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Skincare Mini Reviews | Life of Dahlia

I love skincare just as much if not more than makeup, I’ve tried a bunch of different skincare products over the last few years and I thought I would share my thoughts on a few products that I have tried in the last year or so. I didn’t feel like these were worth doing individual reviews on so in todays post I’m sharing with you some of those skincare products that I’ve tried that I thought were worth talking about.

Skincare product that I’ve tried and my thoughts on them

Skincare Mini Reviews | Life of Dahlia | Green + Kind Solid Cleaning Facial Cleanser and Konjac Sponge
Green + Kind Solid Cleaning Facial Cleanser and Konjac Sponge | Photo by Erin Applebee

Green + kind

You may recall me talking about the following couple of products in my Flora & Fauna Vegan Summer Beauty Box post from a while back, well I couldn’t wait to try them out because they were just so unique and interesting to me.

Cleansing bar for Oily Skin with Rosemary & Green Clay

This type of cleanser was very new to me at the time I had never used a solid face cleanser before, but I’m really enjoying it and this is part of my everyday skincare routine. I love the rosemary smell and while it does leave my skin feeling a bit sticky like most solid soap type products do, I am really enjoying it so far and once I’ve finished up my last traditional cleansers I’m going to use this as my cleanser instead.

I’m currently using the Oily Skin bar but these are also available for other skin types you can find out more via the Flora & Fauna website.

Beauty sponge:

This thing is really cool, I had never heard of these before receiving it in my Flora and Fauna box but I love watching it change as I add water and its nice and soft on my face. As for micro exfoliating my skin I’m not sure I noticed to much I felt like it was too soft to do this.

What I do like about it though is that its eco friendly and plant based which means there is no plastic which is better for the environment.
I decided to move to one of these over my sonic face cleanser which has I have replacement heads for that are made from plastic. I do often use them for longer than recommended because I don’t use it every day but from what I know they aren’t recyclable and I would like to move away from these kinds of products as much as possible in the future if I can.

I have since repurchases a few of the Konjac sponges including both the face and body ones that Green + Kind offer, and I love them and will continue to repurchase them and the solid cleanser in the future.

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Skincare Mini Reviews | Life of Dahlia | Blessed by Nature Retoning Facial Scrub
Blessed by Nature Retoning Facial Scrub | Life of Dahlia

Blessed By Nature – Retoning Facial Scrub

I really enjoyed this product it was a great exfoliating scrub that I found very gentle and left my skin feeling smooth and hydrated. I realized though that I probably didn’t leave it on for two minutes (as described) before rinsing but I did feel like it left my skin feeling nice.

This product had an interesting texture it was had a more liquid appearance with grains of crushed walnut to help exfoliate the skin.It also includes sunflower, Aloe and Geranium.

It smells lovely and had a brown colour which isn’t uncommon for more natural brands. This is probably not something I would repurchase though because I know that walnut is not supposed to be good for your skin as it can create micro-tares. If I had known this before I would have stared clear of products containing it.

Skincare Mini Reviews | Life of Dahlia | Sukin Naturals Super Greens Detoxifying Facial Scrub
Sukin Naturals Super Greens Detoxifying Facial Scrub | Photo by Erin Applebee

Sukin Super Greens – Detoxifying Facial Scrub

If I had to choose though I actually preferred this facial scrub by ‘Sukin’ its from their ‘Super Greens‘ range which focuses on detoxing the skin, I used this one after I finished up the one by ‘Blessed By Nature’. 

You may have seen me talk about Sukin a few times before because they have become one of my favourite affordable natural skincare brands, I just love their range.

This facial scrub has more of a creamy texture than the one previously mentioned and reminds me of the rice scrubs that are available from some more expensive brands like Tatcha.

This scrub uses a rich blend of kale, spirulina and parsley to help with brightening the complexion and improving the texture of the skin. It also contains pineapple and licorice root extract to help with oil balance and toning while natural jojoba beads and bamboo help to gently exfoliate and polish the skin.

I’m quite enjoying this product so far its gentle on the skin and I feel like I get a good scrub with out it being two harsh. This may be something I would consider repurchasing in the future because I really enjoyed using it.

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Skincare Mini Reviews | Life of Dahlia | Andalou Natureals Meyer Lemon + C Creamy Cleanser
Andalou Natureals Meyer Lemon + C Creamy Cleanser | Photo by Erin Applebee

Andalou Naturals Meyer Lemon + C Creamy Cleanser:

This brand is definitely fast becoming another favourite of mine, I have tried a few products from Andalou Naturals that I have really enjoyed.

I picked up this cleanser at the end of last year after trying out some samples from the ‘Age-defying’ range and I’ve been really enjoying it. While this can be used both am & pm I mainly used mine at night after taking of my makeup off with a cleansing oil or mircella water just to get any excess off before going in with other skincare.

This product focuses on skin brightening for people with normal/combo skin, dry patches & t-zone shine, sun damage and hyper-pigmentation.
I have a few freckles and pigmentation on my face and I don’t mind them too much actually but I really wanted to test this out to see if it could live up to its claims. So far I haven’t noticed a huge different as far as pigmentation or sun damage however I do feel like my skin has a brightness more luminous and smoother appearance after using it.

I used this along with some products from the ‘Age Defying’ range including ‘Revitalizing’ serum and ‘Lift & Firm’ cream. I’ve really enjoyed using them in my skincare routine as well, I used the serum both day and night. While the ‘Lift and Firm‘ cream is actually a day cream I found it better as a night cream on myself personal because it takes a bit to absorb.

I have combo/oily skin but I find with proper hydration through drinking lots of water and using more moisturizing products it helps me with oil control. I have normal skin on most parts of my face but my t-zone is where I get the most oily while my under eyes can get dry so I like to include extra steps in my routine for that particular area.

I’ve been using the ‘Blessed By Nature’ under eye serum, I quite like it, just for the hydrating aspect but for fine lines I haven’t noticed to much of a difference but I’m getting older and I feel like have to learn to live with the fact that I am getting fine lines in certain areas of my face.

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Have you been trying and new products? Or have you tried any of the mentioned products? Let me know…

Like I mentioned skincare is one of my favourite parts of my routine, I love trying new things but my future goals are to just be more mindful and not have to many backups of products that aren’t staples in my collection, I would like to continue where I can to moving to more eco-friendly products as well like the ‘Green + Kind’ products I mentioned at the beginning of this post but I also know that this can take time to find things that work for me.

Until next time, I hope you have a lovely day.

Disclaimer โ€“ This post is not sponsored and doesnโ€™t contain any affiliate links, links included are for reference only in case your interest in checking out anything mentioned in this post. Read full Disclaimer here.

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