BlackMilk Clothing – Labyrinth Collection

BlackMilk Clothing - Labyrinth Collection | Life of Dahlia

When I heard that Blackmilk Clothing were doing a Labyrinth collaboration with The Jim Hensen Company, I was really excited. If your a child of the 80’s like me you’ll have surely grown up watching this movie just like I did. It’s still to this day one of my favourites movies, so I knew when I first saw this collection that I wanted to purchase something.

This cult classic movie featured David Bowie as ‘The Goblin King’ and Jennifer Connelly as ‘Sarah’. The plot of the movie followed ‘Sarah’ a teenager who loves books and fairytales, she is particularly obesseded with one in particular ‘The Labyrinth’. The book in the movie follows a similar story to the plot of the movie, its the story of ‘The Goblin King’ and his obsession with a young girl, who’s baby brother he takes.

I’m sure if you have seen it you’ll know what comes next…

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BlackMilk Clothing - Labyrinth Collection | Life of Dahlia
Dress: BlackMilk Clothing – As The World Falls Down Velvet Cap Sleeve Skater Dress.

What I Purchased From The Blackmilk ‘Labyrinth’ Collection:

I purchased two peices from the collection, ‘As The World Falls Down’ velvet cap sleeve skater dress which features images from the ball room scene (one of my favourite scenes from the movie) in a geometric pattern on a white velvet and the ‘Goblin City’ pocket midi skirt which features artwork by Brian Froud the concept artist that worked on both ‘Labyrinth’ and ‘The Dark Crystal’.

The skirt is a nylon fabric with a fleese backing which makes it versatile for round year wear.

BlackMilk Clothing - Labyrinth Collection | Life of Dahlia
Dress: BlackMilk Clothing – Goblin City Pocket Midi Skirt.

While there were quite a few pieces that I liked these two just really spoke to me. I like that this brand create good quality peices that are designed and made in Australia, but they are expensive so I limit myself because of this factor but also I think it makes me really think about what I would wear more before purchasing, which isn’t a bad thing.

Creative Photography

As a Photographer and Artist, I couldn’t just take any ordinary photos of these peices, I wanted to get creative and add a more artistic flair to my images. My original blog featured a lot of fashion type posts so I wanted to bring them back.

I’m particularly excited to share these two images which feature pieces from the Blackmilk ‘Labyrinth‘ collection, I got these as a birthday gift and I love both pieces they are beautiful and comfortable.

This collection made me so happy. It definatly hits that nostelgia button for me, I love the peices that I picked out, especially the dress, I don’t were it often but I love it. It brings together two things I love ‘Labyrinth’ and velvet fabric, thats the vintage lover in me I can’t help it.

David Bowie’s character ‘Jareth’ aka ‘The Goblin King’ is one of those Villainous characters that you are surposed to hate but for some reason you really love. I’ve been a Bowie fan for as long as I can remember and him along with the genius of Jim Hensen are what make me love this movie to this day. I also couldn’t picture anyone but Jennifer Connelly playing ‘Sarah’.

There has been rumors for a long time about the possibility of a ‘Labyrinth’ sequel it’ll be interesting to see if this ever comes to fruistion and what the story line might be. Obviously David Bowie couldn’t be in it because he is no longer with us but I would love to see if Jennifer would come back to play and grown up ‘Sarah’.

I hope you enjoyed this post, Are you a child of the 80’s? Did you grow up watch Jim Hensen’s movies and TV shows? Which one is your favourite?

Until next time, I hope you have a lovely day.

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