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Hey Beauty Lovers, welcome to my seasonal project pan 3 introduction. If you didn’t see my conclusion of my previous project pan you can check that out here. I also let you know what items I’m carrying on over from my previous project pan, in this post I’ll just be focusing on new items that are going into my spring/summer project pan.

Unlike my last project pan which I decided to do for only 2 months this project pan will be for 3 months, I think that will give me more time to finish things or make good progress on.

Whats going into my Spring/Summer Project Pan

Makeup Products


I picked a bunch of products to go into this project pan from my makeup stash, some of these I want to use up and others I just want to give some love.

Makeup Mini’s

I have collected quite a few mini lipsticks and liquid lipsticks over the last couple of years, I wanted to try and use up some lip products this time so I decided to pick a few mini’s to work on. These may not be at all spring or summer colours but I still wanted to give it a go I think I can work with them. Three of these are over a year old so I wanted to try and use them up.

I’ll be working on a Kat Von D lipstick in Cathedral (I want to use up some of my products from her brand), a Toofaced Melted Liquified Long Wear Lipstick in Chihuahua, Stila Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick in Perla (this may not work well with summer so I’m still undecided, it may end up back in next year though) and a Marc Jacobs mini in Kiss Kiss Bang Bang.

I’m not putting huge pressure on myself with these the colours may not work at all so I’ll just see how I go.


I had this gloss in my project pan and I didn’t give it much love but I do love it and its quite old so I wanted to try my best to use some of it up before deciding to move it on.

Nutrimetics Brown Mascara

I am continuing over my Toofaced mini mascara but I also wanted to use up my Nutrimetics brown mascara it’s getting older and needs to be used up before it goes off. Apologies some of my photos turned out a little dark so it’s hard to see it in the picture it kind of blends in.

I like to use this on more natural days it just coats my lashes to define them but it’s not volumizing or anything like that so that’s why I prefer it on more natural makeup days. I may try to use this even on no makeup days as well.

Chi Chi Cosmetics Translucent Loose Powder

This is one of my favourite face powders, I have almost used this up but there is still a good amount in there, I wanted to focus on using this up so that I can try some newer things in my collection.

Australis Bye-Bye Blemish Concealer

If you have seen some of my other projects pans you may have seen that I was trying to use some backups of these up, I ended up with quite a few. This is my third and I think I have one more in my collection, I really like this concealer actually it’s a setting concealer so its easy to put under the eyes and its somewhat peachy tone helps block out my under eye darkness.

I would love to branch out and try some new concealers so I want to get these finished so that I can do that.


Toofaced Sweet Peach Face Palette

Now, this is one of those products I just want to show some love, I purchased this palette early last year along with the eyeshadow palette and I thought this would be great for the warmer months, I also hadn’t played with it for a while so I wanted to put it in to show it some love. I really like the fact that I have a bronzer, blush and highlight in here so I don’t need multiple products to do my face.

In saying that though I will be also continuing on with my BYS cream contour palette as well but I think these will work nicely together.


DB Cosmetics Matte Velvet Foundation

I’m almost finished with my foundation from my previous project pan so I thought that I would put a new one in, I don’t like having heaps of foundations at one time because I know that they will probably just go off which I don’t want. I currently have three in my collection including this one, the DB hydrating foundation and a Chi Chi cc cream and I’m happy with that ratio. I would be happy with maybe one more but I wouldn’t want any more than that.

A matte foundation will be great for the warmer months as well which is why I decided on this one. I can’t wait to get started on this one.

Modelsprefer Makeup Setting Spray

I’ve had these a while and I want to use them up, I have almost finished on I’ve been using and them I’ll be focusing on these. One of these is almost finished and the other one if full, I used to use these all the time and I think they are a nice finishing and setting spray so I’m happy to get back into using these.


Hair & Body Project Pan

I did a project pan earlier this year which I completely forgot to update on but I decided to add some new products in for this project pan to work on using up. I’m so lazy with my hair so I hardly ever use dry shampoo and heat protectants because I never straighten or curl my hair.

I’m trying my best to use up all my non-cf products so that I can support brands that are, some of these products aren’t cruelty-free but a couple are.

Batiste (not CF)

Somehow I ended up with three dry shampoos, I have given two away that were still full but I thought I would use this one because there isn’t much left in it.

Cedel Hair Spray

Turns out Cedel are cruelty-free or so it appears from a quick check, I don’t often use hairsprays but having on is always handy because you never know when you might need one. I’ve had this one for a long while probably got it in a subscription box back in the day, It doesn’t have much left so I want to try and use it up before the end of the year.

OGX Hair Oil (not CF)

I have had this for a while, I like hair oils to help add some oil back into my hair when it feels dry, I want to finish this one up to get it out of my collection and purchase a cruelty-free hair oil.

John Frieda Frizz Ease (not CF)

Another product that I’ve had for way too long, this is a heat protectant and anti-frizz product. I just want to use as much up as possible before getting rid of it.

Nutrimetics Sun Days

This is an after sun body moisturizer, I’ve had this for a while and it needs to be used up, this will come in handy for the warmer weather. I always try to protect my skin as best as possible in summer but there are those odd days I forget. I will just use this as a night time body moisturizer because I’m still working on a couple of other body lotions.

Solace Mineral Spa (unsure of CF status)

This was something that I was given in a gift set a long time ago, It’s been sitting in my cupboard for a long time, I thought this will be good to use up in this project pan because I’ll be going with more open toed shoes so I have to keep those feet in good condition lol.

I’m definitely learning a lot from doing project pans, I no longer have the desire to have lots of backups, I’m happy to go purchase new products when I’m close to finishing something up rather than having a back up of something.

I have so many things that I need to finish up still like primers, I have way too many for one person’s use, I still have at least three in my draw that I need to use up.

It will be great once I’ve used some of these things up because I can them try new things which is exciting.


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