Happy New Year | New Year Update

Happy New Year Everyone, I just wanted to come on an share something for the new year and give you all a mini update. As you know I took a bit of time off over the last couple of months of 2020, I’ve been dealing with bad anxiety, depression as well as other health issues so I needed a rest, but I still managed to share a couple of makeup tutorials on my IGTV channel, I’ve just shared them on my blog as well just incase you didn’t see them on my IGTV channel. I will be sharing a couple of other videos in the next couple of weeks that I didn’t get around to posting last year, including a ‘Year Long Book Haul’ which is basically me sharing all or most of the books I purchased in 2020, as well as my compiled 3 looks 1 palette with the Colourpop ‘Its my Pleasure’ eyeshadow palette that I wanted to transition over from my IGTV Channel to my Youtube Channel & Blog.

I also plan to share some new content including my 2021 Reading Challenge, in which I will also be including a downloadable PDF just incase you want to join in and do a challenge of your own, as well as some beauty content, photography & art content, etc.

I have also started a new YouTube channel where I plan to occasionally share gaming videos, mainly based around ‘The Sims’ at this point, but If I feel like It goes well I may do some other things as well later on. When they go up I’ll share them here on my Blog so that you can watch them if you feel so inclined. I’ve also done a little bit of remodeling over the holidays, I’ve created a couple of new Logo’s, one for my Blog which you can see in the image above as well as one for both my Youtube Channel’s.

How was your New Years? I hope you guys had a great time while being safe and responsible of course. I spend most of it with my dog, his not keen on fireworks, so the poor thing was quite anxious and shaking like a leaf, let just say I’m not as keen on fire works as I used to be, not when you have a dog who doesn’t like them, but other than that I played a bit of Animal Crossing New Horizons on my Switch Lite. I’ve been loving the little events they have added into the game, this is my first time playing any of the Animal Crossing games but I’m loving it. My Island is still a work in progress and I have often contemplated starting it over again, but I’m trying not to take it so seriously, its suppose to be fun after all.

I wanted to add Animal Crossing videos as well to my new gaming channel but unfortunately I can’t do that with the lite version of switch and I’m not planning on getting a new one anytime soon so I’ll have to stick to ‘The Sims’ for now. I don’t plan on doing any live streams at this point, as someone with social anxiety I think that’s a bit to out of my comfort zone, though I would love to because I enjoy watching other people’s it just not for me at this point.

Inspirational Quote For The New Year

“And Suddenly You Know, It’s Time To Start Something New and Trust in The Magic of Beginnings”

-Meister Eckhart

That’s it for now, Here’s to a better year in 2021. Hopefully we can get those vaccines out and get Covid contained.

I wish you all well and I hope you all have a great year.