Liptember Rainbow Pouts Week 1 Round Up + My Team | Life of Dahlia

Liptember Makeup Round Up Week 1 + My Rainbow Pouts Team | Life Of Dahlia

Hey Everyone, today I’m sharing with you my Liptember makeup looks from week 1 of Mental Health Awareness Month and I also wanted to talk about my Liptember Team Rainbow Pouts.

My Makeup Looks For Week 1

Day 1

Liptember Makeup Round Up Week 1 + My Rainbow Pouts Team | Life Of Dahlia
Day 1: I went with a Dark Grey lip and neutral eye.


Day 2

Liptember Makeup Round Up Week 1 + My Rainbow Pouts Team | Life Of Dahlia
Day 2: I went with a bright purple lip and Neutral eye look

Day 3

Liptember Makeup Round Up Week 1 + My Rainbow Pouts Team | Life Of Dahlia
Day 4: I went for a deep berry lip

Day 4

Liptember Makeup Round Up Week 1 + My Rainbow Pouts Team | Life Of Dahlia
Day 4: I went for an orange lip

Day 5

Liptember Makeup Round Up Week 1 + My Rainbow Pouts Team | Life Of Dahlia
Day 5: I went for a bright deep orange lip

Day 6

Liptember Makeup Round Up Week 1 + My Rainbow Pouts Team | Life Of Dahlia
Day 6: I went for a light purple lip

Day 7

Liptember Rainbow Pouts Erin Applebee | Life of Dahlia
Day 7 – Tried a closeup shot today wearing a bright red lip.
Rainbow Pouts - Raising Money For Liptember
Logo By Erin Applebee

My Liptember Team ‘Rainbow Pouts’

I’ve teamed up with some incredible makeup lovers for my Liptember team, since July we have been working together to come up with an name, logo ideas and social media for our team. We signed up to the liptember site to make it official and so we could take donations through our team’s own donation page.

I took our ideas and turned that into our team logo, If you didn’t know I have a background in graphic design I wouldn’t say I’m a professional Its not my job but I have studied in graphic design and digital design in the past. I used what I knew to put together a logo and media that we could use to promote our team during Liptember.

About Rainbow Pouts

My team has been fantastic, we have all tried our best to be there for each other, we are all going through our own battles and that is why raising money for Liptember is so important to us.

Rainbow Pouts is about having fun while raising awareness and money for mental health services. If you would like to know more about the services we are helping through Liptember please check out my ‘Liptember & Mental Health Month blog post where I talk about the different services Liptember is help through their annual campaign.

Introducing my Team:

We all did some intro posts on our team Facebook and Instagram pages, I’ve included an image, those intros and links to my teams social media, below.

Elektra: @lekkyheart IG|@mysticalheart IG|Lekkys Beauty Magic FB

Rainbow Pouts: Elektra | Lekkyheart | Mysticalheart


I’m Elektra, from @Lekkyheart and @Mysticalheartsxo on Instagram, and also Lekkys Beauty Magic here on Facebook. 
I’m a Makeup Artist, Musician and love all things beauty, Fashion and more. 
Also working on establishing my own Makeup Artistry business.

I’m so thrilled to be apart of Liptember with Rainbow Pouts this year, to be apart of a team with Makeup loving friends who are like-minded souls that can tackle it together is just amazing and heartfelt!
Mental health is super important to me and has had a huge impact on my life, as a fellow Anxiety sufferer I want to spread the awareness and bring light to a topic that should not be shameful to talk about!
Hopefully we can help raise funds through Liptember to get these amazing charities the extra funding they need.
Remember, You. Are. Not. Alone.
We are Warriors!
Come along on this journey and flaunt those colourful pouts with us! 

3 Facts about me:
1. Love cosplay and creating characters.
2. Am a Husky owner (my fur baby is my life)
3. Am a huge Book nerd, Love to read!”

Claire: @peacelovemakeupfashion IG|FB | @the.wolf.and.i IG
Rainbow Pouts: Claire | Peace Love Makeup Fashion | The Wolf & I

“Hi, so obviously I am Claire, I run @peacelovemakeupfashion on Instagram and Facebook. As well as the website that is currently being established. My specialities are Makeup, Fashion and even Animals! Which fits with being an Arm the Animals Ambassador. 

I’m also part of the group Rainbow Pouts! 

I’m so happy to be part of the team as women’s mental health is so important to me. In my life I have experienced mental health issues. All of which have had some kind of effect on my life. Mental health services are incredibly important yet sadly massively underfunded. I would like to help change that, even if only a little.

Three facts about me!

1) I’m a Psyc Graduate
2) I’m originally from Scotland
3) I’m vegan 😊”

Casey: @caseyspencerhair_makeup17 IG| CS Hair & Makeup FB

Rainbow Pouts: Casey | CS Hair & Makeup |

“Hi, I’m Casey from CS Hair & Makeup

I decided to join Liptember 2018 because I myself suffer from mental health & want other women to know that they are not alone and it is something that can be treated & you will be OK, not matter what life throws at you.

With love and support you can & will accomplish anything.

You are STRONG
You are a FIGHTER
You are LOVED”

Wendy: wendyfahey78  IG | Akashic Beauty FB

Rainbow Pouts: Wendy | Akashic Beauty

Hi, my name is Wendy Fahey from Akashic Beauty. I have a little Beauty page on facebook: 
My Insta is: @wendyfahey78 
My Tumblr:

I am a Makeup Artist, Beauty Blogger and Skincare Specialist. As well as a Graphic Designer, Intuitive Medium and I love all things to do with beauty and fantasy. Once I finish all my current courses I will be taking my skills to the next level with Special FX.

I teach women how to empower themselves by highlighting their unique features. 💖

I am so excited to join the other MUA’s in raising funds for Liptember as it is such a great cause.
I have had anxiety for most of my life and I know other friends and family have been dealing with mental illness too and it’s not a great way to live when you can’t find the help or just that ray of light to see you thought those dark times. So this is why I am doing this and I really hope we can raise lots of money this September.

I am going to mix and match vibrant colours to lighten up the month and bring some joy into the world and I hope you will join us along the way. 💋”


Peta: MorandFX IG|FB

Peta is a makeup artist who also specialize in special effects makeup, I don’t have a proper intro post for her but go check out her and my other team members links, as well as our team page links which you can find below.

I hope you enjoy all the makeup looks and finding out more about my Rainbow Pouts team, If you haven’t already please check out our Liptember team pages and consider making a donation through our official donation page.

Fb Page:


Donation Page:


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