Health Update

Hey everyone, I just wanted to let you know why over the next few months you may only be seeing the occasional post or video. If you have been around for a while you may know that I suffer from anxiety, depression and fibromyalgia as well as IBS. 

My anxiety has been horrible this year really up and down, its gotten to the point where I can have small triggers cause me to have a full on panic attack. My anxiety can trigger a whole lot of things with my health, it can cause depression, or more physical symptoms like chronic fatigue, joint & muscle pain or reflux, and IBS symptoms. I’m not going into detail because I don’t feel like you need to know the nitty-gritty. 

I recently started seeing a new psychologist so hopefully, that will help me deal with some issues and get to a more healthy place. At the moment I’m literally just taking it day by day. 

I have decided to just take things slow and not put pressure on myself to post. I’m even taking time out of social media because I was spending ridiculous amounts of time on there and found it was triggering my anxiety. I need to just take some time for my health.

I will probably still be posting on my blog occassional and maybe a video or two but like I said I’m just taking things easy.

Thank you to everyone who continues to follow me and read my blog, I’m really grateful, you have no idea how much it means to me. I hope that you will stick around and continue this journey with me.


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erin applebee

Erin Applebee is an Artist, Photographer, Graphic Designer, and Beauty Blogger from Adelaide, South Australia. Currently only posting to my beauty blog regularly Life of dahlia.

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