Things You Can Do While In Self-Isolation

Things You Can Do While In Self-Isolation | Life of Dahlia

I’m sure that like me everyone is feeling quite stressed and anxious at the moment and rightly so, the world is going through alot right now.

As of this week not only has Australia closed its international boarders but also its state boarders, we are starting to see non-essential businesses closing and the hospitality industry is having to make changes to keep business going by offering takeaway only. I’m sure more changes will come into place as the days and weeks go on.

We are certainly in some strange times right now and honestly when I was thinking about what I would post when my website was ready for new content I certainly didn’t think I would be writing posts like this. But right now writing and creating is what’s helping me cope.

I’ve seen a few people posting about what they are doing to cope during this time and some ideas of things to do while your self-isolating, so I thought I would share something similar.

Things To Do In Self-Isolation

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Keeping busy

I know not everyone is able to work from home depending on your job, but keeping busy can definitely help. Whether it just be doing your daily or weekly chores, or doing jobs that you have been wanting to do for ages but just haven’t had time for; for example I’ve been meaning to tidy my bathroom cupboard for weeks now but I haven’t managed to get to doing it yet so I think its about time for me to get on to it.

Whatever it may be having a task to do can help keep you motivated, as well as trying to keep to a routine of some sort, anything to keep you motivated to keep going.

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Keeping Active

It can be hard to stay active while your self-isolating, not everyone has access to home gym equipment but just because you don’t doesn’t mean you can’t stay active, my favourite form of movement is Yoga, not only does it keep me moving but it also has meditative aspects to it, which I like.

Their are quite a few channels on YouTube that do guided yoga practices, my favourite is ‘Yoga With Adriene’, what’s great about her classes is that you don’t have to be an intermediate or advanced yogi to do her classes she often gives you variations of poses if your just starting with a yoga practice.

I just want to add an extra note, if you aren’t able to exercise thats okay too.

Learn Something New

Just because your self-isolating doesn’t mean you can’t learn a new skill, there is an abundance of resources on the internet that can help you learn something new. Youtube for instance has lots of creators that share educational resources, so maybe its time to do a search on something your interested in learning about.

One of my favourite places to go to when I want to learn something new is creative learning site ‘Creative Live‘, they always have free live broadcasted classes on their website, which include a variation of different subjects. It might be worth checking it out to curb your boredom while your confined to home.

I have watched and purchased a bunch of their courses and have thoroughly enjoyed them, on their site which I’ve linked you will see their class schedule which will give you the list of classes, the dates they will be aired on and also who the instructor is for each class.

Take Some Time Out

As much as Its important to keep busy that doesn’t mean you can’t take some time out, with everything going on its okay to feel like you just need to take a break and chill out for a while.

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Do Some Meditation

It can be hard to keep a level head during stressful times like this, I find Meditation helpful. It can be intimidating If you haven’t done it before but putting on some meditation music can be helpful. The idea of meditation is not to block out your thoughts but to recognize them and let them pass, at first this can be hard to achieve because thoughts can be distracting, but practicing meditation even for a short period of time like say 10 mins can still be beneficial.

If your keen to try some meditation find some music on your preferable music streaming app, sit in a comfortable chair or lay down if that is more comfortable for you and take some deep breaths and listen to the music. Or if you would prefer guided meditation try finding a meditation app with guided practices or search on Youtube for a guided meditation video.

I find meditation practice helpful in the morning before I start my day or at night if I’m feeling especially anxious. Give it a go and remember to be kind to yourself.

Write Your Feelings Down

I’ve only recently started doing this I don’t do it everyday but when I feel like I have things that are weighing me down I find it helpful to write it down in a journal.

With everything going on right now we are all feeling stressed out, if your feeling like things are weighing on you try writing your thoughts and feelings down, whether its in a journal or in your notes app on your phone or device wherever it might be give it a try it might help you with processing the changes.

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Get Creative

I love art journaling and colouring books as a way of taking time out to do something for me, if you don’t have a colouring book or something to journal in, you can always download a colouring app to your device or download some free colour pages and print them out. My favourite illustrator ‘Johanna Basford’ has created a page on her website where you can find some free downloadable colouring pages that you can print off and start colouring.

Watch A Movie or TV Show

Watching a movie or streaming your favourite tv show can give you some time to relax and also spend some time away from your thoughts for a while. So grab a blanket, curl up on the couch and immerse yourself in a movie or tv show of your choice.


There is nothing like reading a good book, the feeling of the pages in your hands just takes you away to another place, however if you haven’t got one accessable to you, you could always purchase an ebook or maybe venture into the world of audio books. Even if you don’t have an e-reader, you can download apps to your device which you can then use to read or listen to your chosen book. I know its not ideal but who knows you might enjoy it.

As much as its important to keep busy, that doesn’t mean you can’t take time out, its a very stressful time at the moment and we can’t expect to not feel that. I hope my post has been helpful or given you some suggestions, these are just a few of the things that I’m doing to try and get through everything that’s going on right now.

I have a few courses from creative live that I want to rewatch or have yet to watch, I’m also trying to do meditation daily and keeping active as best as I can, I’m trying to write down my feelings to help myself process what’s going on. As well as reading, writing and doing creative hobbies to relax as well as to give me something to do.

Take care of yourselves and those close to you, We can get throught this together.

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