Amor Luminis Solid Shampoo and Conditioner Bars Review

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Amor Luminis Solid Shampoo and Conditioner Bars Review | Life of Dahlia

Last year I decided to switch up my shampoo and conditioner and try out some of the solid shampoo & conditioner bars from the brand Amor Luminis, I have been looking to try some for quite a while because I found the concept really interesting and I would like to make more changes to plastic free products where possible. When I received these in one of my Flora & Fauna beauty boxes it gave me the chance to try some out for the first time.

Up until recently the Essano Beauty shampoo and conditioners have been my holy-grail hair care products so changing them up to try a solid shampoo and conditioning bars has been an interesting experience.

In today’s post I want to talk a bit about my experience using the ‘Oceane’ shampoo & ‘Talia’ conditioner bars from Amor Luminis. As someone who has bright coloured (and damaged) hair something I look for in hair care products is that they contain no sulfates because these can quickly fade my colour but also my scalp isn’t a fan of them either. I also prefer products that contain mostly natural ingredients so I want them to be free from ingredients like parabens and phthalates as well.

Luckily the Amor Luminis range don’t contain any of these ingredients and are made from natural, renewable and biodegradable materials making them great for your hair and the planet.

About Amor Luminis

Amor Luminis are a West Australian brand that creates vegan, cruelty-free and Australian made shampoo, conditioner and soap bars. They aim to create products that are free from toxins and kind to the environment, with packaging that’s biodegradable so they are a zero waste option containing no plastic. They are made from the purest ingredients including essential oils and non-toxic naturally derived ingredients.

I tried out the ‘Oceane’ Shampoo Bar and the ‘Talia’ Conditioner Bar which are for all hair types (shampoo) and normal to dry (conditioner), but Amor Luminis offer 7 different types of shampoo bars and 4 different types conditioning bars so there is sure to be something to suit everyone’s needs.

My Experience Trying Amor Luminis Hair Care Products

Before trying the solid hair care bars from Amor Luminis I had never tried anything like this before, I have been interested in trying shampoo bars for quite a while now but all the ones I had come across previously had still contained some kind of sulfate in them so they were a no go for me; though it’s great to see more shampoo bars on the market recently that don’t contain any of these types of ingredients.

I have found that going from a liquid product to a solid has had a small learning curve, but it doesn’t take too long figure things out. Though I mistakenly left them in a container in my shower only to discover that water had gotten into the container and dissolved some of my shampoo bar, this was beginner’s error. I’ve since learnt that you should leave them out of the shower until you intend to use them, I use a metal container for mine and leave the lid off for them to dry between uses and once its dry I put the lid on until I need to use it again. However it’s also recommended that you can use a wooden soap dish to place them on to, to dry between uses.

My previous shampoo & conditioning products contained lots of nourishing ingredients and I found that I only needed to wash my hair once a week and rarely needed to use extra products like oils (for dryness) or dry shampoo (for greasiness). With these I have found myself needing to apply extra products like hair masks or oils and dry shampoo towards the end of the week, after I wash my hair I feel like it is a little dryer than usual but It was use to being lathered in a lot of product so it may have just need an adjustment period. Alternatively, one of their other products might be better for me.

Amor Luminis Solid Shampoo and Conditioner Bars Review | Life of Dahlia
Amour Luminis – Solid ‘Talia’ Conditioning bar (left) & Solid ‘Oceane’ Shampoo Bar (right).

The ‘Oceane’ Shampoo Bar – RRP $20

The ‘Oceana’ shampoo bar is suitable for all hair types; it was crafted with baby’s hair in mind, with the use of both gentle and mild ingredients to leave your hair feeling silky without drying it out. Amor Luminis recommends this shampoo bar for people who are not sure which bar is suitable for their hair.

All ingredients are from naturally derived and plant-based sources, including ingredients like Oat Protein & Panthenol which promises to help improve hair structure,while adding shine and moisture. Panthenol in particular is made from Panthenolic Acid or more commonly known as Vitamin B-5, it’s a naturally occurring substance and can be derived from plant-based or animal sources (Amor Luminis would likely derive it from plant-based sources as they claim that their products are vegan) it’s commonly used in cosmetic products to help add moisture or to soften, it can also add strength when used in hair care products.

This shampoo bar doesn’t contain any silicones but still promises to easily detangle and it doesn’t leave any residue after rinsing.

I have found that the shampoo bar cleans my hair fairly well; I know that you can either run it over your wet hair or create a lather in your hands and then run that through your hair to clean. I find I only need to shampoo my hair once to adequately clean it, I wet my hair and then rub the shampoo bar over it  and then use my hands to massage it into my hair and scalp. I try not to use too many products in my hair; if you do then you may need to shampoo twice, to get it all out.

While this product claims to help moisturize, because I have dry & damaged hair from bleaching and colouring I do find my hair is a little dry, so I need to add moisture. I also prefer to only wash my hair once a week so every 6-7 days and I am finding I need to wash every 5 days before needing to use dry shampoo to extend it further. This isn’t a bother really It’s just not something I’m used to doing.

Each bar claims to weigh around 60 grams and should last for around 40 to 48 washes (depending on the length of your hair) this should be around 3-4 month use.

Talia Conditioning Bar – RRP $24

The ‘Talia’ conditioning bar is suitable for normal to dry hair and can provide medium to high conditioning. It contains ingredients like ‘Meadowfoam seed oil’, which is supposed to help hydrate the hair and scalp, as well as helping the hair to retain moisture after conditioning and also has benefits that help with hair loss and dandruff. Some other fantastic ingredients included are ‘Murumuru Butter’ from the Amazon Rain Forest in Brazil, this has a range of benefits including to helping nourish and sealing in moisture, as well as Calendula Extract which is extracted from the marigold flower (Calendula officinalis) and has great anti-inflammatory benefits, it works great in both skincare & hair care. Amor Luminis has included this ingredient so that you can use this conditioning bar all over including your scalp, it helps protect both the scalp and the hair shafts. All these ingredients should help to protect and nourish you hair and scalp, which is what you want out a conditioner, right.

After using this conditioner for a couple of months, I do find it quite moisturizing initially but I still feel like my hair needs more, I may have needed to leave it in longer to see if it helped but I do love the ingredients included in this conditioning bar. I had hoped to see some benefits from using this including reducing my dry scalp but I didn’t really see much difference. As far as conditioning goes I have always used conditioner all over, I know that typically you aren’t supposed to do this but as I have been bleaching my hair for a few years I always found it more beneficial to use a moisturizing conditioner and hair masks regularly to help keep my hair healthy.

This product also claims to weigh around 60 grams and that it should last for around 40 to 48 washes (depending on the length of your hair & how often you wash your hair) this should be roughly around 3-4 month use.

Final thoughts on the Amor Luminis Hair care products.

As this was my first time using products like these I certainly didn’t know what to expect, but I also knew that trying a new product like this would take me a while to adjust to and decide if it is for me.

Using a solid shampoo and conditioner bar has many environmental benefits, including no packaging or paper packaging over plastic; it can also last longer than a regular shampoo or conditioner (which can save you money) and uses less water than regular products. When you travel you also don’t need to worry about any products opening and spilling their contents through your toiletry bag either.

Amor Luminis claim that its products are also ‘Palm Oil’ free (which is great) though as they do state on their website other ingredients used in their products could come in contact with small traces of palm oil. They also say that they have been given reassurance that all ingredients used in their products are sustainably sourced, so it’s up to you what you take from that.

While I have found that I’ve had to change a few thing around my hair care with using these products, like adding extra products to add more moisture or to extend the time between washes, at times. I actually love quite a few things about them, including being free of plastic packaging and made using more natural ingredients. Unfortunately, though I don’t think these products work for me, I found that my hair just needs more nourishment than these products alone could provide me. I was hoping to be able to continue using this type of product I even purchased a new shampoo bar (from a different brand) but I just think these products don’t work for me while I have bright coloured hair and that’s not something that will change anytime soon. However that doesn’t mean that at some point in the future I may choose to try again, depending on what my hair is like.

But If you are looking to transition to using a solid shampoo and conditioner I would recommend checking out Amor Luminis, they have an extensive range to suit all different hair types and their products contain naturally derived and non toxic ingredients, they are also vegan and cruelty-free. Also if you are an Aussie like me you are also supporting an Australian owned and manufactured business.

Their products retail for around the $20-28 mark individually, but some stockists also do bundles, This might seem like an investment but they may last you longer and are more environmentally friendly, just some things to consider.

I hope that they work better for you than they did for me I just think its my hair type at the moment, but I did still enjoy using these products and that’s why I would recommend checking them out if your in the market for products like the ones I’ve talked about.

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