Styling A Blackmilk Clothing Skater Dress 3 Ways | Video Content

In today’s post I’ll be sharing my first fashion styling video, If you have been following my blog for some time you may know that Blackmilk Clothing is one of my favourite brands, I love their aesthetic and they create comfortable clothing that looks good, so even on those days where your not into wearing jeans you can still pull together a nice outfit.

In the video below I share with you three ways to style one of their skater style dresses, I share both some jazzed up and everyday variations

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BlackMilk Clothing Labyrinth 2.0 Collection Review

Blackmilk Clothing have been one of my favourite clothing brands for years, They create apparel with unique prints. Many of their prints just speak to my soul, they really have something that everyone will love, whether your a pastels and cutesy kind of person or love more punk or gothic prints they will probably have something for you.

Which is why I’m very excited about sharing this post with you, if you have been reading my blog for a while you might remember that I posted about the Labyrinth Collection from Blackmilk Clothing last year, about a month ago they released a second collection called Labyrinth 2.0.

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BlackMilk Clothing – Labyrinth Collection

When I heard that Blackmilk Clothing were doing a Labyrinth collaboration with The Jim Hensen Company, I was really excited. If your a child of the 80’s like me you’ll have surely grown up watching this movie just like I did. It’s still to this day one of my favourites movies, so I knew when I first saw this collection that I wanted to purchase something.

In this post I’ll be sharing what I purchased and tell you what I thought about them.

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