Second-Hand Fashion Haul

Second-Hand Fashion Haul | Life of Dahlia

I love flicking through racks of clothes in one of my local Opshops (thrift store) searching for hidden gems or just something new to add to my closet. Which is why in this post I’ll be sharing an Opshop haul. I haven’t shared a one in forever, I used to share these all the time back in the day on my blog.

Last year (2018) I actually purchased more new clothing than second-hand which is very unusual for me but this year I want to get back to looking for second-hand options before considering purchasing new. The only time I usually consider purchasing new clothing is when its something I know I probably won’t find something similar second hand, for example, if I’m looking for something very specific, etc.

Today I thought It would be fun to share some purchases from the latest trip I took to Savers. Savers has to be one of my favourite places to shop, their stores are quite big which means I usually find quite a few things to try on.

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Thrift Haul

What I Purchased

On my latest trip, I wanted to find some items I felt were missing from my wardrobe, like some shirts and cardigans for the cooler months.

I picked up a few shirts this time, I wanted something that I could layer over t-shirts and tops. I have a very laid back style, I love jeans, band t-shirts, and jackets. I usually go for converse, docs or sand shoes for everyday wear.

I felt like I would love to add in a few shirts that I could layer over t-shirts or plain tops and that would go well with jeans, skirts or shorts.

Second-Hand Fashion Haul | Life of Dahlia

I also picked up a new pair of denim shorts, I wanted something comfortable and not too long or short. I’m okay with wearing shorter shorts but I’m also getting older and wanted something a bit longer than I could wear when going out and not feel too self-conscious in.

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I picked up this Mustard shirt and a cardigan in a similar colour. I like both of them, the shirt is a nice light material and I love the button detail as well as the fact that I can pin up the sleeves if I want more of a half or 3/4 sleeve.

The cardigan is light but thick enough that I would be comfortable wearing it in the autumn weather.

Second-Hand Fashion Haul | Life of Dahlia

I picked up this awesome shirt, I paired it with a white top in this photo just so you can see the detail on the back but I think this would look nice with a black tee or with a nice top if I’m going out for dinner.

I love the netting detail It brings me back to my love of fishnet tops and tights as a teen. I still secretly love this type of thing lol.

My main reason for going was to pick up a couple of cardigans, and when I saw these two I had to add them to my cart straight away. The black one on the left has two textures, the sleeves are like a faux suede finish with a knit look on the body.

The second one on the right has a faux leather look on the sleeves with a thicker wool type material with a tartan/plaid pattern which I totally love. You may not know this about me but Tartan is like my favourite pattern ever, I just love it I don’t know if it’s my Scottish heritage or what but I’ve always loved it and would own it in multiple types of clothing and shoes if I could.

Second-Hand Fashion Haul | Life of Dahlia
Photos by Erin Applebee

I have previously owned a denim shirt like this but I donated it and have regretted that recently so I decided to pick another one up and give it another go. I think I just didn’t know how to style it but I’m going to give it another try.

Second-Hand Fashion Haul | Life of Dahlia
Photo by Erin Applebee

I also picked up the black denim jacket, I’ve been wanting one for a while but never purchased one so when I saw this I decided to try it on. I love that it has that motorcycle jacket style which is one of my favourite styles and I think this would look nice with a high-waisted skirt.

Second-Hand Fashion Haul | Life of Dahlia
Photo by Erin Applebee

This was definitely an impulse, I have a white skirt similar to this but it doesn’t fit perfectly I want to get it taken in so I can wear it but I love this netting look so I know I will wear this one as well. I think it looks edgy but also elegant so I can’t wait to wear it more.

The last year or so I have neglected a lot of my clothes, its so easy when you are at home every day to just wear leggings and a comfy top, this year on my journey to wellness I’m trying most days to get myself out of that rut. Somedays I might just feel like wearing comfy clothes especially if I’m not feeling well but I want to make a bigger effort to put proper clothes and shoes on every day to make myself feel better and not just slumping into I can’t be bothered mode. I hope that makes sense.

Thank you for checking in to read my latest post,

Until next time, I hope you have a lovely day.

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