Happy New Year | New Year Update

Happy New Year Everyone, I just wanted to come on an share something for the new year and give you all a mini update. As you know I took a bit of time off over the last couple of months of 2020, I’ve been dealing with bad anxiety, depression as well as other health issues so I needed a rest, but I still managed to share a couple of makeup tutorials on my IGTV channel, I’ve just shared them on my blog as well just incase you didn’t see them on my IGTV channel. I will be sharing a couple of other videos in the next couple of weeks that I didn’t get around to posting last year, including a ‘Year Long Book Haul’ which is basically me sharing all or most of the books I purchased in 2020, as well as my compiled 3 looks 1 palette with the Colourpop ‘Its my Pleasure’ eyeshadow palette that I wanted to transition over from my IGTV Channel.

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