The Monthly Recap – January 2021

Hey Everyone, this might sound clique but I can’t believe January is over already, its crazy. In January my goal was to post some stuff that I hadn’t got around to posting in 2020, I didn’t quite get there but that’s okay. I was hoping to finally share my ‘3 looks using Colourpop’s ‘Its my pleasure’ eyeshadow palette’ which I was going to compile into one video for my YouTube channel but unfortunately I’ve had to shelve it for now. For some reason my file isn’t working properly and I really can’t be bothered trying to re-edit the whole thing at the moment so I’m just going leave the original videos up on my IGTV channel for now and maybe sometime in the future I might re-look at it.

What I did share during January was some bookish content including my ‘Year Long Book Haul‘ where I shared all the books I purchased in 2020 and I have to say it was a lot, so this year I’m trying to pull back my shopping habits that happened to resurface during lockdown last year and spend my money more wisely. Though I’m not going to be too strict, I’m just trying to purchase less. In saying that though I am planning on sharing another book haul probably in march that will include some books I got during Christmas as well as ones I picked up in last years boxing day sales.

I also shared my introduction post for my ‘2021 Reading Challenge‘, yes I am doing another reading challenge this year but its quite different than the one I did last year, its must less strict. For my 2021 challenge I’ve created a series of prompts that I can keep in mind when picking a book to read, it adds a fun aspect to my reading challenge but it also allows me flexibility. If you would like to know more about my new reading challenge feel free to check out my Introduction post here.

I have decided to do individual reviews for the books I’ll be reading as part of my reading challenge this year, and I may even go back an create individual posts at some point for the reviews from last years challenge as well, to make them easier to find.

Another exciting thing I shared during the month of January was that I have started a second YouTube channel, where I will be primarily posting gaming style content. This will just be something a little bit extra that I might post occasionally, basically I’ve really been enjoying gaming during the last year and I’ve also been enjoying watching more gaming style content on YouTube, so I thought It might be fun to post some gaming content every now and then.

My first two videos are already up, including a bit of an introduction video as well as attempting ‘The Sim Streams’ Maze Challenge in first person mode which was quite fun actually. You can find blog post with the videos for both of those post up on my blog.

Now for a little bit of a personal update, this year one of my goals is to really take my own wellbeing seriously, so I’m trying to do regular movement through Yoga or walking as well as daily meditation. I’m currently using the Calm app for guided meditation sessions (#notsponsored). I’ve found guided meditation hard in the past and have always preferred to just have some relaxing music on for meditation, But I am finding the guided meditation on Calm quite helpful and I really just wanted to get back to the learning the basics of mindfulness and meditation. So far I’m finding it is helping me with my anxiety and I feel like using the app is helping me with actually taking ten to fifteen minutes a day to actually sit down and do it. It can be so easy to just make excuses as to why not to do something, I’ve done this quite a lot in the past and so it helping me to really make it a more regular habit. I may do a dedicated blog post on it later in the year, maybe just a review or some sort of comparison of different apps or places to access meditation or mindfulness resources, I’ll decide later on.

I would like to post regularly on my blog, YT, etc. this year but it is also important for me to take time to do other things in my life that should also be a priority. I will try to post at least one a week whether it be a blog post or video but If I don’t that’s okay. Mental wellbeing should always be a priority and we can so easily get swept up in everything we think we should be doing but life is precious and taking time to do things for yourself is also important.

Anyway feel free to check out the blog posts, videos, etc. below that I posted during January. I’m not sure what I will be posting in February yet, I have some ideas but not sure what will be going up other than my first book review for 2021 and I will try and post a Shop My Stash video this week If I get time.

You are on a Journey with no defined beginning, middle or end. There are no wrong twists and turns. There is just being. And your job is to be as you as you can be.

– Jen Sincero

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I hope you all have an awesome day and don’t forget to take care of yourselves and those around you.

Talk soon,

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