Blackmilk Clothing Labyrinth 2.0 Collection | Life of Dahlia

BlackMilk Clothing Labyrinth 2.0 Collection Review | Life of Dahlia

Hey everyone, I’m very excited about sharing this post with you,¬† if you have been reading my blog for a while you might remember that I posted about the Labyrinth Collection from Blackmilk Clothing last year, about a month ago they released a second collection called¬†Labyrinth 2.0.

I picked up a couple of things because I’m absolutely obsessed with the movie and I’ve been wanting to get some nice leggings, this time I decided to picked up a couple of pairs of leggings, in the styles, ‘Turn Back‘ and ‘Within You‘.



Turn Back Leggings

‘Turn back‘ features a scene from the start of the movie where Jareth first takes Sarah to his world, the image is of the view over to the labyrinth with the 13-hour clock and a fairy on the back leg.

I decided to get playful with my fashion images because the artist in me just can’t do something basic, I wanted to add in subtle elements to connect to the movie, in ‘Turn Back’ I added in a clock overlay to symbolize the clock from the movie.

I absolutely love this style, the colours are stunning and the imagery is really cool, I also love the subtle elements like to 13-hour clock on the hip and the fairy on the back of the left leg. This is probably one of my favourite prints they have included in these collections.



Within You Leggings

Within You‘ features the stair scene inspired by the works of¬†M.C Escher. This print is really cool it not only features the stairs but also has Jareth, Sarah and Toby on the print.

This has to be one of my favourite scenes from the movie and I love that now I wear it on my body.

I wanted to add a really awesome background reminiscent of the M.C Escher print but due to copyright, I decided not to, instead I went with a bubble which is inspired by the crystal balls in the movie. I downloaded the photoshop brush from Brusheezy, just in case your interested.

Blackmilk has the most amazing pieces and the quality of their products is great, I’m not big on purchasing brand new clothing because I don’t want to contribute to landfill or other impacts it can have on the environment, the only times I will purchase is when I know a piece will be in my wardrobe for years to come or its something really special.

Blackmilk for me fits into this category because they create such high-quality unique pieces I know that I will have this in my wardrobe for many years to come, so I don’t mind splurging occasionally on their pieces.

I hope you enjoyed this post, is anyone else a huge labyrinth fan like me? What’s your favourite scene from the movie?


Credits – Bubble Photoshop Brushes by Brusheezy

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Smashbox Cosmetics & Vladamua Petal Metal Highlighters Review | Life Of Dahlia

Makeup: Smashbox Cosmetics & Vlada Petal Metal Highlighter Review | Life Of Dahlia

Hey guys, I’m so excited to share this review with you, today I will be reviewing the Smashbox Cosmetics & Vlada Petal Metal Highlighters in ‘Gilded Rose‘ and ‘Prismatic Petal’. (I apologise I know I review a lot of limited edition products and I promise that is not on purpose it’s by pure accident, I just love reviewing new items that come into my collection and for some reason, there are a lot of limited edition products that I have been purchasing of late. I promise that I will start reviewing some more permanent¬†products very soon.)

About This Makeup Collection

I was super excited for this collection, I’ve been a fan of Vlada’s for some time, If you saw my ‘Mecca Haul’ recently or my ‘My Favourite Beauty Instagram Accounts To Follow’¬†post you will probably already know that.

She has created this beautiful rose gold inspired collection with Smashbox Cosmetics. If your not sure who ‘Vlada Haggerty’ is she is makeup artist & Instagram star otherwise known as @vladamua, she also works alongside Smashbox as their “lip editor-in-chief”. The inspiration for this collection was her signature rose gold colour¬†which we have seen her use many times before.

First Impressions of The VladaMua Collection

First off, I have to say these are seriously the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen, the packaging is absolutely stunning, ‘Gilded Rose‘ comes in a 3D Rose embossed packaging and ‘Prismatic Petal‘ has a classic Vlada lip art picture on it featuring a rose gold rose,¬†both feature rose gold plastic packaging. I have to say while I love her lip art and want to buy her art prints, but I do actually prefer the 3D Rose packaging.


Petal Metal Highlighters

The highlighters were formulated with a gel-powder formula so that they sit on the skin in a more flattering way, each product features a clear base formula that allows for the best possible reflection of light on the skin while not emphasizing any uneven skin texture. They can be used on either the face or eyes making them multipurpose products.

Guided¬†Rose‘ features a reflective champagne-gold pearl, while ‘Prismatic Petal’ features a “soft, medium copper base with a stronger, orange undertone with pink-to-violet shifting sparkle and pearl.“- Temptalia

Both are stunning on the skin and I love using ‘Prismatic Petal’ on the eyes as an eyeshadow it looks amazing, I love the dimension of this shade it has a beautiful shift with specks of glitter which make it just as stunning on the eyes and as a highlight.

Guided¬†Rose‘ Looks more natural on the skin and is less glittery and just adds more of a nice sheen to the skin, I think both of these are super flattering and seeing as they are a clear base formula would look beautiful on any skin tone. I’m going to insert the marketing swatches because I feel like they will give a good indication on what it looks like on multiple skin tones, unfortunately, I am unable to swatch it on skin tones other than my own.

I still feel like these swatches just don’t do these justice because of the shift they both have, they look rather flat but I will be inserting photos using them on my own face as well so that you can see how they look when are applied to the skin.


Rose Gold Inspired Makeup Look

For this makeup¬†look, I used some shades from the new Kat Von D Beauty 10th Anniversary eyeshadow palette (I’ll be doing a review on this very soon) and then I did a cut crease using some concealer which I then placed ‘Prismatic Petal’ over the top.

I used ‘Gilded Rose‘ as my highlight as well as on my inner corner and brow bone. I’m not sure how much you can see but ‘Guilded Rose’ just gives a beautiful natural sheen to the skin.

I love including detail shots, in these shots you can really see the multi-dimension of ‘Prismatic Petal‘, It’s just really beautiful. I used it on the lid as well as on the lower lash line for some extra sparkle. I added a copper winged liner to finish of the look.


I added a rosy copper lip using Nyx Cosmic Metals Lip Cream in ‘CMLC08 Speed Of Light‘, I was really inspired by Vlada’s classic rose gold drippy lip.

Final Thoughts

This is really a beautiful collection and while these were expensive and definitely more than I would normally spend on highlighters I have no regrets whatever. People obviously love these as much as me because I think they sold out pretty quick, other products from this collection may still be available through Mecca, the Smash Box Website or other retailers.

I had so much fun reviewing these and creating this rose gold inspired makeup look, I’m really looking forward to creating more reviews for you guys. Next month maybe a little eyeshadow palette heavy and I apologise in advance for that but if you haven’t figured it out by now that’s one of my favourite things to collect.

Go check out my Poll to let me know what kinds of posts you might be interested in.


Credits – Prismatic Petal description by Temptalia, Swatch Images by Smashbox Cosmetics.

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IMSTYLEWIGS Wig Haul | Life Of Dahlia

IMSTYLEWIGS Wig Haul | Life Of Dahlia

Update: Hey guys I just wanted to let you guys know that since posting this the brand has increased their prices, I’m really annoyed as they were affordable and are now just as expensive as everywhere else.

Hey guys, If you have been following me for a while you will have noticed that I occasionally¬†use wigs in my photos, I love being able to change up the colour of my hair and to pair different wigs with different looks. I’ve been looking to upgrade some of my wigs to some nicer lace front wigs, but often I find that they are just ridiculously expensive, that was until I discovered Imstylewigs via Instagram.

I was really surprised to find some decent lace front¬†wigs on their site for well under $100 which is fantastic because I just don’t want to spend that much on one wig. So far I’ve ordered four wigs and I’m amazed by the quality, the fibers are fine & smooth and it has a nice amount of fibers on each wig that I feel like I’m wearing my own hair and not a wig. I feel like they aren’t overly shiny¬†either which helps create the illusion that I’m not wearing a wig.

I’m still figuring out how to blend it to look natural in the front but I will often wear a headband or beany to help disguise it. I also love that I get two wig caps and some adhesive strips with each wig though I’m still figuring out how to use the adhesive strips.

I’m including pictures of each wig below so that you can see how beautiful they are and I’ll include some to show you the without any accessories as well as styled.

I’m wanting to practice and showcase more creative looks both here on my blog but also on my social media so wigs come in handy for changing things up a bit.

Style –¬†#3200 Long Straight Orange Lace Front Wig 24 Inches

I love the colour of this wig because it reminds me of the orange I had my hair last year, The length is a lot¬†longer than I’ve ever had my hair grown naturally, it makes me feel like a mermaid with how long it is.

All these wigs have three clips inside to help keep it in place, two in the front and one in the back. I honestly wish there were three in the front because I feel like that would be better, especially because the one in the back is useless to me just because I have an undercut. I may move them to the front later.

Style – TEST5-DRBG Green Short Straight Lace Front Wig

I purchased this one because I wanted a shorter style, just in case I wanted to wear one out, the hairline may need some plucking because it’s quite dense and looks somewhat unnatural but the style is nice and I love the colour.

I love the feeling of these wigs the hairs feel so nice an silky, it feels like when I wash my hair and add in an oil or treatment after.

Out of all of these, I feel like this is the only one that might need some dry shampoo to lessen the unnatural shininess especially on the darker part of the wig.

Style –¬†3700# Long Wavy Purple Lace Front Wigs Cosplayer 24 Inches

I’ve always wanted purple hair so that’s what made me choose this style, this wig is really pretty and I love the curls because they are more loose and natural looking than some curled wigs.

I went with a warmer purple because I felt like it would be more flattering with my skin tone than a cooler toned purple, which I thought might make me look a bit drained out.

Style –¬†Dark yellow synthetic lace front drag queen wigs [N2-3300]

I’m about to move on from having yellow in my hair, I need a change but I still love the way yellow looks on me which is why I purchased this wig so I could still be yellow occasionally.

This style is very similar to the orange wig and I honestly love this style because I’m not one to do much with my hair, while I love the way my hair looks curled I just don’t like the effort I have to put in because it takes too long to do. I usually would just have a straight style like this so I don’t mind it.

I also feel like this style is much easier to style, I can put braids in without wrecking any curls or worry about it getting tangled as much.

What wig brands have you tried? Have you tried Imstylewigs? What did you think about their wigs? let me know in the comments.


P.S. What do you think about my new website, honestly I love it is just fits my personality really well, it may still need a few tweeks but I’m really happy with it.

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New Beauty Products – What Interests Me & What Will I Be Purchasing | Life Of Dahlia

Hey Beauty Lovers, one of my favourite things to do is watch videos and read posts about what new products are coming out and what people are interested in purchasing. I’m supposed to be on a low buy this year and let’s just say I’m struggling so far, I wouldn’t say I’ve gone crazy I’ve only purchased a few items, some were non-essentials and a couple¬†were things like foundations which I had run out of.

I’m aiming to not purchase any new items this month but I know there will be a few I’m interested in, in the coming months. The one thing I’m grateful for is that Australia typically gets things a little bit later than the U.S, which means I have time to sus out products, read reviews and make up my mind on what really interests me. For example, Nyx products take months to get to Australia, which means I may have been interested in it when I first see it on Instagram but may not be interested in it by the time it’s actually released here, I’ll talk about some specific items further on.

I have a bunch of items that I want to talk about from some of my favourite brands, like  Too Faced, Urban Decay, Nyx, etc. All Credits will be in photos or in captions.

Whats New In Makeup

Nyx Professional Makeup

New Beauty Products: What I'm Interested In & What Will I Be Purchasing April 2018 | Life of Dahlia
Captured from the NYX Professional Makeup Instagram

Love You So Mochi Collection

I was really excited for this collection when I first saw it but honestly now that I’ve had some time to mull it over I don’t think its something I would use that much. I thought to myself what draws me to it and its the pinks, I never wear pink eyeshadow ever, well not enough to need this palette. The only shades I could see myself actually using is the orange, green and yellow on the bottom left so I just don’t think this is worth purchasing for me I feel like I probably have similar things already, maybe in a different type of formula but that doesn’t really matter to me.

New Beauty Products: What I'm Interested In & What Will I Be Purchasing April 2018 | Life of Dahlia
Captured from the NYX Professional Makeup Instagram image credits @swayemorgan

Ultimate Eyeshadow Palette in ‘Brights’

This palette though I actually feel like I could get a lot of use out of, I feel like this has a great range of shades and I¬†could see myself using this a lot. I will definitely look at this when it finally arrives in Australia, fingers crossed that’s sooner rather than later.

When I look at buying a palette I like to know that I’m going to have a range of colours that I will actually use not just a small portion, which is why I would choose this over the ‘Love You So Mochi‘ one. I do have a few eyeshadows like this I will admit that but I can never get enough of coloured eyeshadows. If I purchased this I feel like I wouldn’t need to purchase anymore like this, I could easily combine this with my ‘UDxKristen Leanne’ ‘Kaleidoscope dreams‘ palette to create a range of looks.

SmashBox Cosmetics

Vlada – Petal Metal Collection

If you saw my ‘Favourite Beauty Instagram Account’s to Follow‘ post you may know that I’m a huge fan of Vlada’s work, she creates some amazing lip art that you should totally check out. Being a fan of her work I was so excited to see that she was releasing a collection with Smashbox and I love that it features a lot of Rose Gold inspired products.¬†I saw on her Instagram that this collection was inspired by her infamous rose gold drip look, which is one that she is really well known for.

The Collection includes, ‘Always On Petal Metal Liquid Lipstick‘ in ‘XO, Vlada’ (Bronze Rose Gold), ‘Desert Rose’ (Copper Rose Gold), ‘In Bloom’ (Pink rose gold) and ‘Be Legendary Petal Metal Liquid Lip’ in ‘XO, Vlada’ (Bronze Rose Gold), ‘Rose Magic’ (Copper Rose Gold) and ‘Petal Metal’ (Pink rose gold).
It also includes the ‘Petal Metal Shimmer Drops‘ in ‘Rose Glitz’ and ‘Gold Glitz‘, as well as the ‘Cover Shot: Petal Metal Eye Shadow Palette‘ and¬†‘#PetalMetal¬†Highlighters’ in ‘Rosemantic’ (rose gold), ‘Glided Rose’¬†(champagne) and¬†‘Prismatic Petal‘ which is a Sephora exclusive.

The collection also includes the ‘Petal Metal Primer’, ‘Petal Metal Shimmer Spray’ & ‘Petal Metal Liquid Liner’ in ‘24K Rose’ & ‘Black Rose’.

I’m loving the Rose Gold vibes, I’m particularly interested in the highlighters, the shades all look stunning. I’m particularly interested in ‘Guilded Rose‘ and ‘Prismatic Petal‘, ‘Guilded Rose’ and ‘Rosemantic’ will be available everywhere that stocks Smashbox but the ‘Prismatic Petal’ will be a Sephora exclusive. It will however also be stocked at Mecca which is quite exciting.

Too Faced Cosmetics

Life’s A Festival Collection

I’m all for unicorns and mermaids so I feel like this would be a cute collection, but other than the cutesy packaging I just feel like most of these wouldn’t be that unique to my collection. I felt like this was a really unusual collection to be coming out now because I feel like that trend has been done over and over by many brands in the last few years so I feel like it been done to death.

This collection includes the ‘Magic Rainbow Strobing Brush‘, which made with teddy bear hair on a¬†unicorn horn style handle, the ‘Life‚Äôs a Festival Peace, Love & Unicorns Eye Shadow Palette’ (which includes 12 shades in 4 different finishes: creamy matte, pearl, satin, and duo chrome + a ‘Unicorn Tears’ highlighter.¬†

Also includes the ‘Unicorn Tears Iridescent Mystical Bronzer’ which is both a bronzer and highlight, the ‘Festival Refresh Mystical Effects‘ illuminating Setting Spray, ‘La Cr√®me Mystical Effects Lipstick‘ which include colour shifting lipsticks in the shades ‘Unicorn Tears’ (holographic bluish purple), ‘Angel Tears’ (gold tint), ‘Fairy Tears’ (pink shift) and ‘Mermaid Tears’ (green and purple).

This collection also includes the ‘Magic Crystal Transforming Lip Gloss‘ which are holographic glosses in the shades: ‘Unicorn Tears’, ‘Angel Tears’, ‘Fairy Tears’ and ‘Mermaid Tear’, as well as the ‘Rainbow Strobe Rainbow Effect’ Highlighter which is infused with Rose Quartz. powder and the ‘Unicorn Horn Mystical Effects’ Highlighting Stick which are shaped like unicorn horns and come in the¬†shades ‘Unicorn Tears‘ and ‘Unicorn Dreams’.

I was drawn in by the eyeshadow palette because that my vice but I felt like there is only a couple of unique shades in the palette and I could probably dupe them. Part of me loves the packaging and part of me cringes. I love some of Too Faced products, they are some of my favourites but what makes me uncomfortable is their use of both cutesy and more provocative names for some of their products which is why I haven’t bought a lot from them in the last year. What kind of audience are they marketing to? I feel like younger people will be drawn to this mostly teens but then you have other products like their ‘better than sex’ mascara amongst other things that are sending a totally different message. I’m no prude I just think they need to pick an audience and stick with it.

I also find their products are really hit or miss especially when it comes to their limited edition products. I will not be buying anything from this collection.

Urban Decay

New Beauty Products: What I'm Interested In & What Will I Be Purchasing April 2018 | Life of Dahlia
Captured from the @beautynewsofficial instagram account, Products by Urban Decay

Backtalk Palette

I was really interested in this when I first saw it as I loved that it included some eyeshadows and cheek products but I’ve heard mixed things about it, I also could dupe this with similar products in my collection. I love that they have released something with cooler tones in it because the market has been saturated with warm tone palettes in recent years and it’s nice to see something different.

New Beauty Products: What I'm Interested In & What Will I Be Purchasing April 2018 | Life of Dahlia
Captured from the @urbandecaycosmetics instagram account, Products by Urban Decay Cosmetics

Double Team Special Effects Colored Mascara

These are really awesome, as someone who loves to be creative with my makeup I thought these were pretty cool. These are unique double-sided special effect coloured mascaras and they come in five different versions, pink, teal, purple, blue and a gold & silver. The idea of these is that one side is shimmer and one is a normal formula with the exception of the gold & silver one, you could double it up or use one on your upper lashes and one on your lower.

I love these but chances are I probably won’t get any, as much as I love Urban Decay their products are quite expensive and I’m rather picky on how much I would want to spend on something like this. Unlike an eyeshadow palette this will go off much quicker and I’m sure I wouldn’t use up the whole thing in that time.

Are you interested in any of these products? What will you¬† or won’t you be purchasing?


Images credited on images or in captions, information gathered from Instagram sources including Trendmood1 & Beautynewsofficial.

Disclaimer ‚Äď This post is not sponsored and doesn‚Äôt contain any affiliate links, links included are for reference only in case your interest in purchasing the reviewed product.

Whats on my Sephora Wishlist | Life Of Dahlia

Whats on my Sephora wish list – Splurge or Purge | Life Of Dahlia

Its been a while now since I shared by Mecca Wishlist¬†so I thought I would share my Sephora Wishlist, I’m going to go through my wishlist and tell you what I’m going to keep on there and what I’m going to remove. I have quite a bit on my wishlist so I’ll try to make each product explanation short.

Sephora Wishlist


Anastasia Beverly Hills РMoonChild Glow Kit $72 Purge
Anastasia Beverly Hills РSugar Glow Kit $72 Purge

The ‘Moonchild‘ glow kit was the one I was originally interested in but it wasn’t available for the longest time and the ‘Aurora‘ glow kit became available before they released the ‘Moonchild’¬†on the Sephora Aus website so I purchased that because it was really similar. I’ve had this on my wishlist since it went up because I’ve wanted it for so long but I feel like its got some really similar shades to the ‘Aurora‘ so I really don’t need two that similar.

The ‘Sugar‘ glow kit was a holiday 2017 release and while I love the colours and have heard good things about the four pan glow kits I feel like I have stuff similar to this in my collection already so I’m going to purge on this as well and remove both of these from my list.

Fenty Beauty – Pro Filt’r Soft Matte Longwear¬†Foundation¬†in shade 110 cool – light¬†¬†$50 &¬†Pro Filt’r Instant Retouch Primer Soft Matte¬†$46 Purge

I was really interested in the Fenty Beauty ‘Pro Filt’r‘ foundations because of the shade range but I’ve heard so many mixed reviews on them, I’ve heard that they can oxidize which isn’t great when you really fair like me and I’ve heard that they don’t always play well with other primers and that you have to apply them a certain way so I’m going to purge this from my list.

Huda Beauty РObsession Eyeshadow Palette РMauve $48 Purge
Huda Beauty РObsession Eyeshadow Palette РElectric $48 Purge
Huda Beauty РDesert Dusk Eyeshadow Palette $95 Splurge

I’ve heard good things about all these palettes but I feel like I could find dupes for the ‘Obsessions‘ palettes probably in my own collection or cheaper like the Nyx vivid brights palette would be good for a brights palette.

I’m really drawn to the ‘Desert Dusk‘ palette and I’ve heard pretty good things about it but the price is a bit crazy so I would get this if I could get it on sale, so for now, this will remain on my list.

Note – Not sure on This Brands CF Status



Marc Jacobs Beauty –¬†Highliner Gel Eye Crayon Eyeliner in 42 Blacquer¬†$36

I’m on the fence about whether I would purchase this because I love this eyeliner, I’ve had a couple of mini’s that I got using my Sephora perk points so I’ve tried it enough to know I like it but it’s $36 I just don’t know if I could justify purchasing it at that price. I’m leaving it for now, I have plenty of other eyeliners so¬†that’s why I’m not sure. If I could get another mini with my points I would do that.

Tarte РScrub Clean Travel Set $18
Tarte –¬†Pamper & Prep Makeup Ready Set¬†$24
Tarte –¬†Top #shelfie Essentials Best Of Skincare Set¬†$47

I’m still undecided whether I’m going to purchase more things from Tarte but I’m really interested in some of their skincare sets. I feel like they have some great travel sized sets that would be a great way to try something without committing to a full sized. I’m going to keep these on my list for now and may purchase in the future.

Tarte- Deep Dive Cleansing Gel 50ml (Travel Size)$18
Tarte –¬†Brighter Days¬†15ml (Travel Size) $18 or 50 ml $50

I have a mini of the ‘Brighter Days’ Illuminizing moisturizer and I really like it I would purchase this again or go for a full size. Some of the stuff from the ‘Rainforest of the Sea‘ collection really interests me so I may purchase some in the future.

If you have made it this far thanks for sticking with me I know I had a lot on my list. What’s on your Sephora Wishlist? Have you tried any of the things on my list? Would you recommend any of them? Leave a comment below.


Disclaimer ‚Äď Images and Information sourced from the Sephora Australia website, Images in this post copyrighted to original owners. Cover image by Me. This post is not sponsored and doesn‚Äôt contain any affiliate links, links included are for reference only in case your interest in purchasing the reviewed product.