The Monthly Recap – January 2021

Hey Everyone, this might sound clique but I can’t believe January is over already, its crazy. In January my goal was to post some stuff that I hadn’t got around to posting in 2020, I didn’t quite get there but that’s okay. I was hoping to finally share my ‘3 looks using Colourpop’s ‘Its my pleasure’ eyeshadow palette’ which I was going to compile into one video for my YouTube channel but unfortunately I’ve had to shelve it for now. For some reason my file isn’t working properly and I really can’t be bothered trying to re-edit the whole thing at the moment so I’m just going leave the original videos up on my IGTV channel for now and maybe sometime in the future I might re-look at it.

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Happy New Year | New Year Update

Happy New Year Everyone, I just wanted to come on an share something for the new year and give you all a mini update. As you know I took a bit of time off over the last couple of months of 2020, I’ve been dealing with bad anxiety, depression as well as other health issues so I needed a rest, but I still managed to share a couple of makeup tutorials on my IGTV channel, I’ve just shared them on my blog as well just incase you didn’t see them on my IGTV channel. I will be sharing a couple of other videos in the next couple of weeks that I didn’t get around to posting last year, including a ‘Year Long Book Haul’ which is basically me sharing all or most of the books I purchased in 2020, as well as my compiled 3 looks 1 palette with the Colourpop ‘Its my Pleasure’ eyeshadow palette that I wanted to transition over from my IGTV Channel.

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The Monthly Recap – October 2020

This year feels like it has gone on for both forever and also just flying by at the same time which is just super weird if you ask me, but alas another month has gone by and I wanted to share a monthly recap. October has been a somewhat busy month for me, and I just want to say something before I start talking about what I’m about to talk about, we have been very fortunate here in South Australia (where I live) that we have had very few cases of Covid and there have been weeks where we have had close to none, I know this is not the case everywhere so If you don’t want to read about my little weekend away because it might be triggering for you please feel free to stop reading here…

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The Monthly Recap – June – September 2020

Hi guys, long time no see. Sorry my content has been all over the place. I’ve just had to take some time to rest. As you might know by now I suffer from mental health issues as well as chronic illnesses, which have been severely flared up this year because of stress. With everything going on this year it definitely hasn’t helped but I’ve just been trying to take time to rest when I need it.

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