Shopping My Makeup Collection - Palette Of The Month - Toofaced Cosmetics Chocolate Bon Bon's Eyeshadow Palette + 4 Looks| Life Of Dahlia

Shopping My Makeup Collection – Palette Of The Month – Toofaced Cosmetics Chocolate Bon Bon’s Eyeshadow Palette + 4 Looks| Life Of Dahlia

Hey beauty lovers, I can’t believe its almost the end of the month already, September has gone so fast, I’m already starting to think about October’s posts. But, today I’m here to chat with you about my ‘Palette of the Month’ for September (inspired by Kat from Kitsnitch series), which was the Toofaced Cosmetics ‘Chocolate Bon Bons’ eyeshadow palette.

I’ve had this palette for a couple of years now, so It may not be in its best quality because of its age, I just wanted to note this before going on with my review. If you’re a Toofaced Cosmetics fan you will probably know that the chocolate bar palettes are some of their best and most loved products. The Bon Bons palette is cooler toned than the Original Chocolate Bar palette which I feel is more neutral.

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What’s included in the ‘Chocolate Bon Bons’ palette.

This palette includes three possible matte transition shades which is great, my personal favourite is ‘Almond Truffle’, but there is also ‘Mocha‘ which is a muted medium brown and also a cool toned taupe called ‘Pecan Praline‘. From appearance, it looks like this has three deeping shades ‘Bordeaux’ which is a red-brown matte, ‘Malted’ which is a chocolate brown matte with glitter (but it doesn’t really show up when you are applying it) & ‘Dark Truffle‘ which is actually a satin but you could use this to deepen thing up if you wish.

There are five shimmer shades in this palette ‘Satin Sheets’ which is a pink with champagne/golden shift but looks more champagne in the pan, ‘Cotton Candy‘ which is a light pink with a sliver frost, ‘Cafe’ Au Lait‘ which is a taupe brown with a metallic finish & also one of my favourites,‘Sprinkles’ which is a peachy-pink with a gold reflect, and ‘Molasses Chip’ which is coppery bronze.

There are also what I would call pops of colour in this palette, ‘Totally Fetch’ which is a bright fuchsia pink with shimmer, ‘Earl Grey’ which is a blackened teal with a satin shimmer and ‘Black Currant’ which is Deep Plum shade with a frost finish.

This palette also includes a massive pan of a cream matte shade called ‘Divinity’ and ‘Cashew Chew’ which is described as a muted light peachy pink with a satin shimmer though I would have to disagree with that to me I can’t see any shimmer in it and I would say it looked more like a muted light warm taupe shade, but that’s just my opinion.

For more detailed descriptions check out Temptalia’s review, she goes into a lot of detail about shade descriptions and dupes for shades.

Shopping My Makeup Collection - Palette Of The Month - Toofaced Cosmetics Chocolate Bon Bon's Eyeshadow Palette + 4 Looks| Life Of Dahlia

What are my thoughts on the ‘Chocolate Bon Bons’ Eyeshadow Palette?

Okay so now its time to get down to the nitty-gritty of how I feel about this palette, I’m just jumping right in. I think this palette has some great things going for it but it definitely has its flaws and I’ll get into that in a second.

When I first started playing with this palette for this review I was thinking about what made me buy this and I honestly think its the pops of pink which is super interesting because back then I never wore pink eyeshadow, like ever so it’s interesting that that’s what drew me in. I also think the cocoa smell had a lot to do with it as well I’m not going to lie its huge factor of why I purchase these palettes that smell every time I open the palette is amazing.

I think this palette has a great variety of shades to work with but I do think there are a some redundant shades in here, for example I think I used ‘Cashew Chew’ once, Its really light and very sheer other than using all over the lid before applying other shadows on top I don’t know why its in the palette. I guess it could also be used as a brow highlight or on the inner corner but I honestly feel like they could have added something different in there instead because it just doesn’t really show up very well, I tried to build it up but it left much to be desired.

Look 1:  Divinity (base to set eyeshadow primer), Almond Truffle(transition), Mocha(crease & to blend out lower lash line), Malted (deepen up outer corner, crease & lower lash line), Cafe’ Au Lait (inner part of my lid, inner corner, brow bone highlight)

Things I love about this palette

I love that they have included a huge pan of a base shade (Divinity) But that would only work for someone with a lighter skin tone, I do think that having a huge pan of this type of matte shade is great though because I’m sure like me, most people with lighter skin tones would get a lot of use out of an eyeshadow like this.

While ‘Satin Sheets’ is a gorgeous shade I would have loved if they had added two eyeshadows in this space instead of one huge pan, that would have been great, but the large pan does have a great purpose too because this shade makes a beautiful face highlight as well so smaller pans would make this harder so its not all bad.

Look 2: Divinity (base to set eyeshadow primer), Almond Truffle (transition), Black Currant (outer corner, in the crease & lower lash line), Totally Fetch (outer part of the lid and blended into blackcurrant), Cotton Candy (inner portion of the lid & blended into  Totally Fetch) and Sprinkles (inner corner.)

‘Cafe’ Au Lait‘ has to be one of my favourite shades in this palette, it’s a taupe brown metallic which I honestly wouldn’t have thought when I purchased this that a colour like this would end up being my most loved shade in this palette.

My next most loved shimmer or metallic shade in this palette would have to be ‘Molasses Chip’ which is a gorgeous coppery bronze bordering on vintage gold/bronze kind of shade, its just stunning and I think would look beautiful on anyone.

‘Almond Truffle‘ is probably my favourite transition shade, but ‘Mocha’ & ‘Pecan Praline‘ are fantastic as well. I love pairing ‘Mocha’ with ‘Bordeaux’ to deepen it just is a great combo especially if I say put ‘Molasses Chip’ on my lid.

look 3: Divinity (base to set eyeshadow primer), Mocha (transition), Bordeaux (crease to deepen), Malted (crease & outer corner to deepen even more), Dark Truffle (deepen the outer corner more & lower lash line), Molasses Chip (center to inner part of the lid) & Satin Sheets (inner corner & brow bone highlight.)

Shades I wanted to love

I know I only mentioned a few of the eyeshadows in the previous section and that’s not to say I didn’t love the other shades it’s more than some I wanted to love and some that I’m more impartial about.

Interestingly enough those pops of pinks I mentioned earlier that I came to the conclusion that they were what drew me to this palette are not my faves, I could work with them but ‘Totally Fetch‘ has always given me trouble, its a very dry formula for something that’s supposed to be a shimmer, It takes a lot to build up and just looks average overall. I tried my best to work with this shade I scraped the top layer of to see if I could get a better pay off (because like I said my palette is a bit older), but that didn’t really help much, I was expecting this to look much brighter than it did.

‘Cotton Candy’ is a nice shade and looks nice with ‘Totally Fetch’ or another pink toned eyeshadow, but I just don’t reach for it, I want to love it but I just don’t know if it doesn’t look good on me or what. I think I prefer ‘Sprinkles’ to ‘Cotton Candy‘ which has a beautiful shift to it and looks great on the inner corner or on the lid.

look 4: Divinity (base to set eyeshadow primer), Earl Grey (all over the lid & lower lash line), Pecan Praline (transition and to blend out Earl Grey) & Cafe Au Lait (inner corner and brow bone highlight.)

Black Currant’ I used this shade a couple of times when I did a look with ‘Cotton Candy’ &‘Totally Fetch’ in the outer corner and lower lash line, this was another shade that I think is just okay, its also very dry like ‘Totally Fetch’, I tried it once all over the lid but I just didn’t love the way it looked.

‘Earl Grey’ I used a few times as an all over lid colour and blended it out with ‘Pecan Praline’ which didn’t look too bad but it doesn’t look as teal on the lid as in the pan, it more looks like a charcoal or deep grey-black colour. It’s also a really dry formula as well, so I found that this and ‘Black Currant’ had a bit of fall out on my face.

Final Thoughts

I think this palette has some great shades, there are quite a few gems in here but there are also some shades that I think could have been much nicer, mainly the ones I just mentioned. I wish that that ‘Totally Fetch’, ‘Earl Grey’ and  ‘Black Currant’ had a less dry formula it makes them hard to work with.

I also think they could have done without ‘Cashew Chew’ and put something else in there, I also think they probably didn’t need to have both ‘Cotton Candy‘ & ‘Sprinkles‘ while the finish is somewhat different they still look really similar. I wish ‘Dark Truffle‘ was a matte finish because I feel like this desperately needs a really deep brown, ‘Malted‘ just isn’t deep enough for me personally.

Saying all that I would recommend this palette because I think it has some gems in there and for me there really only a few eyeshadow shades that I think are average. I think this has some great wearable cool tones and overall most of the eyeshadows are really nice and easy to work with.

Have you tried the Toofaced Cosmetics ‘Chocolate Bon Bons’ palette? What are your thoughts? Did you love it or hate it? let me know in the comments.

October ‘Palette of the Month’ is…

The Morphe ’39a Dare To Create Artistry’ eyeshadow palette.

Shopping My Makeup Collection - Palette Of The Month - October Morphe 39 A Dare To Create Artistry Palette | Life Of Dahlia

Next month I decided to actually go with something new to my collection, the Morphe Brushes ’39a Dare To Create Artistry’ eyeshadow palette. At the end of June or was it July I can’t remember which but I do remember saying at that time I was happy with my collection, that was at the time, but in the last couple of months I’ve seen quite a few things that have really inspired me so I decided to pick some up, including this beauty.

I originally saw this used by Atleeeey she is one of my favourite creators to watch on youtube especially for tutorials her creativity when it comes to makeup is amazing, if you’re looking for makeup look inspiration I would go check her out (she’s not a cf creator so keep that in mind & if you see her use something, do your own research on its status).

Now for those that don’t know Morphe states on their website that they are cruelty-free & it is also confirmed by Cruelty-free Kitty which is one of a few places I go to check out information on brands cruelty-free status. Morphe do not have a cruelty-free certification (PETA, leaping bunny, etc) at this time and their brand isn’t entirely vegan, They probably use carmine in some of their eyeshadows and they do have animal hair brushes (as well as synthetic brushes) so its up to you whether you want to purchase from them.

I do have some thoughts on their brushes I may decide to do a post on a brush set I picked up in the near future, I haven’t decided yet.

I’m really excited to use this palette for the next month some of those shades are really calling to me. Its actually spring here in Australia, I wouldn’t say this is a spring palette at all it’s more jewel tones to me which are an autumn-winter thing right but I’m dying to play with it. I was actually thinking about using the Toofaced ‘Lifes A Festival’ palette but I decided not to do two Toofaced reviews in a row, but you bet I’ll be bringing that and the ‘Sweet Peach‘ out sometime in the next few months, they will look amazing for summer vibes. Not that I really care about pairing colours with seasons I just do whatever I want but you know we will just go with that.

So keep an eye out on my Instagram & Facebook over the next month I will for sure be featuring some looks using this beautiful eyeshadow palette.

If you got this far congratulation and thank you for reading my post I hope you enjoyed my review and I can’t wait to see you in my next post.


Credits: This series was inspired by Kat from Kitsnitch Monthly Palette Reviews.

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