6 Mood Lifters - Things I Like To Do To Lift My Mood | Life Of Dahlia

6 Mood Lifters – Things I Like To Do To Lift My Mood | Life Of Dahlia

Hey everyone, today I’m sharing with you a more uplifting post all about my favourite mood-lifters. I wanted to make sure that I included some more positive posts this month so I thought It would be great to share some of my favourite ways to do self-care.

6 Of My Favourite Mood Lifters

When I’m feeling anxious or stressed these are some of the things I like really like doing for my self-care.

  • Taking some time out from Social Media (We live in such a full on world these days taking some time away from social media and the internet can help declutter your brain.)
  • Listen to some tunes (I find this really therapeutic almost like meditation.)
  • Read a book or listen to an audio book (I find this a great form of meditation particularly listening to an audio book It can easy to block out any negative thoughts and just listen to the narrative.)
  • Watch a Movie or TV Show (I personally love a continuing story so a movie series or tv series are my favourites.)
  • Getting Creative (I love colouring in books, Johanna Basford has some of my favourites, I find them very therapeutic and you don’t need to be an amazing artist to enjoy them. I also love books like wreak this journal which also promotes creativity.)
  • Get Out In Nature (This could mean a lot of things, I love sitting in my backyard and listening to the birds and watching the wind through the plants, but getting out in nature could mean going for a walk or hike.)

What are your favourite mood lifters? Let me know in the comments.

I hope you enjoyed this post, I would love to know what you like doing for self-care? Lets start a conversation in the comments.

As you know this month I’m focusing on mental health, its something that’s really important to me and that’s why I’m supporting Liptember this month with my Rainbow Pouts sisters. If you haven’t already please go check out our social media pages and consider making a donation through our Official Liptember Donation page.

No matter how big or small it helps liptember’s charity partners continue their services, which help provide services for women in Australia.


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