Getting Creative: Fantasy Self-Portrait & Makeup

One of my other loves other than makeup that is, is photography and I particularly love taking self-portraits. Self-portraits give me a chance to express myself creatively in a different way, I can create anything my heart desires.

In this post I share some of my inspirations behind this self-portrait.

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BlackMilk Clothing Labyrinth 2.0 Collection Review

Blackmilk Clothing have been one of my favourite clothing brands for years, They create apparel with unique prints. Many of their prints just speak to my soul, they really have something that everyone will love, whether your a pastels and cutesy kind of person or love more punk or gothic prints they will probably have something for you.

Which is why I’m very excited about sharing this post with you, if you have been reading my blog for a while you might remember that I posted about the Labyrinth Collection from Blackmilk Clothing last year, about a month ago they released a second collection called Labyrinth 2.0.

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Beauty Room Make Over + Tour

I’m so excited to share this with you its been a long time coming. I remember sharing my really old beauty room years ago, back then I had a second-hand vintage dressing table as my vanity and green walls.

Last year I decided that It was time for a change I wanted a more grown-up beauty room, it was time to get rid of the green walls and upgrade my vanity.

Today I’m sharing with you the makeover process as well as a video tour.

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