Beauty Bucket List | Reflecting On 2018's & Goals For 2019 | Life Of Dahlia

Beauty Bucket List | Reflecting on 2018’s & Goals for 2019 | Life Of Dahlia

Hey everyone, last year I did my very first ‘Beauty Bucket List(the original creator of that tag was it’s me Hunter.) and today I thought I would share a reflection on my 2018 bucket list, I’ll talk a bit about what I achieved as well as what I could have done better at. I will also be sharing with you what’s on my ‘Beauty Bucket List’ for 2019.

2018 Beauty Bucket List| Goals Reflection 

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The first image (above) is from late 2017 I think, and the others are from throughout 2018, I thought this would show how things have changed over the year.

1. Improve eye makeup skill 

I feel like I have really improved my eye makeup skills in the last year but I do still think I have a ways to go yet so I definitely want to keep trying to improve my skills.

I have learned a lot about working with hooded/ deep set eyes this year, I feel like on my eyes particularly more structured looks look much better than super blended out, this is where I tend to lose the eyeshadow when my eyes are open.

Here are some creative makeup looks that I did during 2018

2. Create more creative makeup looks

I think I had big things in mind when I wrote this down and I didn’t do as well as I thought I was going to but I’m proud of the more creative looks that I did do last year and I would love to continue to be more creative in 2019.

I think my problem was trying to do to many things with my time, blog, creative makeup ,etc, etc I just didn’t give myself alot of time to get creative like that.

The current look for my website & some holiday pics from my eriappbeauty instagram.

3. Put my all into my blog and Instagram (Personal Goal)

This was more of a personal goal than a beauty goal but I feel like I did do this but maybe to well I ended up too focused and didn’t take enough time for other things and my own well-being. I would love to continue this but I may be not as full force as last year, my health has to come first.

And I also feel like I got to focused on numbers and stuff like that but I have since decided that is not worth my time, I want to do things because I enjoy them and learn to relax more and give myself time to breath.

4. Adding sunscreen into my routine.

I actually did do this I purchased a couple of face sunscreens to try out and I have been also using more base products that contain an SPF 15-30 or more.

5. Learning some new hairstyles and put more effort into doing my hair.

I started out with good intentions but didn’t get very fair this is something I want to try and do this year.

6. Make a bigger effort to stick to my project pans.

I don’t think I did too bad but I did find some products harder than others to want to use which I’m sure is normal but I definitely want to continue to do project pans in my own time during 2019.

I tried to keep up to date with doing blog posts on my progress but I realized two things 1. I’m not really that great at it and 2. I really don’t like doing them. Which is why in 2019 I while I will be doing Project Pans I won’t continue posting about them, because its really boring and I want to spend my time doing something more creative with my time.

7. Get more use out of my nail polish collection.

Yep, I epically failed here in 2018 but in 2019 I would like to make a bigger effort to use my nail polishes.

8. Try different skincare (anti-aging.)

During 2018 I was really working on using up backups but I actually did try some new skincare on a few occasions toward the end of the year, I have now found a couple of new brands I like but I’m definitely interested in branching out and trying some more during 2019.

I have kind of stuck with the same stuff for so long and stick to a couple of brands that I love but I love trying new products so once those last couple of back ups are used up I might have to try something new.

I think I hit most of my goals and I did learn a lot so I’m quite proud of my achievements but I know there are a few things I would like to continue to trying and improve upon.

2019 Beauty Bucket List

Alot of this is a continuation of goals from 2018 like improving skills etc.

More examples from 2018

1. Continue to improve my makeup skills.

This is a given, practicing something will always help you improve, I would love to focus on eye and lip applications for this year.

During Liptember (September 2018) I really tried to practice my lipstick application aswell as trying out wearing some fun coloured lipsticks, I definatly want to keep doing this kind of stuff and maybe share some of my favourite lip products here on my blog.

More examples from 2018

2. Creating some more creative makeup looks.

I have a few creative makeup looks in mind that I would love to try so I definitely want to continue to trying to be more creative with my looks.

I also would love to just continue just being creative with my everyday makeup and maybe wearing a fun coloured lip more often or some bold colourful eye looks.

3. Continue to try and get more use out of my nail polish collection.

I have quite a decent amount of nail polish and I definitely feel like I don’t use them enough so I would like to make a bigger effort to do that.

I have been doing a big inventory of my makeup, nail, and skin/body care stuff so that I can better see what I have and as a deterrent to buying more. I want to go through my nail polish collection this year and see what I still like and what needs to be decluttered because its either too old or just not a colour that looks good on me. I honestly can’t see myself buying too many new nail polishes anytime soon I just don’t use them as much as I should so I want that to be a deterrent to buying more.

4. Focus more on what’s in my current makeup collection than always looking for something new.

I want to continue doing my palette series (which is inspired by Kat from Kitsnitch & beauty news monthly palette series) and do more shop my stash and project pans (in my own time) to get more use out of my collection instead of always looking to buy something new.

This is also partly why I decided to do a makeup inventory so I could realistically see how big my collection had gotten and deter me from always wanting to buying more stuff (like lipsticks, never realized I had as many as I actually do.) 

I’m not calling it a low/no-buy or anything official like that because I still want to have the ability to buy things but I just want to be better at being more mindful about what I am buying. I hope that makes sense.

I have found that I have a tendency to buy when I’m not feeling the best to make me feel better, this is kind of what I want to stop myself doing I think its more of a mental thing that I need to work on.

I found with the low buy I did last year I actually made myself feel really bad when I brought stuff so thats why its not official, I’m thinking of it as just learning to be more mindful with out the pressure I put on myself , I guess these things work for some people but not for everyone and I just have to find what works for me.

5. Trying something new with my hair.

I recently had my hair cut in a new style and I’m quite enjoying it, I would love to try and style it different ways, like curling or braiding etc.

6. Improve my false eyelash application 

I don’t wear usually wear false eyelashes that often but I do think they look good with certain makeup looks so I really would like to keep practicing putting them on.

I hope you enjoyed checking out my reflection on my 2018 ‘Beauty Bucket List’ and what I’m thinking for 2019.

What are your Beauty Bucket List Goals for 2019? let me know.


Credits: the original creator of this tag was it’s me Hunter.

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