Liptember Makeup Highlights + Recap

This post was originally posted in september 2018.

Liptember Makeup Highlights + Recap | Life of Dahlia

Hey Everyone, as you know I’ve been doing Liptember this past month as well as posting about Mental Health topics. I didn’t get a chance to update on my makeup looks in the last couple of weeks because I’ve been sick, I’ll be posting some of the looks throughout this post.

Liptember has been an interesting experience, I’ve learnt a lot about myself and other people through this experience. We tried our best to raise awareness and money for Liptember and while we didn’t do as well as we hoped, I’m proud that we gave it ago.

What Liptember has done for me.

This has been a personal journey for me as well, I’ve been trying my best to be more open about my own mental health struggles to create awareness by posting on my social media and here on my blog. It was nerve-racking but also somewhat relieving to be more open about how Mental Health has affected me. I know that I will be more comfortable now to post about stuff like this.

For too long having mental health problems have been ridiculed and we feel that we will be judged if we talk about it because we can’t deal with things in this way or that. Because we often can’t just get over things, like some people can. But no more we should be speaking out about our mental health, we need to stand up against the stigma and telling our stories. Liptember has definitely inspired me to speak up and be more open, its okay to not be okay.

How Mental Health has affected me.

If you saw my Impostor Syndrome post you will know that I’ve been struggling a lot this year with my mental health. I still find it really hard to talk about a lot of things, like the fact that I can’t work a normal job like other people, I struggle to even leave the house by myself anymore. I’ve been going through the process over the last few years of getting on the DSP, it has been stressful and I contribute this and the fact that I was forced to look for work while suffering from debilitating anxiety to why my mental health slowly getting worse over the years.

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Earlier this year I was finally accepted for the DSP, it’s a hard process, over the years I’ve felt that I’ve constantly had to justify how bad my anxiety actually is. The process of applying for the DSP is extremely nerve-racking because if you don’t get accepted you feel horrible like what else can I do to prove how bad things are or how sick I really am. This time I was lucky enough to have someone to help me through the process who knew what to do. Its relieving to not have to constantly prove myself anymore and to be able to work toward getting better.

I don’t know if I will ever be able to get to the place where I wish I could be but I want to at least be in a place where I feel like myself, where I can walk out of the door every now and then and not feel like I’m going to have a panic attack. Where I can go to a family or friends parties and not immediately feel overwhelmed. And also a place where I can live my life and not feel like I need to justify my decisions to anyone.

Liptember Recap

Liptember has been a stressful time, I’ve been trying my hardest to push myself out of my comfort zone and talk about my anxiety, as well as do my best to lead my team. This isn’t something that I have ever done before so that made me anxious but I purposely wanted to do that because I didn’t want to do this alone, I wanted to do Liptember with some beautiful women, makeup lovers and fellow mental health warriors. So that we could band together to spread awareness and money for some amazing organizations that Liptember support through there campaign. So far when writing this my team has raised about $300 or so dollars, a lot under what we expected but I’m proud of what we did raise. We tried our best and that’s what’s important. I contributed $100 dollars of my own money because I love what Liptember does and I think it’s important to support these organizations.

My Liptember Makeup Look Highlights

I wanted to share my favourite makeup looks from the last month, I tried my best to just have fun with my makeup and try stepping out of my comfort zone a little bit. If your interested in seeing all makeup looks check out my Instagram page I’ll be keeping all the photos up to show my hard work.

Week 1 Favourites

Week 2 Favourites

Week 3 & 4 Favourites

Thank you for following my Liptember journey and reading my mental health posts. This will not be the last you see on this topic, I would love to write about other topics like body image, and how social media is affecting our mental health, so keep an eye out for those.

Until next time, I hope you have a lovely day.

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