Shopping My Makeup Collection - Seasonal Project Pan 2 Intro + Palette Of The Month | Life Of Dahlia

Shopping My Makeup Collection – Seasonal Project Pan 2 Intro + Palette Of The Month | Life Of Dahlia

Hey Everyone, you may have just seen my June/ July Recap which featured my Seasonal Project Pan Update, well in this post I’m going to be talking about my new project pan and why I’m going to be reaching into my collection to try out products.

I was inspired by Kat from Kitskitch & Beauty News, she has been doing a seasonal project pan this year which is what inspired me to change mine up from a year-long project pan. Kat has also been reaching into her collection to review some of her eyeshadow palettes, which I found really inspiring to reach into my own collection.

Seasonal Project Pan no.2

The whole reason I changed up my project pan style is that I was honestly getting bored and I disliked the idea that all my makeup was just sitting there not getting used. So I’ve changed up my project pan to a rolling or seasonal project pan so that I could get use out of my collection instead of working on certain items.

For my second Project Pan, I will be doing a shorter one for the months of August & September and I will be including a bunch of products, mainly focusing on face products, like contour, blush, foundation, etc.


New Items

  • TooFaced: Better Than Sex mascara (black.)
  • Nyx Professional Makeup: Vivid Brights Liquid Liners (vivid fire, vivid violet & vivid sapphire.)
  • Bys Cosmetics: Cream Contouring Palette & Powder Contour Kit (working on lightest shades.)
  • Tarte Cosmetics: Blush Bazaar (Not working on anything in particular just to play with.)
  • Australis: Liquid Strobe (I want to use this up by adding to my foundation or as a liquid highlighter.)
  • Nyx Professional Makeup: Photo Loving Primer (green.)
  • Innoxia: Hydrating Primer
  • EOS – lip balm
  • Kat Von D – Concealer Creme
  • Designer Brands – Black Eyeliner


Continuing Items

  • Savvy By Db: Primer (Almost finished shouldn’t take me long to use up.)
  • Innoxa: Cover & Correct Concealer Palette (once I’ve finished the green I’ll consider it finished.)
  • Australis: Bye Bye Blemish Concealer (on to tube number 2.)
  • Kat Von D: Concealer Creme (using up to get it out of my collection)
  • Rimmel: Stay Matte Powders (I have two that are almost finished.)
  • Maybelline: Matte + Poreless Foundation (half way.)
  • Nyx Professional Makeup: Black Liquid Liner (I don’t think It will take me to long to finish up.)
  • Nyx Professional Makeup: Jumbo Pencil in Milk (still have a long way to go.)
  • Chella: Eyebrow Highlight Pencil (half way.)
  • Essence: Brow Pencil (almost finished.)
  • Nutrimetics: Eyeshadow Primer (I’ve had to take the stopper out so hopefully, I’ll be able to finish it up by the end of the year)


Shopping My Eyeshadow Stash

Palette of the month – Chi Chi Cosmetics ‘Romantic’

I’ve been really inspired to just delve into my eyeshadow palettes lately, I can’t believe I have some I never reviewed. My aim is to revisit some of my palettes and see if I still feel the same way about them if I have reviewed them before or review ones I’ve not previously chatted about.

In the month of August, this month I will be mainly playing with my chosen palette which I will be talking about in second and taking photos of some of my favourite looks. I’m hoping to share them on my social media and in a post at the end of the month along with my thoughts on the palette. I’ll be allowing myself to play with other things, my aim is to use this at least two to three times a week, this also lets me play with other things.

The palette I’ll be playing with this month is the Chi Chi Cosmetics ‘Romantic’ eyeshadow palette.  This palette is more cool toned and has some berries, light pinks, champaign and bronzy colours in it. I’m happy to play and find out what works best and then give my thoughts at the end of the month.

I highly recommend you go check Kat’s channel out she does some fantastic product reviews and get ready with me’s. She is one of my go-to’s for thoughts on products, she gives her honest opinions on the products she has been trying out so go check her out.

Let me know how your Project Pan is going? and What are your thoughts on Project Pan’s?


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BYS Cosmetics Rebel Eyeshadow Palette Review | Life of Dahlia

BYS Cosmetics ‘Rebel’ Eyeshadow Palette Review + Eye Looks| Life Of Dahlia

Hey Guys, I’m back with another review, this time I’ve been checking out the ‘Rebel‘ eyeshadow palette from BYS Cosmetics, I know not another palette, I can’t help it eyeshadow speaks to my creative soul.

This palette really jumped out at me when I first saw pictures on the brands Instagram page, I just loved the colours, the reds, the greens, all of it just spoke to me. I also love the packaging it’s really unique with an embossed studded look on the front and some grungy text it definitely suits the eyeshadows inside.

I’ve been playing with this off and on over the past month, at first I did struggle with it but once I found what worked I was able to play and get some really awesome grungy looks. This palette is definitely not for the faint of heart these tones will absolutely make you stand out from the crowd.

I found that If I did my normal primer and then set my base, this was harder to work with but if I made sure that I used something stickier like a concealer or NYX jumbo pencil in Milk these worked a lot better.

This look was created using ‘Real'(center of eyelid), ‘Boss” (inner corner) & ‘Courageous'(outer & inner corner & crease).

The matte shades in this palette are a bit powdery and I felt like I did have to dip in multiple times to get what I was looking for but over a sticky base, I was able to build them up. Without this, I felt like they just blended out to nothing but with gave it something to stick to and they blended out fine, but like I said I did have to build it up.

The shimmery shades were interesting in particular the two duo-chrome ‘fearless’ & ‘bold’ they were a bit crumbly I had to pick up lots of product to get the desired look particularly with ‘bold.’ But once they were on they looked pretty good, I’m loving seeing affordable brands take a chance and trying to create duo-chromes I feel like this is something that is seen more with expensive brands so its great.

This look was created using ‘Courageous'(outer corner & crease), ‘Rebel’ (inner corner & eyelid), ‘Fearless’ (inner corner & brow bone.)

For some reason, I created all winged-out looks for this one I don’t know why Its just the way it worked out. I thought that this palette created some really awesome grungy looks which I was definitely inspired by the name and colours to create. As you will probably notice I was definitely inspired by the more red tones, But I thought that the deep green shade ‘Modern’ was great and ‘Brave’ was great to pair with shades like ‘Edgy’ or ‘Bold’.

Though I think an overall matte look with either as the main shade would look amazing.

This look was created using ‘Modern’ (Outer corner and crease & lower lashline), ‘Brave’ (Transition to blend out ‘Modern’), ‘Edgy’ (lid and inner corner), Bold (lid & Inner corner.)

This palette is definitely packed full of some trendy shades, while there are red and yellows in this palette is a very cool-toned palette which is very in right now. I’m a fan of warm shades but by this point, they have been done to death so its great to see something on the cooler end of the spectrum that’s not just boring greys and blacks.

While this palette definitely has those it also gives you extra colours to get creative with.

This look was created using Inglot Gel Liner in 66 as a base, ‘Wild’ (all over the lid and lower lashline), Sexy (deepen inner and outer corner) Concealer on the centre of lid topped with ‘Real’ & ‘Boss’, ‘Fearless’ (inner corner highlight.)

I took extra time to make sure I could give you the best review possible, I used this over a few weeks to test the different shades and the longevity of the eyeshadows. Because I used a sticky base I felt like these did wear quite well the eyeshadow looked pretty similar to when I put it on.

Here are a couple more wearable looks using the BYS Rebel Palette, look 1. featuring ‘Edgy’ ‘Courageous’ & Bold, Look 2, featuring ‘Brave’, ‘Modern’, ‘Courageous’ & Bold.

So what are my final thoughts on the palette, I definitely think its a great palette for the price and I think its quite unique so I would say If this interest you go get one because it’s pretty good. Not many brands have been inspiring me lately but I’m really inspired by some of the products that BYS, in particular, are releasing. I honestly have to stop myself from wanting to purchase everything from their range.

This Rebellious little palette retails for $16.95 on the brand’s website, You can also find it instore at various retailers, which is also available on the website (pricing may vary).

Definitely keep an eye on my Facebook or Instagram because I will definitely be picking this back up sometime soon.


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Current Skincare Routine| Life Of Dahlia

Hey, my beautiful readers, I’m slowly getting back into the swing of things as you might know I’ve been taking it easy, I’ve been going through a rough few weeks with anxiety, depression and fibro flare-ups. I’ve been experiencing quite a few ups and downs recently so I knew that I just had to take a step back for my own sanity, But now I’m slowly getting back into things and I’m hoping to get back into posting more regularly I’m aiming for two posts a week with maybe the occasional third.

I was just spreading myself to thin and not giving myself time to relax and breath, something which for me is very important especially with having illnesses.

Anyway getting on to today’s topic I’m sharing with you my current skincare routine, from the pictures I’ve included it may seem like overkill but each thing has its purpose, which I will tell you about as I go.


Morning Skincare Routine

For my morning skincare routine I like to cleanse my face with the ‘Essano Rosehip Gentle Foaming Cleanser’ (this has been a staple in my skincare routine for many years and I still love it) on my ‘Conair True Glow Sonic Cleansing System’ brush, I use this all over my face pretty much daily.

I’ve been trying some new products recently one of which is the ‘Blessed By Nature Retoning Facial Scrub’ I have been using this a few times a week and really enjoying it.

After I get out of the shower I like to use the ‘Blessed By Nature Hydrating Mist Toner’ to help tone my skin while adding some hydration back into my skin.

As I’m getting older I find that my skin needs products to add hydration back in, while I’ve always had Oily/Combo skin I’m finding that as I get older parts of my face are becoming dryer so I like to make sure that I use products to hydrate as much as possible. Of course drinking lots of water helps too.

Next I will usually go in with ‘The Ordinary ‘Buffet’’ which helps with hydration and fine lines, I quite enjoy this product but I will probably not be repurchasing, I’m just not much into the brand and what they stand for, I would much rather find an alternative even if that means paying more.

Lastly, I will add my daily moisturizer, I’m currently panning a ‘Sukin Sensitive Facial Moisturizer’ so this is what I have been using. I do quite enjoy Sukin’s moisturizers and I will defiantly repurchase in the future.

If you didn’t see my skin, body and hair project pan intro a few months ago I talked about panning a few skincare items, I’ll hopefully update you soon about what products I have used up so far, but go check that out if your interest.


Night & Weekly Skincare Routine

I’ve recently added in the ‘Natio Moisturizing Sun Lotion with SPF 50’ into my skincare routine, I will use this most days when I know I’m going to be out in the sun but I would like to get into the habit of using it every day.

I love face mask so I recently added the ‘Sukin Detoxifying Clay Masque’ into my project pan because I have way too many but this is one I really enjoy and love using once to twice a week.

I love using the ‘Nutrimetics Nutri-rich Ointment’ on my lips to add extra hydration when going in with a lip scrub, my lips can get quite dry so this is great before and after.

Night Time Routine

For my night time routine I will often use the ‘Essano Micellar Water’ as a light cleanser or to take makeup off at the end of the day before starting my night routine.

I recently added in the ‘Nutrimetics Comfort Moisturizer’ into my routine to pan after finishing up a night moisturizer, this for me is great as a nighttime moisturizer instead of a daily because it takes a while to seep into my skin. I love to pair it with the eye-cream both of which are on my list to use up so I can move on to trying out some new skincare.

Well, that’s everything, like I said everything has a purpose. I’ve been enjoying trying some new products but also panning some ones I currently have. I have been using the same thing for so long that I want to branch out this is where I will often add in things that I don’t currently have, like trying a new face scrub or toner.

Are you a project panner? What are your favourite things in your skincare routine? let me know below…


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Blackmilk Clothing Labyrinth 2.0 Collection | Life of Dahlia

BlackMilk Clothing Labyrinth 2.0 Collection Review | Life of Dahlia

Hey everyone, I’m very excited about sharing this post with you,  if you have been reading my blog for a while you might remember that I posted about the Labyrinth Collection from Blackmilk Clothing last year, about a month ago they released a second collection called Labyrinth 2.0.

I picked up a couple of things because I’m absolutely obsessed with the movie and I’ve been wanting to get some nice leggings, this time I decided to picked up a couple of pairs of leggings, in the styles, ‘Turn Back‘ and ‘Within You‘.



Turn Back Leggings

‘Turn back‘ features a scene from the start of the movie where Jareth first takes Sarah to his world, the image is of the view over to the labyrinth with the 13-hour clock and a fairy on the back leg.

I decided to get playful with my fashion images because the artist in me just can’t do something basic, I wanted to add in subtle elements to connect to the movie, in ‘Turn Back’ I added in a clock overlay to symbolize the clock from the movie.

I absolutely love this style, the colours are stunning and the imagery is really cool, I also love the subtle elements like to 13-hour clock on the hip and the fairy on the back of the left leg. This is probably one of my favourite prints they have included in these collections.



Within You Leggings

Within You‘ features the stair scene inspired by the works of M.C Escher. This print is really cool it not only features the stairs but also has Jareth, Sarah and Toby on the print.

This has to be one of my favourite scenes from the movie and I love that now I wear it on my body.

I wanted to add a really awesome background reminiscent of the M.C Escher print but due to copyright, I decided not to, instead I went with a bubble which is inspired by the crystal balls in the movie. I downloaded the photoshop brush from Brusheezy, just in case your interested.

Blackmilk has the most amazing pieces and the quality of their products is great, I’m not big on purchasing brand new clothing because I don’t want to contribute to landfill or other impacts it can have on the environment, the only times I will purchase is when I know a piece will be in my wardrobe for years to come or its something really special.

Blackmilk for me fits into this category because they create such high-quality unique pieces I know that I will have this in my wardrobe for many years to come, so I don’t mind splurging occasionally on their pieces.

I hope you enjoyed this post, is anyone else a huge labyrinth fan like me? What’s your favourite scene from the movie?


Credits – Bubble Photoshop Brushes by Brusheezy

Disclaimer – This post is not sponsored and doesn’t contain any affiliate links, links included are for reference only in case your interest in purchasing the reviewed product.

Secret Wood Collection | Life Of Dahlia

Secret Wood Collection | Life Of Dahlia

Hey Everyone, Today I’m really excited to share with you my Secret Wood collection. I discovered this company last year after I saw one of their ads pop up in my Instagram feed and it was love at first sight.

About Secret Wood

Let me tell you a little bit about who Secret Wood is and why I love them, the artisan jewellery makers at Secret Wood have been making their unique jewellery which is made from wood and resin since 2015. They started with rings and have since expanded their range to include pendants, night lights and bracelets.


They are based in Vancouver, Canada and take inspiration from Canada’s beautiful and whimsical landscapes. All their pieces are made with a variety of different types of wood and resin as well as decorative elements such as flowers and gold leaf.

Why I Fell In Love With Secret Wood

I feel in love with their designs because I have always admired the landscapes and scenery of Canada, It’s a place I have dreamed of visiting for a long time. This is why I decided to purchase from them, I felt like I had a little bit of Canada in a bubble that I could wear around my neck.

Why I Decided To Make A Purchase

I decided to purchase one of their pendants because I don’t really wear rings, I felt like a necklace would be best suited for me. How the pendants work is that you purchase a sterling silver pendant necklace (they are shaped like a turtle how cute is that) and then you can purchase different shells to interchange on your necklace.

I have to admit trying to decide which ones to get is hard because they are all stunning. With my first purchase, I decided on getting the necklace and one shell, which was the ‘Eternal Supernova(deluxe) design. In my second purchase, I decided on ‘Azure Falls’ (deluxe) and ‘Aurora Borealis'(deluxe).

How Much are Secret Wood’s Pendants

Secret Wood offers a variety of designs to choose from in both their classic and deluxe shells, they range from $55-$75 US Dollars with the necklace itself being $90.

I felt that the prices are quite reasonable for the incredible designs they have to offer. I was fortunate enough to get mine with a couple of their big sales which made it nice as an international customer.

How Long Does It Take

Each design can take weeks to finish so I know that my money is going to an artist and that’s what I love. I’m not a huge jewellery wearer or purchase of, most mainstream jewellery from big jewellery companies just don’t do anything for me so I have to be pretty impressed by something to actually want to spend a bit on it.

 While the pendant has some weight to it I find it really comfortable to wear and I love that I can interchange my shell when I want to. When I’m not wearing them I keep them in a little wooden box that I got sent with my necklace, it keeps them all secure with magnets which is fantastic.

Have you tried Secret Wood? What are you favourite pieces?

For more information on Secret Wood and prices, you can find it via their website.


Disclaimer – This post is not sponsored and doesn’t contain any affiliate links, links included are for reference only in case your interest in purchasing the reviewed product.