My Art Journal Collection (Wreck This Journal, Anti Journal,…)

If you read my Introduction post you will know that I want to share a range of content including some of my other creative hobbies , like art journaling and colouring. These kinds of posts aren’t new to me I used to share my art journaling adventures over a couple of my past blogs including this one back in the day but when I decided to move to more beauty related topics a few years ago I deleted my old posts. I’m excited to be sharing this kind of content again as its something that I enjoy doing and I feel like posting about it will give me that extra push to sit down and take some time out and relax while being creative at the same time.

In this post I’m going to be sharing with you my ‘Art Journal Collection’ including some old favourites and some newer additions that I still have to get to journaling in.

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My Current Art Journal Collection

This is my current Art Journal collection with the exception of a couple I couldn’t find or forgot to photograph for this post. What I love about these types of journals is that you can interpret the prompts in any way you like. I think that these are great for a variety of ages and for people who are both creative or who need a bit of a prompt to get ideas flowing.

I started my collection a few years ago, I started by picking up a box set by Keri Smith that contained four of her books and this was really what started my love affair with these types of art journals.

My Keri Smith Obsession

As you can see I have really become obsessed with collecting Keri Smiths books, I have about 8 of her books and I still would love to collect more. I have only started a couple of them but I would like to art journal more so I will try to work on some of the others at some point, for sure.

Wreck This Journal

Wreck This Journal‘ is what got me started and I love it so much that I have added three new ones to my collection, including ‘Wreck This Journal Everywhere‘ which is a pocket edition of the original and the newer released colour edition of ‘Wreck This Journal.’

Wreck This Journal Colour Edition by Keri Smith

Newer addition to my collection – Wreak This Journal colour edition

This is the new version of ‘Wreck This Journal‘ its a coloured edition of the book which I think is so cool. I haven’t had the chance to do anything in this one just yet but I’m happy to have it in my collection.

Wreck This Journal Everywhere by Keri Smith, customized by Erin Applebee

Wreak This Journal Everywhere

Wreck This Journal Everywhere’ is a miniature version of the original ‘Wreck This Journal‘, this version also has extra prompts that more or less has to do with being outdoors. I customized the cover with some stickers I printed out, I’m a fan of the Young Ones and British comedy so I added some stickers to the front of my mini edition. I haven’t done to many pages in this one but one of my favourite pages (not pictured) I have done was inspired by Van Gogh’s Starry Starry Night Painting its one of my favourites. I used acrylic paints for that one from what I can remember, I forgot to take a picture but I may share it in an update post.

Wreck This Journal (Original)

The original ‘Wreck This Journal‘ has to be my all time favourite and I have done quite a few pages in this one and I have even purchased a second one to do a special one dedicated to fandoms (like harry potter, etc.)

For inspiration I love checking out Pinterest to see what other people have done for each prompts, I love seeing how they interpret the prompts I think it is really interesting. I find people are either more literal and really destroy their journal like it was originally intended or they use it more as an art journal like myself. I will sometimes get inspiration for my own pages from other peoples especially if I’m stuck. I’ll make sure to include links to the pages or art I took inspiration from If I can find it. This is just for fun and I’m not claiming any of it to be original art, it’s just a creative hobby that I like to spend time doing to relax.

Wreck This Journal Original by Keri Smith Drawing by Erin Applebee

This has to be my favourite one that I’ve done, it’s been pinned and reshared quite a lot on Pinterest over the years which is really cool and I hope that my pages inspire someone the way other peoples inspire mine sometimes.

I’m pretty sure this page was inspired by a Wizard of Oz Hot Air Balloon tattoo by Katie Shocrylas, a tattoo artist based in Vancouver, Canada. I’m pretty sure that I saw an image on Pinterest of the tattoo or a drawing of the tattoo, it was an image that really inspired me, I have wanted a similar tattoo for a long time inspired by my love for The Wizard Of Oz.

Mess and This Is Not A Book by Keri Smith


This is another of Keri Smith’s books, this one is called ‘Mess‘, its similar to ‘Wreck This Journal‘ in that it has different prompts. What I love about a lot of her books is the vintage look a lot of them have, it’s very nostalgic. I haven’t done anything in this one but I’m hoping to get back into art journaling more and I think this and the ‘This Is Not A Book’ are definitely on my radar for getting into.

This Is Not A Book

‘This Is Not A Book’ is another one I would love to get into , I love the textures of some of the pages in this book I think they are really cool. I also really enjoy the name I think its another fun aspect of Keri Smith’s books.

How To Be An Explorer of The World by Keri Smith

How To Be An Explorer Of The World

I purchase this one a couple of years ago, again I haven’t done much but I love the imaginative aspects of Keri’s books and this is why I love collecting them.

The Imaginary World Of by Keri Smith

The Imaginary World Of…

I thought this book would be a great creative writing tool, I thought It would be great at helping my creative juices flowing and maybe help me to create worlds and characters I could interpret through my photography or maybe inspire me to get back into creative writing, which I used to love doing when I was younger.

Other Journals

Anti Journal by David Sinden & Nikalas Catlow

Anti Journal

‘Anti-journal’ is another fun book, it was created by David Sinden & Nikalas Catlow. I love the fact that this is a hardcover book that has nice thick pages, which make it good for creating art but If you use markers you will still find that it will bleed through. I don’t mind though personally because I can just use that the create more art.

Anti Journal by David Sinden & Nikalas Catlow Art By Erin Applebee

I created this tie dye abstract picture using alcohol markers, I was inspired by the look of this page but also I love the look of tie dye so I thought this would look fun.

Anti Journal by David Sinden & Nikalas Catlow

I really have a thing with hot air balloons, I can’t remember what inspired this piece (it may have been the work of Sarah Kate Tattoo, I love her art style its awesome) but I do love how this page looks, though I think the one I did in my ‘Wreck this Journal‘ will always be my favourite.

I have a couple more art journals that I may share in the future, I forgot to photograph a few of them, but the ones I’ve shared in this post are some of my favourites. I really wanted to share my colouring book & art journal collections because I had the idea of sharing regular blog posts where I share new pages that I have completed or are working on. I thought sharing these posts first would be a great introduction to this series.

I love being creative in many aspects of my life, whether it’s blogging, creating makeup looks, photography and digital art or just art journalling and colouring in my downtime. I hope you will continue to come on my journey with me and follow my creative endeavours through my blog.

I hope that you enjoyed this post, do you love art journaling? do you prefer it with or with out prompts? let me know in the comments…

Until next time, I hope you have a lovely day.

Disclaimer โ€“ This post is not sponsored and doesnโ€™t contain any affiliate links, links included are for reference only in case your interest in purchasing the reviewed product or viewing mentioned authors or inspiration. I don’t own any content printed in any of these books, they are owned by the original authors & publishers. Art created in these books is purely for my own self-care and creative purposes. All inspiration will be linked If I can find the original source. Read full Disclaimer here.

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4 thoughts on “My Art Journal Collection (Wreck This Journal, Anti Journal,…)

  1. Hey you know I was not aware of art journals. I always used to like coloring and painting but always used to scribble on blank papers which used to fly away and I lost them. I love this way of journaling. Your art journals look so wonderful and it would be so nice to spend some time engaging in creativity with these journals. Thank you so much for sharing this post. I will get one for me as soon as the stores open up.

    Best wishes from The Strong Traveller and have a great day.

    Do have a look at my blog whenever you find the time. There are some travel and lifestyle content which you may find interesting. Your thoughts will surely be very valuable. Stay connected. ๐Ÿ˜Š


    1. I think traditional art journaling can be done in a sketch book but i like these types of art journals because sometimes i just need prompts to get the creative juices flowing if you know what i mean.

      They are definitely worth checking out if its something that interests you. If i get time i will check out your blog.

      Thank you for your lovely comment. I hope you have a great day also.


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