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Hey beauty lovers & project panners, today I’m coming to you with an update on my Seasonal project pan, this is the second one I’ve done. I quite like doing these because it gives me a chance to use up some products and show some love to others.

If you haven’t seen my introduction for this project pan you can find it here. My whole idea of this rolling project pan was from Kitsch Snitch who has been doing a seasonal project pan this year and I just loved that. I started off this year doing a traditional one and I found it really hard to do so I think this style suits me better.

As usual, I’m going to be doing this post in two parts an Update and Introduction post for my new project pan, in this one I will talk about all the products from my this project pan.

Product Progress


Innoxa: Colour Correcting Concealer Palette

I’ve been trying to use this up since the start of the year and progress has been slow going, I will often forget to use it so that’s why. I wanted to focus on using up the peach, green and yellow shades but I find these aren’t great around my eyes and they are hard to set without pulling product away. I am considering this done, I have tried my hardest to finish up this product, while there could be better progress, I’m just over it and I will be decluttering this.

I’m going to depot the rest of the product and recycling the packaging.


Non-Cruelty Free Products

I still had some non-cruelty free products left over and my aim was to use them up, I’m almost finished my last two face powders and a liquid foundation so I’ll be happy to see these go and I can move on to some cruelty-free products. I’ve already purchased a Nyx Cosmetic setting powder and I’m quite enjoying it.


Finished Products & Possible Declutter

I have used up another of my Australis ‘Bye-bye blemish‘ concealer from my backups so I’m really proud of that, I think this is my third so that’s pretty awesome. I have been trying to finish up an Essense ‘brow’ pencil this year and I think I have made decent progress considering I was also using other products of and on, I could still get a little more out of this but I’m happy to get rid of it now and use something else.

The Nyx ‘Vivid Brights’ liquid liners, I loved these when I first got them but they are hard to work with and my liquid liner game has been off lately so I didn’t use these much at all. I’m still deciding if I’m going to just put them back in my collection or declutter them and find something else that works better.’

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Products I wanted to show some love

BYS Cosmetics ‘Contour’ palettes

I wanted to give some love to these BYS Cosmetics ‘Contour’ palettes that I have, my hope was to use them in conjunction with each other, that didn’t happen exactly as planned because I kept forgetting to add the cream before setting my base. I didn’t use up as much as I had hoped, but I’m still happy with my progress.

I’ve decided to continue the cream one on in my next project pan, I would love to use up as much as possible because cream products have a shorter shelve life than powders so I don’t want this to go to waste.

My powder contour palette will be going back into my collection, I really enjoyed this product, sometimes it looked a little muddy when first applied but I was able to work with it and make it look okay so I’m happy to keep this in my collection for another day.

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Tarte Blush Bazaar 2017 Holiday Collection

This is a product I picked up earlier this year, after the holidays and I really enjoy it. I found myself really gravitating to the two more neutral blushes ‘Angelic’ & ‘Fortune’ I liked pairing them together. I haven’t picked up any new blushes since purchasing this I don’t think and you know what why would I the formula is nice, they look nice on the skin and you have a variety of shades in here for different seasons or to pair with different looks.

This will be staying in my collection for quite a while, but for my next project pan I will be moving on to something else.

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Products Continuing On Into My Next Project Pan

As well as the previously mentioned BYS ‘Cream Contour’ palette, I will also be including a few products that I want to continue to use up. Including the Innoxa ‘Hydrating Primer’ which I hardly used at all because I had more primer left over from the previous one that I thought and I also had a few more makeup-free days than I thought I would due to being sick, so I wanted to continue this on in my next one.

I will also be continuing on my Australis ‘Lightening Drops’ (this is my second bottle for the year these things take a long time to use up) & ‘Strobe’ Drops (I like mixing this with my foundation to give it a subtle glowy appearance.) As well as my Kat Von D concealer which I’ve been trying to finish & my Nutrimetics ‘eyeshadow primer‘, this has lasted me almost all year which is great you know that it’s going to be worth it.

And the last few things that are continuing on is my brow highlight pencil, I really enjoy using this so I want to use it all up before moving on to something else & my Nyx ‘Jumbo Pencil in Milk’ (not pictured) which will take me a long while to finish but I’m not in a hurry. And also my Toofaced Cosmetics mascara mini (not pictured).

How is your project pan going? let me know

To check out my part two of this post where I introduce my new Project Pan products you can find it here, go check it out.


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