magical.
More Meditative Gameplay – Flower Part 2

Journey Gameplay Part 1

As part of the new direction for this blog and my respective youtube channels (which I will be posting a video about soon), I want to share some Cozy and Relaxing content with you. Recently I shared the first video featuring gameplay from That Game Company’s game ‘Flower’, but I also wanted to share some gameplay from one of their other highly acclaimed titles and that’s ‘Journey’.

Read MoreMore Journey Gameplay Part 1