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Blogs I Love Following | Life of Dahlia

In todays post I want to share a few blogs that I really enjoy reading. I’ve done something similar to this before but it featured Youtube Channels that I love watching. This is the first time I’ve delved into some of the blogs that I love checking out.

As a blogger, I thought it was important for me to share some love to my fellow bloggers.

Blogs I love Reading

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New Lune

I love checking out this blog, the writer shares some great tips for bloggers as well as sharing some style inspiration and makeup.

I’ve picked up a lot of tips from reading her posts that I’ve tried implementing on my own blog. I was also really inspired by her posts to start sharing my own knowledge with others, it helped me really take the step to change up some of the content on my blog and start sharing helpful information with my readers.

Find New Lune here:

Some great posts from New Lune that you might find helpful:

These are just a few that I thought you might find helpful and give you a taste of what New Lune shares, she has a lot of great content so I just picked a few to share.

Blogging Tips:
Beauty & Lifestyle
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Floating in dreams by Maaike (Indiequeen84)

Floating in Dreams‘ is written by Maaike, she’s a teacher by trade but loves sharing beauty product reviews as well as fashion, music, books and other lifestyle content. I’ve been following her blog for a good while and I love seeing her reviews as well as the videos that she posts on her Youtube Channel.

She lives the Netherlands, so it’s interesting to see her reviews on brands that are more common to that region.

I highly recommend checking out her blog if you like a range of content, you can see all her posts at

Some posts from Floating in Dreams that you might find interesting:

I chose to share links to categories of Maaike’s content because she just has so many great posts and really likes featuring certain brands so I thought it might be helpful to share it this way instead of picking certain posts.



If you like declutters, Maaike has been doing a bunch lately you can find some of them here.



These are just some of the content she posts, check out all Maaike’s blog at

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MuFavorite’s has a great blog with lots of beauty content, from product reviews to empties and favourites. I’m also a big fan of her creative eye looks that she shares.

So if you love beauty content then give a look.

Some post from MuFavorite’s you might find interesting:

These are just a few of Mufavorite’s recent posts, I really enjoy a lot of her content but I can’t share it all with you so I picked a few recent favourites.

Check out all MuFavorite’s posts at

Forty, Flirty & Fabulous’s Weblog

I’ve been following ‘Forty, Flirty & Fabulous’s Weblog‘ for a good while and she is also a follower of mine, I wanted to share the love because she is always leaving comments on my posts and I just knew I wanted to include her blog in this list.

She is a fellow beauty lover like myself and she shares reviews, beauty bags/boxes, hauls and a whole lot of other content, so If your wanting to check out a new blog go check her out she has some great quality content that I think you will love.

You can find all her posts at

Some post from Forty, Flirty & Fabulous’s Weblog you might find interesting:

This is just a few of Forty, Flirty & Fabulous’s recent content, I knew I couldn’t share everything so I decided to go with a few of her recent posts.

Check out all her posts at

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Beautyholics101 by Christine & Hailey

Beautyholics101 is actually pretty unique its run by Christine & Hailey two friends who wanted to take on their blogging adventure together, they share a bunch of different kinds of content including product reviews, hauls, hairstyle posts, as well as beauty trends, challenges and often, take request from their followers.

They met in their school orchestra and have been friends ever since Hailey had wanted to start a blog but it wasn’t until Christine brought up the idea of doing it together that she decided to take the leap. They are able to bring different strengths to their blog which I think is really great.

If you’re interested in checking them out then you can do so at

Some post from Beautyholics101 you might find interesting:

These are just a few of Beautyholics101’s recent posts that I thought you might find interesting, this is just a taste of what they share so go check them out for more.

If you want to see more you can at

Honorable mentions

Lizzy GraceMy No-Buy Experience

I loved a recent post by Lizzy she posted about her no-buy experience which I found very interesting so I wanted to give her an honorable mention. If your looking to go on a low or no-buy go check it out because it might be helpful for you

She also does project pans, reviews and a lot of other beauty content.

Go check her out at

Hannah Amethyst Do I Fit Into A Niche?!

I loved this post by Hannah, its all about being your own niche and not feeling the need to limit yourself for creating the content you want just to fit in with other niche’s.

It’s definatly worth checking out.

Find Hannah’s blog at

I really wish I could have shared more about these lovely ladies, but we could be here all day. I hope you will go check them out this is just a taste of what they post, they all share fantastic content and I can see how passionate they are at what they do.

Thanks for reading my post,

Until next time, I hope you have a lovely day.

Image Credits: Images captured from the Authors blogs for educational purposes only, the images and content copyrighted to each individual blog owner.

Cover and Feature Cover images owned and copyrighted to Erin Applebee, Author of Life of Dahlia.

Disclaimer โ€“ This post is not sponsored and doesnโ€™t contain any affiliate links, links included are for reference only in case your interest in checking out anything mentioned in this post. Read full Disclaimer here.

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