‘Help Self’ By Tanya Hennessy Book Review

Tanya Hennessy has to be one of my favourite Australian social media personalities and comedians, I find her extremely hilarious and when I watch her content or read one of her books, I know Iโ€™m in for a good laugh. But I also feel that she is very down to earth and quite relatable.

In this post Iโ€™ll be sharing my review of her new book โ€˜Help Selfโ€™. I loved her previous book โ€˜Am I Doing This Rightโ€™ which I have listened to a quite few times on Audio book, so naturally when I found out that she had a second one going to be released I made sure to add it to my wish list right away.

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Things You Can Do While In Self-Isolation

I’m sure that like me everyone is feeling quite stressed and anxious at the moment and rightly so, the world is going through alot right now.

I’ve seen a few people posting about what they are doing to cope during this time and some ideas of things to do while your self-isolating, so I thought I would share something similar.

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