Animal Crossing: Happy Home Paradise Episode 1

It’s only taken me over two months to edit this episode, oops, I had a bit of a backlog and a lot has been happening in my everyday life so unfortunately, that means sometimes things like creating and editing content has had to become less of a priority. But I am about caught up with my backlog, so I can start creating new videos again.

I have recently filmed a few new videos but nothing is time-sensitive as to when I need to post it, I am hoping to get to editing those soon so I can share them. I know this is a bit off-topic but I have been doing a bit of brainstorming as to what types of content I would like to share here on my blog as well as my main youtube channel. I’m not going into too much detail as I am still fleshing out my ideas but I would definitely like to get back to my creative roots of stuff that I have previously shared on my blog. Anyway, I will share more on that another time, let’s get to today’s video.

I have really been enjoying playing ‘Happy Home Paradise’, I have been playing it a lot on my Switch Lite, and I’m loving it. Watching this footage back it was fun to see that initial excitement I had for the Animal Crossing: New Horizons DLC. I definitely still feel that way and would love to continue sharing videos where I decorate villagers Vacation Homes because it’s lots of fun and you can get really creative with it. It also makes me want to do more Sims build videos as well, I just feel excited about decorating houses and other buildings.

If you enjoy this video don’t forget to check out my other Animal Crossing videos, Spoilers in my next episode we will be going to find brewster and do some Kappn’ boat tours.

Let’s Play Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer

Check out my video below:

I hope you enjoyed this video, Let me know if you have played with the Animal Crossing DLC or if you are a fan of the original Happy Home Designer game. I would love to know your thoughts.

Until next time I hope you all have an awesome day.



I do not own Animal Crossing New Horizons or Happy Home Paradise, They are created, owned and copyrighted to Nintendo. The game captured footage is shared for entertainment purposes.

Music Credits: Music in speed through: The Golden Present, Spirit of Fire and Mer-Ka-Ba by Jesse Gallagher(, music sourced from the Youtube Audio library.

Additional credits: Emoji used in the video is by KathyDC on the Tenor website (

Disclaimer โ€“ This post is not sponsored and doesnโ€™t contain any affiliate links, links included are for reference only in case your interest in checking out anything mentioned in this post. Read full Disclaimer here.

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