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Happy New Year – Life & Blog Update | Life Of Dahlia

Hey, everyone, I hope you all had a great holiday season. You have probably noticed my absence from blogging and YouTube I decided I needed a break from it for a while to focus on my health. 

I was feeling anxious about posting and I really had a lack of motivation to keep going, I realized partly that I was putting to much pressure on myself to post and I just wasn’t enjoying doing as much as I wanted because of this. I was feeling burnt out and I had also been sick on and off for the last few months so I just knew I need to take a timeout.

I also took a break from social media because I realized this also wasn’t helping my mental health either. I just want to strive to find a better balance in my life for both my physical health and sanity. This is an ongoing thing.

The break has been helpful in sparking new ideas and creativity so this year I’ve decided to make some changes. I want to share all of my interests on my blog, not just beauty. While I love that topic and sharing my thoughts on products it’s not my only interest.

I’ve mentioned a few times before that I love photography and art, so I want to start sharing that again on my blog. For a long time, I kept this stuff on a separate blog one of which I haven’t posted on in a while, but I want to start sharing that stuff on here. I may even reshare a few of my blog posts from there.

I want to include some more of my art, photography as well as some creative projects and my growing art collection. I was also thinking about doing a series where I share some art journaling (I used to share these but deleted them a while ago) and my love of adult colouring in books (by this I mean those really artsy ones, my favourites are from Johanna Basford.)

I also would love to dive deeper into sharing my inspirations and what it was like going to art school and stuff like that.

I would love to talk more about mental health topics like body image, as well as some others. And I would love to share more about my favourite books and my growing music collection.

I really just want this year to be more about positivity and sharing more of myself and my interests. 

Some posts you probably won’t see from me in the future are things like project pans, empties and stuff like that I’ll be continuing this in my own time but they are really boring to write about and I’m so bad at keeping tab of my usage. I just want to spend my time doing and sharing stuff that I find more exciting and worth my time.

You will still see beauty and makeup related posts, I will still be doing reviews but I also want to share more creative makeup looks. I might try and film some of them we will see. My Anxiety has really put a damper on wanting to continue with this at the moment, which is unfortunate but also lacking inspiration, some things I just find easier to write down.

I also want to focus more on using things in my collection instead of constantly getting caught up in new makeup releases and purchasing new makeup. Which essentially means I just want to be more mindful about having too much excess makeup that I’m not getting use out of. Like I said I will still be doing project pans and shop my stash kind of things I just might not do updates on it. 

I did decide to delete a few of my blog posts because they were just not what I wanted to share anymore (like project pans, empties, new beauty releases, some tags, and old reviews) or they just didn’t fit in my vision for my blog in the future.

I’m not setting myself a schedule this year I’m going to probably be sharing more sporadically when I feel like it basically. This is my hobby and I love it but I still want to find balance in my life for my health. I have other aspects of my life that need my attention so I’m not putting pressure on myself to share if I’m unwell or tired. My health is more important.

I was contemplating doing a 2018 goals update but I’m honestly not sure If I will do this, I felt like I really put myself down for not reaching these goals so I really just want a fresh start for this year.

I can’t wait to share new and creative things with you this year, like a series I’m going to be sharing where I have combined my love for makeup, photography, art, and editing I can’t wait to share it, so keep an eye out in the next few days as I start sharing that.

I’m also be continuing my palette a month series, I’ll be restarting where I left off with the Toofaced palettes so that will be coming at the end of the month. And I’m going to be changing to some more eco-friendly products in other aspects of my life (like cleaning products, changing to a glass water bottle, etc.) I might do some posts talking about this at some point.

I hope you all had a great holiday season and new year, I’m looking forward to this year and I want to make sure that its one where I’m kinder to myself and working towards better health.

I can’t wait to share with you this year,

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