Kirby And The Forgotten Land Demo – Play Through

I decided to film a playthrough of the Kirby and the Forgotten Land Demo, Spoilers, it was lots of fun. Kirby is such a cute character and I have really enjoyed playing some of the older games on my 3ds, which is why I was very excited to see that they were bringing out a new game for the Nintendo Switch.

I hope that you enjoy watching this little playthrough of the demo, I sure had fun playing it. This game is definitely going on my wishlist to purchase in the future.

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Journey Gameplay Part 1

As part of the new direction for this blog and my respective youtube channels (which I will be posting a video about soon), I want to share some Cozy and Relaxing content with you. Recently I shared the first video featuring gameplay from That Game Company’s game ‘Flower’, but I also wanted to share some gameplay from one of their other highly acclaimed titles and that’s ‘Journey’.

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Meditative Gameplay – Flower Part 1

I’ve been really enjoying cozy and mediative gameplay lately and I decided to start sharing some of it on my ‘gaming channel’ as well as here on my blog, I’ll be starting off with some gameplay from a game called ‘Flower’ by That Game Company. This game is super relaxing to play and has some beautiful music to help set the mood. I enjoyed whirling around the world as a petal on the wind and opening all the flowers along the way to help wake the world from its glooming slumber.

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I Played Tetris Against 98 Other People – Tetris 99

Recently I’ve been enjoying playing Tetris, particularly Tetris 99 which is available on Nintendo Switch Online, so I thought I would share a video trying out. It was lots of fun and takes me back, this game is very nostalgic for me but I love that this one has a bit of a twist, just to keep things interesting.

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Animal Crossing: Happy Home Paradise Episode 1

It’s only taken me over two months to edit this episode, oops, I had a bit of a backlog and a lot has been happening in my everyday life so unfortunately, that means sometimes things like creating and editing content has had to become less of a priority. But I am about caught up with my backlog, so I can start creating new videos again.

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