Morphe 39A Dare To Create Artistry Eyeshadow Palette Review + Looks

Originally I posted this review as part of my ‘Palette Of The Month’ series where I review various palettes in my collection, this series was inspired by Kat Wilson ‘s series on her Youtube channel.

Morphe 39A Artistry Palette Review | Life of Dahlia

Today I’m going to be sharing with you a review on the Morphe ’39A Dare to Create Artistry’ palette.

I know that Morphe is a brand people either love or don’t love and I have to admit most of their palettes are a hard pass for me because they often have way too many similar shades but this palette really stood out to me because I thought it just had a more unique colour scheme.

When I saw this featured on some of my favourite influencers channels I straight away looked into whether Morphe were cruelty-free or not. A couple of years ago I decided that I wanted to start transitioning to cruelty-free makeup and beauty products, so it’s important to me to look into a brand’s cruelty-free status.

While Morphe does not have a certification, Cruelty-Free Kitty has information on Morphe’s status which confirmed that they are currently cruelty-free and do not sell in China and do not have a parent company that they are under.

Morphe 39A Artistry Palette Review | Life of Dahlia
Morphe 39A Artistry Palette

I purchased my palette through Morphe’s Australian site, which went live a in mid 2018, this is a great thing for Aussies because before that you either had to purchase through the .com site or through a reseller, who would often only have a small selection of their products.

Update: now stock a small selection of Morphe check out their site for details.

Now I’m going to get on with my review of this palette and let you know what I loved about this palette and what I thought could be improved or changed.

My Thoughts On The Morphe 39A Eyeshadow Palette.

What I Liked About It.

First off, I love the range of colours and finishes in this palette, I love the blues, greens and also the warmer tones on the top right-hand corner. I’ve quite enjoyed playing with these types of colours in the palette, it had been lots of fun and I’ve been able to create quite a few really interesting looks.

Morphe 39A Artistry Palette Review | Life of Dahlia
Morphe 39A Swatches – The Cool Tones

I found the eyeshadows had nice pigmentation and most of them blended quite nice. Most of the mattes were quite easy to work with and the shimmers looked nice when applied. I tried applying them both dry, wet and with glitter glue, I personally found they worked better wet or with a glitter glue, but that’s something I’m okay with because I’m used to doing this anyway. They do work okay dry but I feel like they look better wet or with glitter glue, I think they just pack a bigger punch that way.

Morphe 39A Artistry Palette Review | Life of Dahlia
Morphe 39A Swatches – The Warm Tones

While this eyeshadow palette has a lot of bold pops of colour I feel like they can be used to create either bold or toned down looks. I also think its great that they have different transition shades as well to suit different looks or different skin tones I think that pretty cool but I’m not sure they needed to be huge pans, that’s just my thoughts though.

What I Didn’t Like or I Would Change About This Palette.

Okay so there is a lot that I like about this palette but there are some things that could be improved or changed, some of the things I am going to mention are not a total deal breaker for me at all but I will mention them anyway.

Morphe 39A Artistry Palette Review | Life of Dahlia
Morphe 39A Swatches – The Browns
(not swatched ‘Exposed’ & ‘Muse’ (I forgot, oops.) (Muse is a black)

I think that this palette has way too many browns, but as far as I know, that’s typical of Morphe, for some reason they think you need like a dozen or so browns with slightly different undertones. I think some of the variations are great like warmer browns to go with the warmer tones, a greener toned one for the greens and a cooler toned for the blues but the rest are not necessary (I feel like four in the top left corner looked way to similar. Stroke, Frame, Mass, Cut Crease.) I feel like they could have added some purples or orange or yellows or just something else in that top left-hand corner.

I also would have loved to have seen some lighter tones in here like something for the inner corner or brow bone would have been great, like maybe some duo-chromes with a pink shift to go with the red tones, a blue shift to go with the blues and a green shift for the greens, etc.

Morphe 39A Artistry Palette Review | Life of Dahlia
Morphe 39A Swatches – The Transitions

This palette has a few shades that are technically classed as not being eye-safe and thats because in the U.S. the pigments used are not recognised as being eye-safe because they may stain your eyes a little bit, however in other countries the particular pigments used may be recognised as being okay for use in eye products. This is also why it is called a palette and not an eyeshadow palette.

Talking about staining I did find a bit of staining particularly with the some of red and blue toned shades, but that’s not a deal breaker for me I’ve had that happen with plenty of other eyeshadows and it doesn’t bother me because its only temporary. I just wanted to mention that in case that’s something that bothers other people.

I recommend doing your own research particularly if you are sensitive to certain pigments or ingredients that may be used in manifacturing cosmetics products.

I found that the eyeshadows did crease a bit throughout the day even with a sticky base like glitter glue but I didn’t notice any fading at all, so that’s a plus.

I noticed a bit of fall out with some of the deeper colours, particularly the blues and I found the green matte’s finicky to work with some time I had no problems and other times they just blended away and were super patchy. 

One last thing I thought could have been improved upon is that this palette comes with a plastic sheet with the names printed on it, I, to be honest, haven’t even paid attention to it, I was like what they have names? The packaging has plenty of room for the names to be printed on under the pans I think this would have been great to see or just don’t name them at all.

Final Thoughts

I thought that this palette has some very unique shades in it, I kept being drawn to using some of the blues and the green, they just spoke to me. But that red shimmer wasn’t as good as I wanted it to be I feel like it actually more of a satin and I had to dip in multiple times and use a damp brush get it to apply nicely. I already have dips in the pan because of this.

I thought that this palette had a nice range of mattes to shimmer ratio and I loved that they added in a brown with different undertones to go with the different colours so you could deepen a look or make it more wearable.

I loved that they included different transition shades, I thought that it was a great way to make this palette more inclusive or at least that was my thoughts on why they were in there I could be wrong about that. Being on the fairer end of the spectrum I’m not sure what these would look like on darker skin tones.

While I found that the shadows did crease throughout the day even with a glitter glue for the shimmers or just a sticky base, I found they had great lasting power I didn’t notice too much fading even after wearing it for quite a few hours.

I only noticed fall out on some of the darker shades, even during the day, something that I haven’t experienced too much with other palettes that I have tried (I mean other palettes not necessarily Morphe as this is my first palette from them). If this is something that bothers you just keep that in mind.

Makeup Looks

I only did a small amount of editing on these photos, just cleaning things up like stray eyebrow hairs, etc.

Morphe 39A Artistry Palette Review | Life of Dahlia
Morphe 39A Palette – Look 1

Look 1

For Look 1 I played with some of the cooler tones in this palette.

Base: I used an eyeshadow primer and set it with a powder similar to my skin tone from the brow bone to the crease.

Eyeshadows: First off, I took the shade ‘Transition’ as my transition shade and placed it in and slightly above the crease. Then I took ‘Indigo’ and placed it in the outer corner winged it out and the crease.

I then used a concealer or eye base to create a half cut-crease and then placed the shade ‘Colour’ on the mobile lid on the outer portion of the cut-crease blending slightly with ‘Indigo’. Then I took ‘Tailor’ and placed on the inner portion of the cut-crease.

I placed ‘Indigo’ on my lower lash line meeting with the wing on the lid, I added a blue duo-chrome eyeshadow from another palette to my inner corner as a highlight. I added a blue pencil eyeliner to the lower water line and a black liquid liner to the upper lash line. To finished it off I added black mascara.

Morphe 39A Artistry Palette Review | Life of Dahlia
Morphe 39A Palette – Look 2

Look 2

For look 2 I decided to do a blog red and black eye look.

Base: Again I used an eyeshadow primer that I set with a powder similar to my skin tone.

Eyeshadows: This one is a pretty simple, I used ‘Muse‘ the black eyeshadow in this palette, I took it on a smaller packing brush to place it a little above the crease and then created the outline of the wing. I then took a larger packing brush to fill in the outer corner.

I then created a half-cut crease with a concealer or eye-primer and placed the shade ‘Snatched’ with a packing brush on top blending slightly into the black.

I added a Pink Duo-chrome highlighter as an inner corner highlight. I then added some black liquid liner on the upper lash line and a black pencil eyeliner on the lower water line and some black mascara to finish it off.

Morphe 39A Artistry Palette Review | Life of Dahlia
Morphe 39A Palette – Look 3

Look 3

For look 3 I went for a more subtle green look.

Base: Like before I used and eyeshadow primer that I set with a powder similar to my skin tone.

Eyeshadows: I used ‘Transition’ as my transition shade and placed it in my crease, I then added the shade ‘Cat Eye’ on the outer corner and slightly in the crease.

I then added the shade ‘Pine’ on the centre of the mobile lid and ‘Pickle’ on the inner portion and topped with ‘Inspire’.

On the lower lash line I use ‘Pine’ and ‘Cat Eye’ on the outer portion and ‘Pickle’ on the inner portion. I used a green/gold duo-chrome as an inner corner highlight.

I finished this look of with some black mascara.

I hope you enjoyed this post, have you tried any products from this brand? What is your favourite product? let me know in the comments.

Until next time,

Disclaimer โ€“ This post is not sponsored and doesnโ€™t contain any affiliate links, links included are for reference only in case your interest in purchasing the reviewed product. Read full Disclaimer here.

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