Let’s Play Just Dance – “Holiday Edition”

Hi Everyone, in today’s post I’m sharing some fun Holiday or Festive season inspired Just Dance gameplay. I pre-recorded this footage, Thankfully because I’m still getting over a cold, so I was unable to film the intro and outro that I wanted to do but that’s okay. I have included a bit of a voice over intro at the start instead.

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Just Dance 2022 Let’s Play

Today I’m sharing a new Let’s Play I have been posting on my Gaming Channel, where I’m playing Just Dance 2022. The video I’m sharing in this post is actually the second video that I have posted, the first I just shared my gameplay footage in this one I have also included some commentary between songs.

rd to get a full range of movement so a lot of the time I legit am just flailing my arms around. What I’m saying is that it makes me feel a bit self-conscious, so I decided not to. But I felt like the gameplay footage only might be a bit boring so I decided to include some commentary.

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