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2020 Reading Challenge - My Bookshelf Tour | Life of Dahlia

In today’s post I’ll be sharing with you ‘My Bookshelf Tour’. As you might know I’ve been posting about my 2020 Reading Challenge recently and I thought it would be fun to share some additional book or reading related content as well. I’ve been loving watching other people’s bookshelf tours as well as other book or reading related content recently, so I thought I would share ‘My Bookshelf Tour’ with you.

I upgraded my bookcases last year, I didn’t have the most ideal set up previously, I had few older pieces of furniture that I had had for a very long time and thought that it was time for me to upgrade them to something a bit more functionable. It took me a while to find something both that I liked and that would fit in my small bedroom. My place is pretty small but I love the idea of having most of my books in my bedroom, I feel like it just helps create a calming and peaceful space.

I picked out some beautiful bookshelves from ‘Fantastic Furniture’ with glass sides and laminate wood shelves, the style is the ‘Ohio’ bookcases (link is non-affilated), I have two of the 5 shelve ones and one of the 3 shelves in this style. I choose these because I was worried that larger bookshelves would make my room feel smaller. The glass sides give the illusion that the shelves are floating and help with eliminating shadows which would make my room feel smaller. If your looking for something like this I would recommend them they are very good quality and visually they look stunning(this is not a review and I’m not being paid to say that I just really like these bookcases.)

I love being able to have a mixture of books and decor on my bookcase, with my previous shelves they were quite small I had to stack books and could only have a small amount of decor. My style is very ecclectic, I like fantasy type decor aswell as more vintage style peices, I love being able to incorporate them both in my space.

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My Bookshelf Tour

Check out my ‘Bookshelf Tour’ video below, Apologies if parts of my video are a bit shaky and kind of all over the place but I was filming the majority of it hand-held so unfortunately thatโ€™s what happened, I still wanted to share it anyway. I still hope you enjoy watching it.

Things I mentioned in my video:

My nature photography Instagram account: https://www.instagram.com/erinsecretgarden/

Headband was by Curiology: https://curiology.uk/

For The Love of Knots (my sisters small business):Instagram: @ fortheloveof_knots , Website: https://www.fortheloveofknots.com.au/

Jubly-Umph: https://www.jubly-umph.com/

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I hope you enjoyed watching ‘My Bookshelf Tour’, What’s currently on your reading list? and What is your favourite way to display your books? let me know in the comments of this post.

Until next time, stay safe and I hope you have a lovely day.

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