The Monthly Recap – May 2020

May has gone so quickly, it really does feel like the weeks have just flown by. I’ve only shared a few post this month, I had plans to post more but my health has been up and down so I’ve just been taking it slow. My Reading Challenge progress has slowed down significantly, I just haven’t felt much like reading, I’ve probably finished one and a half books this month, but I’m not rushing myself I just want to enjoy it. I’ve really just felt like watching TV so I’ve been watching a couple of old favourites and some newer ones, including DC’s Legends of Tomorrow , Super girl, Defiance as well as some episodes of Doctor Who.

The beautiful header image I’m featuring above, I shot in my backyard. We have a plant hidden at the back of our garden to attract butterflies specifically ‘Monarch’ butterflies, and in April we had several hatch over the period of a week. It was amazing and uplifting to see the caterpillars go throught the metamorphisus process and hatch as beautiful ‘Monarch’ butterflies. Honestly it came at the right time I felt and lifted all our spirits. I hope we get some back to see the process all over again because its really just truely magical to observe.

While self-isolating over the past few months I have been starting to feel the isolation and I have been going a little bit online shopping crazy over the past couple of weeks, which isn’t like me usually, I try to be a bit more restrained with my spending. I picked up a few wishlist makeup items including the Glamlite Cosmetics ‘Paint’ Palette, the Sugarpill Cosmetics ‘funsize’ palette as well as some of the P.Louise coloured eye bases, among other things. It has inspired me to sit down and just play with some makeup, which I haven’t been doing very much lately at all, I haven’t been wearing much makeup at all over the last few months and my project pan progress hasn’t gotten very far because of it. But in the grand scheme of things it doesn’t really matter and it has made me rethink how I’m going to do my project pan’s from here on out. But otherwise It has been fun to sit down and play with some new makeup products, its been a while since I’ve purchased new makeup, I’ve really only been repurchasing basic products like concealer and powder, etc.

I’ve also ordered some more books that have been on my wish list and DVD’s of my favourite TV shows, like the ones mentioned above. Other than that not much has been gone on in my life this month…

This months quote is one about self-love and kindness, for those of you who are like me and are also on a journey of healing and self-love this quote is for you.

Inspirational Quote of The Month

Fall in love with taking care of yourself. Fall in love with the path of deep healing. Fall in love with becoming the best version of yourself but with patience, with compassion and respect for your own journey.

-S. Mcnutt

Featured Blog Posts

Designer Brands Hydrating Foundation & Rise & Prime Primer Review | Life of Dahlia

DB Cosmetics Luminous Hydrating Foundation & Rise & Prime Primer Review

One of the posts I shared this month was another Designer Brands Foundation review and wear test, this time I talked about the ‘Luminous Hydrating Foundation’ as well as the ‘Rise & Prime’ Luminescent Primer’.

You might remember me talking about the Velvet Matte Foundation which I also have review on, If you have read that one you will probably know it wasn’t my favourite, however, I do have very different feelings about the ‘Luminous Hydrating Foundation’ and ‘Rise & Prime’ Luminescent Primer’ which I talk all about in this post.

Check out the post here.

3 Looks Using The Anastasia Beverley Hills 'Modern Renaissance' Eyeshadow Palette | Life of Dahlia

3 Looks Using The ABH ‘Modern Renaissance’ Eyeshadow Palette

I shared a video where I create 3 looks using the Anastasia Beverley Hills ‘Modern Renaissance’ Eyeshadow palette. These looks were originally posted on my IGTV Channel (last year) but I decided to edit and upload them to my Youtube channel and share them here on my blog.

I’ve had my ‘Modern Renaissance’ eyeshadow palette for a few years now and last year I had it in a year long project pan, I didn’t pan the whole thing but I got some great use out of the palette and even fell back in love with using it. Check out my post to see the video and product details.

Read More

My Art Journal Collection (Wreck This Journal, Anti Journal,...) | Life of Dahlia

Colour with Me

My Art Journal Collection

If you read my Colour With Me Introduction post you will know that I wanted to share a range of content including some of my other creative hobbies , like art journaling and colouring. These kinds of posts aren’t new to me I used to share my art journaling adventures over a couple of my past blogs including this one back in the day but when I decided to move to more beauty related topics a few years ago I deleted my old posts.

I’m excited to be sharing this kind of content again as its something that I enjoy doing and I feel like posting about it will give me that extra push to sit down and take some time out and relax while being creative at the same time.

Check out my post to see my ‘Art Journal Collection‘.

Read More

Find more of my latest post here.

More Video Content

Featured ‘IGTV Video Content‘ from the past month.

I posted this look earlier this month on my IGTV Channel. Pastels are a big trend at the moment so I was inspired to pull out a couple of my palettes and have a play.

Check out my IGTV Video to see how I created it, and my beauty instagram account for detailed photos.

Watch My Video Here.

I also shared this graphic style two-toned colourful eye makeup look on my IGTV Channel. I recently ordered the Glamlite Cosmetics ‘Paint’ palette and the Sugarpill Cosmetics ‘Fun size’ palette and was inspired to create a fun two-toned colourful eye look.

Check out my IGTV Video to see how I created it, and my beauty instagram account for detailed photos.

Watch My Video Here.

Shout Outs

This months shout out is to all those awesomely diverse people out there in our world (so you know every one) who don’t need to change anything about themselves to look pleasing to others. I’ve seen some awesome posts on Instagram in the last week most notably from BodyPosiPanda (Megan Jayne Crabbe) and Anxiously Awesome who both shared a wonderful post to remind us that we are already bikini ready and we don’t need to change anything about ourselves to make our bodies pleasing to others. It’s actually winter here in Australia so I won’t be wearing my new beautiful bikini I purchased earlier this year any time soon but for those going into the warmer months you can totally rock that bathing suit if you want to and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

It may have been a quite month for me but I hope you enjoyed what I’ve share this month. Don’t forget to check out my Instagram accounts (erin_applebee & erinappbeauty) for more content and updates.

Take care everyone, stay safe and remember to be kind to yourself and others.

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