The Monthly Recap – March – April 2020

Hello, Hi , How are you? Welcome to my first monthly recap post. Since I am unable to do newsletters on my blog (I know I could use something like mailchimp but I would rather not) I thought because that option is unavailable to me right now I would do a sort of monthly recap type posts where I can share my favourite posts from the month/s and also add something a little more personal aswell.

So here we are… in March I officially relaunched my blog and since then things have been a little bit crazy, I’m sure you know what I mean the world is going through a lot right now. I had plans to post quite a bit after I relaunched but my anxiety has been pretty high and I’ve just been feeling like I want to retreat back into my cave and stay there. I’m sure you are all feeling the same way at the moment as well and I can totally understand why, I’ve just been taking things day by day and doing a lot of selfcare while self-isolating. I’ve been reading, rewatching DC’s Legends of Tomorrow and Doctor Who as well as watching some movies and just doing bits and peices to keep me occupied and busy.

I’m sure it seems like I have actually posted quite a bit, I did have a few pre-written posts that I scheduled I was hoping to post more, but selfcare should always come first. I thought I would do my first recap post at the end of April because March was a short month of posting on my blog (meaning I relaunched half-way through March and didn’t feel like there was much point doing one of these for only a few post) and then I could share some posts from both months.

March 2020

March was a month where I experienced a lot of anxiety, with my blog relaunch and then the world being turned upside down (if you know what I mean) things were a bit crazy, I had worked on getting my blog to that point for about 6 months, you can check out my relaunch post for more info on why I took a break from blogging, and I think the realization that it was done and that it also coensided with when I took a break the year before ,was a lot. It took me about a week or so to actually publish my first new post, but I’m proud of how far I’ve come in the last 8 or so months, I had quite a few lows last year and while I still have a lot of work to do, to actually be back to posting on my blog feels pretty good.

I have to admit though that every now and then I still feel anxious about posting but I’m trying my hardest to work through my feelings, and why that is. I think especially with posting video content I feel like that, I think because it is something that I’m quite new at and I have to try and push past my feelings that things don’t have to be perfect and that at first of course It might be a little bit awkward, but it doesn’t really matter the important thing is that I’m trying.

I’ve wanted to do videos for probably as long as I’ve been blogging, which is a long time like 10 years or more and I either didn’t have what I needed to do it or my anxiety put me off, I think it was a bit of both actually. But now I’m actually quite excited about doing it and I have quite a few ideas, I’m just trying not to do to much at once because thats how I kind of ended up at the point of needing a break I was doing to much and I was feeling burnt out and also dealing with alot of other things that were causing me to feel quite anxious and depressed. So I’m just taking things one step at a time and trying to remind myself that this is a hobby not a job and there are no expectations on me, I am on my own time table.

April 2020

April has gone by so fast that I’m struggling to remember what happened… I shared a bunch of posts including my first post in my ‘Colour with me’ series, for this series my aim is to share more art type content, including possibly timelaps type videos of me painting, colouring, drawing… as well as progress post on art journals or colouring books, etc and possible flipthroughs. I am hoping to share things on my favourite mediums to colour with as well.

I also shared two videos, I was hoping to share a get ready with me as my first new video, I filmed it twice and didn’t like either of them so I may try that again some other time. I did share my first outfit styling video which I actually filmed last year, but I still wanted to post it. This is something that I hope to continue doing as I really enjoyed the process and I feel like it’s a twist on lookbooks, though I would still like to do photographic lookbooks aswell. I was planning on posting one that I photographed last spring/summer but I think I’m just going to leave it and post it some time later in the year instead.

My second video is part of my ‘2020 Reading Challenge’ series and it is ‘My Bookshelf Tour‘, I upgraded my bookshelves at the end of last year and I have had lots of fun styling and organising them, I thought this would be a fun addition to my reading challenge series. I’m hoping to share other posts including what’s on my book wishlist, etc..

Before I share some of my posts from the last couple of months I would like to share with you a quote, I thought that this would be a fun thing to share in these posts, I’ve always loved inspirational quotes and so I wanted to share this one with you. We are all experiencing a lot right now and I think we just need to remember that kindness costs you nothing so ‘In a world where you can be anything, be kind’, we all need a little bit of kindness right now so whether that be doing something kind for someone you love, share a little bit of self-kindness with yourself (I know many of us can be pretty hard on ourselves) or when you are out picking up an essential item remember to just be kind.

Inspirational Quote of The Month

In a world where you can be anything, be kind


Featured Blog Posts

My 2020 Reading Challenge | Life of Dahlia
My 2020 Reading Challenge

In January I set myself a challenge to read more, I love reading but it can be so easy to get caught up in using digital devices, whether its scrolling through Instagram or Pinterest or watching hours of TV and Youtube. Or just spending copius amounts of time on the computer working.

While I try my best to balance time on and off devices I do find myself every now and then spending more time on than off, so I wanted to give myself a challenge in 2020 to read a bunch of books on my shelf.

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Things You Can Do While In Self-Isolation | Life of Dahlia
Things You Can Do While In Self-Isolation

I’m sure that like me everyone is feeling quite stressed and anxious at the moment and rightly so, the world is going through a lot right now.

I’ve seen a few people posting about what they are doing to cope during this time and some ideas of things to do while your self-isolating, so I thought I would share something similar. Read my full post to see what I’m doing to keep myself busy while I’m self-isolating.

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Colour With Me - My Colouring Book Collection | Life of Dahlia

‘Colour With Me’

My Colouring Book Collection

This post is an intro to a new series that I would like to start on my blog called ‘Colour with Me’ where I will be sharing one of my other artistic hobbies, ie. colouring, drawing, art journaling etc.

In this post I’m going to start off the series by sharing with you ‘My Johanna Basford Colouring Book Collection’.

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Video Content

Featured ‘Video Content’ from the past month.

Styling A Blackmilk Clothing Skater Dress 3 Ways

In this post I share with you three ways to style one of Blackmilk Clothing’s skater style dresses, I share both some jazzed up and everyday variations

Find The Full Post and Video here.

My Bookshelf Tour

As part of my 2020 Reading Challenge I thought it would be fun to include a ‘Bookshelf Tour’. Check out the video in my post to see my full ‘Bookshelf Tour’.

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Shout Outs

My idea for this section is that I can share articles, blogs, or videos that you might find interesting.

One thing I’m loving seeing at the moment is peoples kindness and generosity, one of my favourite illustrators ‘Johanna Basford’ is currently offering a free printable colouring in book, you can download it free from her website. If you need something to do to relax and keep your mind of things I recommend going to check it out, she also has about 20 other downloadable colouring pages as well.

Thank you for reading my first monthly recap post, I hope you are all doing well in this time and remember kindness costs you nothing, be kind to others and to yourselves too. The world needs our help so stay safe and stay home if you can.

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