February Shop My Stash

This video is going up a little bit later that I planned, I decided that I wanted some extra time to use the stuff I picked out in January. Anyway, here is my February Shop My Stash video, better late than never right. In saying that though I may not have one of these videos in March, I may just extend it to the start of April, I have a few other things that I want to share during March, so I may decide to not post a SMS in March.

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January 2021 Shop My Stash

Hey everyone, it’s 2021 Yay and with the new year comes a new ‘Shop My Stash’ video. I decided to start this series up again and hope to continue it throughout the year. I was going to include a conclusion to my last one which was September 2020 but it just made the video to long and it was so long ago that it’s not worth including. Anyway I hope you all enjoy this video.

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The ‘Makeup Application’ Tag | Video Content

In today’s post I thought that I would attempt to do a tag. I haven’t done one of these in a very long time but this is the first time doing it in a video format for me, I used to just share my answers in a blog post. Since I’m really enjoying doing video content at the moment it seemed fitting to just do it in this format. The tag that I’m sharing with you today is ‘The Makeup Application Tag’ that was originally created by Jen Phelps.

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Shop My Stash Get Ready With Me (Palette Bingo Style) โ€“ September 2020 + 5 Not So Random Facts About Me | Video Content

First off Iโ€™m sorry this is going up so late but Iโ€™ve just been taking little bit of a break the last couple of weeks. Anyway I’m here to share my September โ€˜Shop My Stashโ€™ โ€˜Get Ready With Meโ€™. For this ‘Get Ready With Meโ€™ I decided to it โ€˜Palette Bingo Styleโ€™ because I though that it would be fun to do, but I also thought I would attempt to do the ‘5 Random Facts About Me Tag’ and let you know a bit more about me, though I feel like these arenโ€™t that random but anyway I hope you enjoy this video, even if itโ€™s quite a long one.

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