4 Ways to Read New Books That Won’t Break Your Budget

We all know that there is a lot of financial pressure on people these days, with the cost of living crisis affecting many people around the world. So you probably questioning whether you can afford to buy things that aren’t necessary or essential items (like food, medication, etc.)

That new best seller sure looks good but can you afford to spend $20-30 dollars on it when that could go toward something you actually need. In this blog post, I thought I would share a few tips for when you are looking for something new to read but don’t want to break the budget. … More 4 Ways to Read New Books That Won’t Break Your Budget

2020 Reading Challenge First Quarter Update

As you might know I started of this year setting myself a reading challenge, the challenge was to shop my bookshelf (sort of) and read as many books on my shelf as possible (in one year).I have already set a list for myself of the books that I would like to read, a lot of them being ones that I have been wanting to read but havenโ€™t got quite gotten there, yet; as well as a couple that may need to be purchased but the main idea is to read what I already have before purchasing more.

In this update post I will be sharing with you the books that I have read in the first quarter of the year and what my thoughts are one them.

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My Favourite Book Series + Audio Books

Today I’m going to be sharing with you some of my favourite book series as well as some of my favourite Audiobooks.

I love reading, whether its reading traditional books, e-books or listening to audiobooks, I love them all. Though like most people I do love the feel of having an actual book in my hands, because it just feels nicer and It gives me more of that feeling that I’m diving into a secret world just for me.

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