The Monthly Recap – October 2020

This year feels like it has gone on for both forever and also just flying by at the same time which is just super weird if you ask me, but alas another month has gone by and I wanted to share a monthly recap. October has been a somewhat busy month for me, and I just want to say something before I start talking about what I’m about to talk about, we have been very fortunate here in South Australia (where I live) that we have had very few cases of Covid and there have been weeks where we have had close to none, I know this is not the case everywhere so If you don’t want to read about my little weekend away because it might be triggering for you please feel free to stop reading here…

Now that I’ve said that, I started October off with a little weekend away with my family, we took a road trip to Port Augusta to take a ride on the Pichi Richi Railway (the picture above is one I took on our little trip of the train.) We spent a couple of nights in Port Augusta at a lovely hotel complex, the suite was quite nice and we had a lovely river view. The Train ride it’s self had Covid measures in place to make sure people were still social distancing. I mostly enjoyed the trip to Quorn and back the views were lovely and I love the feel of stepping back in time when you go on a trip on an old steam train its just really cool. My only gripe is that it was hard to find some lunch once we got to Quorn, because of Covid measures the couple of pubs were booked out completely and there was a small cafรฉ where I ended up getting some lunch from, but we felt that the people running the rail journeys should have emailed people booked for the trip to let them know that they should book for lunch. If I ever did it again I would take my own lunch just to make sure, but other than that it was a lovely trip.

I was quite anxious about going on the trip for a few reasons, one because I have anxiety that is triggered by various things including being around lots of people (which has been worse since Covid ), it has also been a while since I had gone on a holiday of any sort and also it was the first time in quite a few years that we had to put our dog in a boarding kennel. The latter was distressing for both of us, meaning me and my dog, his my therapy animal so being away from him and knowing that he wasn’t at home with another family member but in an unfamiliar place with lots of noise (seriously his so much like me its kind of funny) was hard. I think also because while we were only away for a couple of days due to the public holiday he was in there for a couple of extra days before we could pick him up. It was defiantly strange not having him here for those couple of days, no barking, no dog wanting my food every time I have something to eat lol, or him rolling around on the lounge room floor while he plays with his blankets or barking at his toys, he does the cutest things. Anyway his home now and I have my little companion back so I’m happy.

Moving on, October was also my birthday month, I turned 33. I really didn’t do anything for my birthday, it just sat binge watching TV in my PJ’s and then went the day after to pick myself up some presents from the shops, all while social distancing of course.

Other than that I decorated my house for Halloween, though it was very late into October when I did it but I figure I’m leaving it until its time to decorate for Christmas, so that I can enjoy spooky dรฉcor right through November too.

Other than that I really have not much else to say about October nothing hugely memorable anyway. But I did want to include a couple of updates in this monthly recap. I was planning on sharing another Reading challenge update soon but I’ve decided to leave that until December and I’ll do the last two combined as one post. Also I’m sort of taking a bit of a break for the next couple of months, not to say I won’t post anything (obviously) I’m just not putting any sort of pressure on myself to post. There are a bunch of things I wanted to share but again I’m not putting pressure on myself if I’m not in the mood to do it. I have experienced some lows in my mental health this year and I just feel the need to step back a bit and work on my mental wellness, so you may here from me soon but If not that’s why.

Inspirational Quote of The Month

Don’t Compare Your Life To Others. There’s No Comparison Between The Sun And The Moon, They Shine When It’s Their Time.


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I hope you all had a happy and safe Halloween, hopefully you’ll hear from me soon, If not I hope you are all taking care of yourselves , we are all going through a lot this year and that is more important than ever now for us to take care of ourselves and those close to use.

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