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  • Spring /Summer Look Book 2020
    A majority of this look book was taken last year, but my blog wasn’t ready at the time so I decided to leave it and post it in spring/summer of 2020 instead. I took photos on both digital and instant film to create something different. Not all the images ended up in this look book but I hope you enjoy checking it out.

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  • The Monthly Recap – October 2020
    This year feels like it has gone on for both forever and also just flying by at the same time which is just super weird if you ask me, but alas another month has gone by and I wanted to share a monthly recap. October has been a somewhat busy month for me, and I just want to say something before I start talking about what I’m about to talk about, we have been very fortunate here in South Australia (where I live) that we have had very few cases of Covid and there have been weeks where we have had close to none, I know this is not the case everywhere so If you don’t want to read about my little weekend away because it might be triggering for you please feel free to stop reading here…

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  • Decorating My House For Halloween | Video Content
    In today’s post, I’m sharing a video with you showing how I’m decorating my house for Halloween. I tend to focus on two area’s my living room and my beauty room, which is what I’m showing you in today’s video.

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