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Hey Beauty and Makeup Lovers, I’m back with a mini review on the Australis Cosmetics ‘Metal & Matte Eyeshadow Palette. If you are an Aussie chances are that you have used products from Australis before, I’m sure like me many of their products have been a staple in many other peoples makeup kits over the years.

Australis if you didn’t know are quite a well-known brand here in Australia (assuming some of you who are reading this may not actually be from Oz), they are an affordable cosmetic brand that you can be found stocked at your local Priceline, Big W, etc. I personally have been using their products off and on since my teens, but this is my first time trying one of their eyeshadow palettes. I’ve had their cream shadows in the past but this is the first time I have picked up one of their eyeshadow palettes.

I decided to pick this up after hearing good things about their ‘Neutralize Nude‘ limited edition palette, which contains 20 eyeshadows in various nude tones in both matte & shimmer formulas. I had been umming and erring about that one but when I saw the ‘Metal & Matte palette I thought I would enjoy it more so that’s why I went for that one instead.

The ‘Metal & Matte palette contains 12 (net wt: 9g/0.32 oz) eyeshadows in both matte & shimmer formulas similar to the ‘Neutralize Nude‘ palette but includes a range of nudes, golds and deep berry shades.

What I Love


First off the lettering on the packaging looks really cool and speaks to my inner rock chic, but the packaging its self is nothing special it’s just a simple plastic packaging with a black base and clear top. And as I’m writing this I have discovered that the eyeshadows actually have names which are available on the back of the packaging, I seriously rarely look at the back of packaging I’m sure I’m not the only one, it would have been great if they could have had maybe a cardboard packaging and printed the names below the shadows or something like that so that its easier to read them.

But I mean if your just the average makeup user it probably doesn’t matter anyway.


I really love the colour scheme even though it’s definitely something I’ve seen before and I probably have something similar in my collection but I think it looks quite versatile with some lighter nudes and golds as well as some deeper burgundy and plum shades. The colours in the palette I think would create some awesome smokey grungy looks with a pop of beautiful metallics.

Cruelty-Free & Vegan-Friendly

Not only are Australis Cruelty-Free and Accredited by Choose Cruelty-Free but they have many Vegan-Friendly products, including the ‘Neutralize Nude‘ & ‘Metal & Matte‘. If you are interested in finding out more about their Vegan-Friendly products you can find a full list of them here.

My Thoughts On The Eyeshadow Formulas

Metallic Shimmers

I think the metallic shimmers look beautiful both in the pan and on the lid, they remind me of the Australis’s ‘Metallix Cream Eyeshadows’ I’m not a huge fan of those they are just too much for me and with my eye shape they don’t really work but the ones in this palette work fine on me so far.

Once on the lid, I think they look beautiful, the pigmentation is quite nice as well as the colour range but it does take some effort to apply. I found that I needed to take quite a lot on a flat packing brush to get them to transfer nicely on to the lid and then I needed to dip back in multiple times. I think they work easier by using your finger, this isn’t a huge bother but I do prefer to use a brush to apply eyeshadow its less messy and I can be more precise.

I accidentally swatched groupie twice opps.


I feel like the shade range of the Matte eyeshadows looks pretty good, it includes a white, light brown, beige, medium brown, berry and deep plum, to match with the colours of the metallics, However, I just thought the formula was okay. The pigmentation is pretty average, and some of the shadows took quite a bit of time to build up. I felt like they kind of end up looking a bit muddied together if your not careful, but for $20 I didn’t have high expectations, I think these are still workable but the shimmer are definitely the heroes in this palette.

Eye Looks

Look 1

What I used to create this look:

Base: eyeshadow primer (I used Nutrimetics Eyeshadow Primer but you can use whatever you have) set with an eyeshadow close to my skin colour.

Eyeshadow : I used the shade ‘Mosh‘ in the crease as a transition, I then went in with ‘Entourage’ to deepen up the crease a little bit. I went in with ‘After Party’ on my outer corner and swept it into my crease just a little bit, I used ‘Flame’ on the inner portion of my lid using a brush but then went in with my finger to give it an extra pop.

I used ‘After Party‘ again but on the lower lash line with a small pencil brush and added ‘Spotlight‘ on the inner corner.

Look 2

What I used to create this look:

Base: Eyeshadow primer (I used Nutrimetics Eyeshadow Primer but you can use whatever you have) set with an ‘White Noise’.

Eyeshadow: I used ‘Groupie‘ as a transition shade in my crease and then I went in with ‘Entourage‘ in the crease and outer corner. I used ‘Glam’ on the inner portion of my lid and ‘Flame‘ on the outer portion.

I finished it of by using ‘Entourage‘ on the lower lash line with a pencil brush and added a mix of ‘Backstage’‘Spotlight‘ as an inner corner highlight.

Look 3

I wanted to include a smokey look using the red shades in this palette.

Base: Eyeshadow primer (I used Nutrimetics Eyeshadow Primer but you can use whatever you have) set with an ‘White Noise’.

Eyeshadow: I used ‘Mosh’ as a transition shade and then went straight in with the metallics which I then smoked out with the mattes. I used ‘Rockstar‘ on the inner portion of my lid and then went in with ‘Notorious’ on the outer portion. I smoked these out using a combo of ‘Encore’ and ‘After Party.’

I smoked out the lower lash line using ‘After Party‘ and a clean blending brush , I added ‘Spotlight‘ again for an inner corner highlight.

I hope you all enjoyed this post, I want to know…

What are your go to Australis Products? Let me know in the comments

See you all in my next blog post, I hope you all have a lovely day or evening (whatever time you are reading this.)


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