June/ July Recap + Seasonal Project Pan Update & Liptember | Life Of Dahlia

June/ July Recap + Seasonal Project Pan Update | Life Of Dahlia

Hey Guys, I wanted to check in and do a June/July recap as well as talk about how my seasonal project pan went for the last few months.


The last few months have been all over the place I’ve been going through a lot of mental health stuff. Its been hard to deal with, I’ve been feeling not like myself at all which is really unusual for me because even though I’ve struggled with my mental health for a long time I have never not felt like myself. I’ve always lacked confidence which always drives me crazy because I am also quite ambitious and have big dreams, But I have never felt like this before.

I’ve been feeling a lot of guilt which I know I’ve been putting on myself, over lots of silly insignificant things which I think has contributed to me feeling this way. I’ve been struggling to find the energy write, and I’ve even struggled to want to put makeup on and when I have managed to I just wanted to take it off again.

Project Pan Update

This has affected how much progress I’ve made with my project pan, I wanted to use it but I honestly haven’t touched some things that have been in my project pan for a while so I have taken that opportunity to throw away some of the older things I just wasn’t touching.

I’m also horrible at marking my progress as well, which is why I stopped doing updates because I just couldn’t be bothered trying to catch up. I have been enjoying using some of the products in my project pan and I feel like a Seasonal or Rolling Project Pan is better for me.

For the most part, I just want to get use out of what I own instead of focusing on using thing up, I think this is where I get bored. But saying that I have no problem trying to use up basic products, like foundations, concealers or primers. I will be continuing a few items over into my next Project Pan which I will be posting about on Friday.

June/ July Recap + Seasonal Project Pan Update & Liptember | Life Of Dahlia

Products I did see a bit of progress on are my ‘bronzer’ that I was working on in my Chi Chi Cosmetics Contour Extravaganza palette, there is a significant dip showing, it looked practically untouched when I started.

As for the rest, I’m just going to give you a brief list below of my project pan items and whether I’m still using them or they have moved on.

Key: Green (finished), Yellow (progress), Red (decluttered.)

  • Chi Chi Cosmetics – Contour Extravaganza Palette – Progress on Bronzer.
  • Australis Cosmetics – Match Maker Lightening Drops – Finished 1 Bottle.
  • Australis Cosmetics – Bye Bye Blemish Concealer- Finished 1, On to tube number 2.
  • Maybelline – Brow Drama – Finished.
  • Maybelline – Matte + Poreless – Half Way.
  • Nutrimetics – Eyeshadow Primer – Had to take the stopper out.
  • Nutrimetics – Nutrich LipBalm – 1 Down, 1 to Go.
  • Essence – Brow Pencil – Almost Finished.
  • Essence – Mascara – Decluttered (it was irritating my eyes needed to go.)
  • Chella – Brow Highlight Pencil – Half Way.
  • Revlon – Lipsticks – Decluttered.
  • Innoxa – Cover & Correct Cream Concealer Palette – Finished Peach, Green almost finished. (I will probably declutter after I have finished the green.)
  • Savvy By DB – Smooth Finish Primer – Finished 2
  • Nyx Cosmetics – Matte Liquid Liner – Almost Finished
  • Rimmel – Stay Matte Powder – Finished 1, Progress on the last 2.
  • Misc EyelinersDecluttered
  • PerfumesKaty Perry 2/3’s Left
  • Juicy Couture 2/3’s Left

Rainbow Pouts - Raising Money For Liptember
Fb: Rainbow Pouts, Insta: Rainbow Pouts logo by Erin Applebee


This month is about just being kinder to myself as I’m still feeling pretty down, but I’m excited to let you all know about something I’m doing next month. I’ve teamed up with a few friends to do Liptember this year. I’ll be doing a post in a couple of weeks that goes more in-depth about Liptember and Why I wanted to do it this year.

But basically, Liptember is an Australian Organization that raises money and awareness for Women’s Mental Health. They run a campaign during the month of September to help raise the money, If your an Aussie and would like to participate go check out their website at liptember.com.au. They are currently in the middle of updating the website for 2018’s campaign but there is quite a bit of information about what they do and where the donated money goes.

If you want to follow our team, Check out our Facebook Page – Rainbow Pouts, or Instagram page We will be posting during September and have a donation page for people to donate directly through the Liptember site.

Like I mentioned before I will be doing some dedicate Liptember post very soon.


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