Beauty Room Make Over + Tour

Beauty Room Makeover | Life of Dahlia

I’m so excited to share this with you its been a long time coming. I remember sharing my really old beauty room years ago, back then I had a second-hand vintage dressing table as my vanity and green walls. Last year I decided that It was time for a change I wanted a more grown-up beauty room, it was time to get rid of the green walls and upgrade my vanity.

Don’t get me wrong I loved my old vintage dressing table but it was very low and made it very hard to do my makeup everyday. it was more so ment to be decorative than functional.

So much has changed and I’m so excited to share it with you, It has taken a long time to get my room to where I want it to be and even now there is still room for improvement.

My Old Beauty Room

Beauty Room Makeover | Life of Dahlia
My old beauty room

I thought it would be interesting to show you a before and after photos, from how it was originally which was dark and cluttered. I have an obsessive personality so I tend to hoard things, I’m getting better as I get older and I like a less cluttered environment these days.

Updating My Beauty Room

Beauty Room Makeover | Life of Dahlia
Updating my beauty room

Its taken a while to update my room, it definitely didn’t happen overnight. I started with getting rid of things like decluttering my wardrobe so I could fit the dresses and accessories that I use these for self-portraits in the wardrobe and get rid of that clothes hanger that was taking up so much room.

Next was changing up my vanity, my old one was kindly donated to my older sister she has had her eye on it for years so I gave it to her. My new one looks expensive but honestly, the mirror was the most expensive thing ($300) the desk is itself is from Ikea and cost me under $300 to put together.

Though since getting this one I wish I had been able to get something different not long after purchasing it something fell off my wall and on the top and put a big dent in it and because the white laminate is only on one side I can’t even turn it over. Also the draws stick alot, but they are still functional so I won’t be replacing them, maybe the top at some point but the draws are still okay I can live with them.

I desperatly needed more lighting in this room because it is in a corner where it just doesn’t get a lot of natural light. I’ve always wanted a mirror like this, my love for vintage things made me want one of those big Hollywood style mirrors and boy does it add extra light to the room.

Other than the desk and mirror the only other furniture I purchased was a small cube bookshelf for a small bit of extra storage and to place my Kristy Mitchell’s Wonderland book on. That thing is so heavy and big I actually can’t put it on a normal shelf it needs to lay on something and a new chair for my desk.

My Beauty Room Now

Beauty Room Makeover | Life of Dahlia
My vanity

My vision for this room was to go light and airy, I wanted to be able to fill my space with a subtle fantasy vibe based on my love for the movie ‘Labyrinth’ but also to add lots of art. I wanted to merge my styles into one space but without being over cluttered.

Beauty Room Makeover | Life of Dahlia
Beauty room shelves

I wanted to be able to see my art and makeup collection, so adding art on to my walls or on top of my shelves while displaying my makeup collection in containers on the bookshelves themselves so that I could see them all. I would love to get some proper holders for my collection but in the meantime, I just picked up some acrylic containers from Kmarts kitchen section.

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Beauty Room Makeover | Life of Dahlia
beauty room shelves

I added a chandelier from Bunnings it cost me under $100 (I can’t remember the actual price and I’m unsure if they still sell it), I have a matching one in my bedroom. I added this because I always loved the chandeliers in the Labyrinth ballroom scene so I wanted to add one in to add that element.

Beauty Room Makeover | Life of Dahlia
Beauty Room details

My pride and joy is this vintage wedding dress that I found for $30 at an op shop many years ago, I love it because it reminds me a little bit of Sarah’s dress in the Labyrinth ballroom scene, so I love to have it displayed in the corner of my room.

You’ll notice all throughout my room are little nods to my love for fantasy and vintage things with accessories and little bits of decor.

I decided to rotate my room a bit, by moving the vanity to the other wall so I get light streaming in through the window and moved the big bookshelf to where the vanity used to be, it works much better now and feels less cluttered.

Beauty Room Makeover | Life of Dahlia
beauty room details

I hope you love my room as much as I do and maybe find some inspiration for your own beauty room, I’ve put together a small video to show of my new beauty room feel free to check it out below.

If you have any questions let me know in the comments and I’ll try my best to answer.

I forgot to mention that I get most of my art through Society 6 just in case you were wondering, but Etsy also has some great artists as well. If you are curious about any of the artwork feel free to ask and I can try and find the artist I purchased it from.

Until next time, I hope you have a lovely day.

Video Music Credits:

Take Me to the Depths by Midnight North & Role Player by Au.Ra

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4 thoughts on “Beauty Room Make Over + Tour

  1. Love how you combined your newer look with your loves of fantasy and didn’t try to get rid of part of your personality. This is a great makeup room. You did a fabulous job with it.


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